Fontana Weekend


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If you followed my lineup last week, did you have fun winning your league? Let’s cross the checkers first again this week.

Grabbing Kurt Busch last week for $22 really paid off and it’s going to pay off even more this week as he has been unstoppable in qualifying and practice. A must start and the favorite to win.

Breaking News: Kevin Harvick is good. A must start in all formats

Obviously you are starting Martin Truex again, a bunch of money in the bank on his salary and fast again in practice.

For your 4th driver you can pick between Brad or Jimmie, both have been equally fast all week and have been in the top 5 in 10 lap average practice speeds.

Need a driver on the cheap? JJ Yeley and Matt Dibenedetto are top choices for the $6 and under crowd.

My ideal lineup:

Kurt Busch

Kevin Harvick

Martin Truex

Jimmie Johnson

Matt Dibenedetto


-Adam Dulski