If you have an IDENTICAL Twin brother wouldn’t your girlfriend be into him too?

I often daydream of bizarre situations that I will never need to worry about, but yet here I sit and ponder this question often. If I had a twin brother who looked identical to me, would my girlfriend be sexually interested in him too?




Some of us have siblings that aren’t identical but look very much like us. And many of us are guilty of jealousy at a young age with a sibling, but what about in adult life? For example, when I see twin females, regardless of how they act I’m usually attracted to both of them or neither one. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but pretend that both twins are identical and equal in all phases. Does my lust for one, translate to lusting for two? Obviously.




So I put myself in a girls situation. She obviously thinks you are attractive so what if you had a twin? Wouldn’t she automatically want your twin just as much. Wouldn’t this create awkwardness at times? Like say I go to the movies and leave my girlfriend and identical twin brother at the house. Wouldn’t they both be interested in doing a little more than just hang out if you catch my drift?


This is a morbid subject and I could go on for days of how uncomfortable this would make me. I thank God that I don’t have to worry about this fictional twin trying to bang my fictional girlfriend. If there are any twins out there that can relate to this feel free to let us know on Twitter @StuffDudeslike1


– Josh King
Twitter: @joshk65