Interview with Becky Hebb – British Model

On April 2015 I had the opportunity to photo shoot and interview Becky Hebb. Becky is a British born, Orlando, Florida based model. This girl is just fabulous to work with, and also beautiful, talented and smart. She can talk about anything. Read on to find out what we talked about.



JR: Hi, Becky, Where are you from?

Becky: I am from one of the many little villages that make up Saddleworth, hidden in the English countryside. With its amazing wildlife, Rolling hills, ragged moors and colorful changing seasons, it truly is beautiful!



JR:  What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

Becky: The most interesting shoot I have done to date was back in The UK. It was February and freezing! I was doing a glamour shoot and as part of the shoot I was wearing a dress and had to sit beside a river with my legs submerged in the water. It was bitter winter and the water was a degree above freezing. Within seconds my legs where trembling uncontrollably and I couldn’t feel a thing, luckily the images turned out great!


JR:  Best advice you’ve ever received?

Becky: Attitude is greater than talent


JR: What do you do in your downtime?

Becky: I don’t really get much down time. When I’m not working, I’m playing volleyball or riding the horses so I’m always on the go.


JR:  If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do?

Becky: Hmm. This is a tough one. If I wasn’t a model I think I would like to be a pit girl. I have a huge passion for cars and motorbikes. I used to go racing the cars on a track in Spain and Imp a proud member of a motorbike club to call “The Pistuns” back in the UK. I was out on the bikes every weekend before moving to Florida. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline of going fast and bending round corners. Amazing feeling!


JR: Do you have any hidden talents?

Becky: I have many hidden talents; there is more to me than meets the eye. I grew up competing horses in dressage and hunters with the occasional jumping too; in Spain I represented Andalucía in the Malaga regionals dressage. I also like to clay pigeon shoot with the family and I used to dance.


JR: What’s your favorite city that you have visited?

Becky: My favorite city would probably have to be Malaga, Spain. It’s beautiful. I lived there for over a year and it was a great time in my life. It’s also one of the oldest cities in the world.


JR:  Sometimes the modeling industry gets a bad rap with the jealousy and egos encountered between other models and agencies. Was this true for you? Have you managed to tough it out and make good friends?

Becky: I can honestly say I haven’t yet encountered any jealousy or negativity in the modeling industry. Everybody I know, both photographers and models are lovely. I have made some great friends that I will not only continue a professional relationship with but a continuing friendship too.


JR: Favorite movie?

Becky: My favorite movie has to be Pretty Woman; I’m a sucker for romance.


JR: Five things you can’t live without?

Becky: Five things I couldn’t live without would have to be my animals, books, music, chocolate and my bed!


JR: Was modeling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kind of happen?

Becky: Modeling was something I kind of stumbled upon. I actually had had a terrible break up, and a friend suggested doing a shoot to try and make myself feel better, unfortunately to the guy who left me I am doing amazing with my career!


JR: Any upcoming plans?

Becky: I don’t have any major upcoming plans. Other than photo shoots, In May some friends and I are camping for a volleyball tournament which is always fun, plus it’s my birthday too. Let the shenanigans begin!


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– Juan Reyes

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