Gloomy Reflection


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She entered the dark room.

Inadvertently she turned on the light, hoping to avoid the mirror located opposite his bed.

She sighed, remembering every moment lived beside him, leaned from exhaustion.

The guilt pressing her chest, making it hard to breath.

The anxiety dominated his spirit.

Weakness caused because of many tears shed.

Not knowing what direction to take, rambled in his self-destructive thoughts.

Trying to put a face to the pain.

“It was your fault,”  she repeated over and over. ” I want to see the intellectual author of death drawn into my life.”

Impetuously she rose and stood in front of the glass.

The gloom which had submitted voluntarily now prevented her from seeing the reflection of her true self.

A beautiful woman who had lost her worth, at some distant airport undertaken and confused.

The journey of her life.


– Liseet Mata

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