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Within the last hour of negotiations, Dez Bryant had received the news he had been waiting for: He got his deal, not just any deal but 70 million dollars and a five year contract, but I’m not writing to speak on his deal.

I’m pretty sure people know about the Dez Bryant deal if you are a fan of #88 and the Dallas Cowboys, but my focus is on the trials he had to overcome to get to be able to call himself a Dallas Cowboy.

Let’s look at the events leading up to all the drama. First, you had an amazing catch by Dez Bryant that was ruled, not a catch, talk about upsetting to Cowboy fans, I threw a comb at the wall and broke it, but it also, meant, the end of the season for Dallas with the ball in Dez hands. Oh, no! All the talk about that play, but can you imagine how Dez felt, but to top it off, they start talking about his attitude and even Cowboy fans had something to say. They were calling him arrogant and exposing what he was doing in his personal time, asking questions like, if he was fit to get a contract with Dallas. I mean they had so much to say about him, but all that isn’t even the upsetting part. With all the media coverage surrounding other football players who was caught on camera beating on their girlfriend, they tried to say that he did the same. Why were they so determined to destroy his career? They never even released the “tape,” that they said they had, hitting his baby mama. Wow! So, all that, and he had to wait to see if he was going to be a Dallas Cowboy. With hash tags like #pay88 on twitter, which I participated in, by the way, and others, you would think that the owners heard the fans and signed him a long time ago, but they didn’t. Things almost got really ugly before the due date to sign him. Dez was threatening to leave on his twitter account. No, Dez, don’t do it! I had to reply with a sad face. How could I be mad at him? But, to see other fans say he can just leave. Wow, really, so he doesn’t deserve to be paid his fair share? Hmm!

Nevertheless, the day came, and we go back to the top of this article. It happened, and that is what is bringing me to tears because just when you think you’ve had enough, done enough, pushed hard enough, things turn around, for our good. He could have walked away, others saw his talent, he could have shined somewhere else, but his determination and will power got him in the door that he really wanted to be in. I became more than proud of him, but it changed me, I wanted to push just as hard to pursue my dreams, no matter what. God gave him a testimony that many got to witness, right before his haters eyes, and I know if God can do that for him, He surely will do it for me.

Thank you!


– Matasha Lee

TWITTER: @thebeautyofmyst