Just accept the damn compliment

“You look nice today,” I would say to a random stranger or someone I know, and most of the time, their reply will be, “I do, really?” I get so annoyed at them I just desire to take the compliment back. Like, no, you look like a fat cow. I mean just accept the compliment. Is it so hard to just say, “Thank you?”


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Hey, we have all been at that point of insecurities and I was bullied as a kid. I can understand how it feels to be teased by other people, but I still loved me, even if it was in secret and old people too. They adored me and always called me pretty. I got use to saying, thank you. When people would talk about me, I never agreed with what they said, on the inside, even if I seemed to be affected by it. I knew my qualities and always saw myself as a beautiful girl. Now, that I am a woman, I love me, even more, and the very people that use to tease me, now, put me in the pretty girl crowd, or, “I think I’m too much.” That is when I say, really, you think so. You know why because those people were the very ones that made me feel low, but I didn’t dare give up on being a beautiful woman. In the end, my name will transform to being Beauty. I have already built a brand around Beauty and hope to one day expand it, till, when you think of Beauty, you think of me, and what I represent it. My ugly background story will develop into me being an intelligent writer, designer, singer, musician, and overall creator. I have high hopes and big dreams. See, I have went so long into talking about me that I have deviated from the topic, but it still all makes sense, you have to love you, so much so, that you could live in your own little world, by yourself, and still be able to put a smile on your face. I’ve been driven to insanity, and so many alone times that I had to develop my own unique, imaginary crowd, until I had willing ears to hear. You have to learn to be so comfortable in your skin that you dress up, for you, and do not accept anything differently. I had to fight to be me, so, when someone tells me I am beautiful, I say, why, thank you. I say thank you because I am proud of me, that’s right, I am proud of the beautiful woman I have become and becoming.


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I take compliments in strive and (don’t tell anyone), but anticipate them, and if I don’t receive one before the day is over, well, I am bound to tell myself, lol. I am a compliment seeker and so genuinely give them away, so when I tell you that you are beautiful, it is because I mean it, or I wouldn’t tell you. If I tell you your eyes are like gold then let them shine in the light. God created you to be one unique soul there is no one else like you. You are beautiful. Now, accept the damn compliment. Thank you!


– Matasha Lee

TWITTER: @thebeautyofmyst