It’s Bristol Baby!


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Bristol, one of the best tracks on the circuit, 500 laps of mayhem, 500 laps of possible bonus points. A perfect lineup can net you over 500 points in this race! Let’s get to it!

Kasey Kahne didn’t pull off the upset last week, but was very strong for the price, this weekend he has been fastest in every practice. He has gone from dark horse to one of the favorites.

Kevin Harvick– No words needed, he’s fast, again.

Kurt Busch continues to be a great value play and fast this weekend.

Martin Truex is struggling this weekend, but for the amount of money most have locked up in him it’s not worth it to lose that cap money.

Joey Logano and Keselowski are looking fast, both good picks.

Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are both struggling relative to their cost, hard to ever bet against these two though.

Driver on the cheap:

Alex Bowman is starting 40th, but for $7 he has been in the top 25 in average speed for all the practices, diamond in the rough here.


Ideal Lineup:




– Adam Dulski
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