It’s Bristol Baby!


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This is it, 500 LAPS. 500 points up for grabs just between laps lead and fastest laps. We must nail the top names to scoop up as many of those as possible. This race Saturday night will have a huge influence on how you finish in your league for the season believe it or not.

Kyle Larson – Super fast in both practices and has been on a roll, this finally may be it. Cheap and a dark horse pick for the win.

Kyle Busch – May be the best driver in modern times at this track, actually no, he IS the best Bristol driver.

Kurt Busch – Kyle’s brother isn’t bad here either.

Martin Truex –  You have him cheap, you’re keeping him.

Matt Kenseth – On a roll, may be a great play again.

Speed on the cheap: We have 2, this week. Justin Algaier and David Ragan are both under $11 and both have posted some fantastic 10 lap averages. Can’t go wrong either way.

Caution: If you miss the guy that leads the most lap in this race, you’re in trouble. Those named above give you the best chance at having him in your lineup by far.

Ideal Lineup:

Kyle Busch

Kurt Busch

Martin Truex

Kyle Larson

David Ragan




– Adam Dulski

Twitter: @adamdulski