Flash Gordon at ‘Dega


  Image Credit: nascar.com

If you have been following my advice exactly this year that has you in the top 99.2% percentile on Nascar.com. This week it’s all about maintaining points and not losing points. Talledega is not the week to swing for the fences.

With the new(old) qualifying format it’s much harder to find a great car back in the pack so I had to adjust this week’s strategy on the fly. If anyone watched qualifying then this week’s overwhelming favorite is no surprise, Jeff Gordon decimated qualifying.

In single car restrictor plate qualifying every car should be nearly identical, 42 of them were, 1 was 3 tenths of a second faster than anyone else, Gordon’s car was phenomenal, as were ALL the Hendrick’s cars.

Must start: Jeff Gordon, never seen speed like that on a single car run.

Notables: Kahne, Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson.**

** Caution: Picking too many cars starting up front opens you up to massive downside if they all get collected in the “Big One”.

Speed on the cheap: Danica has all her career best finishes at restrictor plate tracks and she needs to attract a new sponsor, at $13 it’s hard to not like her value, especially starting middle of the pack

Speed starting at the rear: Truex and Allmendinger both qualified poorly, two great choices that have limited risk and big upside.

Ideal lineup:






Kurt Busch


– Adam Dulski
TWITTER: @adamdulski