Instant Gratification

There is one thing dudes REALLY like (besides boobs) and that’s things being ASAP, right away, pronto!


Since the days of prehistoric earth, cave man and their buddies have had to fight off a giant pterodactyl. With a hand full of pebbles they either became dinosaur lunch or feasted on pterodactyl burgers! That my friends, is instant gratification!


From the “express” coffee we drink to the “instant” scratch off lottery tickets we buy. It’s all about not waiting. Ladies we chase want us to wait five dates for a kiss but I think there should be a make our session after your first coffee date, even if the date didn’t go well!


Dudes will scream at the computer when an email doesn’t go through! There have been many times I wanted to take an ax to my TV just because Netflix buffered!


So dudes, if you’re like me and like fast cars and even faster women then give yourself a fast super high internet cyber high-five because it’s so 20th century to take the time to actually high=five wth your hands!


– Mike Bocchetti

TWITTER: @mikebocchetti

INSTAGRAM: mikebocchetti