The Great Wrestling Renaissance Is Upon Us

I found myself, seemingly in the middle of nowhere this past weekend. I was lured all the way to Binghamton, NY by the intrigue of a Matt Cross vs AR Fox main event. Not only was it the first time these two amazing pro wrestlers had ever faced off, it was also one of the best matches I have seen in a long time. I am incredibly glad I was one of the 50 people there to witness it.


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Yes that’s right, I said 50 people! In fact, that is the reason I’m writing about this event. The unfortunate lack of people there to witness such a spectacle. Xcite, the particular wrestling promotion housing this show puts on a good product. They have talent of there own and national talent at their shows. Not only were Matt Cross and AR Fox on the card but so were “The Handicapped Heroes” Gregory Iron and Zach Gowen. Lack of talent definitely wasn’t the reason that there weren’t many fans in attendance. While there was an Ice storm that potential patrons had to endure, I drove 4 hours to catch this event. So it was not out of the question to endure this weather to catch a decent wrestling show. Maybe it can be blamed on poor promoting but this was my first Xcite show so I wont speculate on that.


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In reality it is most likely a combination of these factors that contributed to the light house on January 3rd. But, my gripe isn’t really with Xcite. It’s that all of the men and women on this card still went out and put there lives on the line like they were performing in front of 70,000 people at Wrestlemania. This happens each and every weekend. Literally every weekend there is a top of the line wrestling show going on within a few hours of where you live, no matter where it is you live. Now if you’re reading this, there is a good chance you are already an Indy wrestling fan. But there are so many others out there that are completely unaware of the indy scene and how amazing it is. We as a group need to do a better job of helping them discover Indy wrestling. It’s up to us, the Indy fans and wrestlers alike to carry the torch and keep this great form of entertainment alive. This is a great time for the Indies with so much talent and so many truly incredible promotions all over the world. But there is a whole new level that we haven’t touched yet. We need less “I” and more “WE” within the indy scene. The “shindy”, “superstar” and the promoters putting their friends in the ring in a big problem that is holding us back but I’ll save that for another article and another day.

There is great wrestling renaissance going on right now in your very own backyard. You just have to go see it. Call a few friends and check out a show this weekend. I know I will. Don’t know where or when? Google is an amazing tool! Just type “independent wrestling (insert your cities name)” and hit “search”. If you see me at the show you go to, Say hi. Let me know you’re supporting Indy wrestling and that you enjoy “Stuff Dudes Like”.


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– Salvatore Morocco

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