Firestone Easy Jack IPA Review

My wife recently surprised me with a mix-and-match 6-pack of some new craft beers. It’s a small part of what makes her the best wife ever. One of the beers in this six-pack was the Firestone Easy Jack IPA.


IPA’s have been my beer of choice for the past few months. I recently had the DeSceutes Fresh Squeezed IPA that may be my most favorite beer ever. So I was excited to sit down with a new version of the classic. Plus the can features what looks like a bear fighting a lion, so you know it’s going to be a good time!

Before I even took my first sip, I noticed this beer smelled a bit fruitier than other IPAs. A collection of citrus smell alerted my senses right away. This was followed up by a light and refreshing first taste that left me double checking to make sure I was actually drinking an IPA. At 4.7% this was definitely a far more sessionable beer than others. The citrus smell turned out to be a slight hint of lemon which added a delicious tone to the cool taste.


Then, once the primary taste had subsided, a different taste rolled across my tongue. This taste reassured me that I was drinking an IPA but even that turned into something different. The flavor that I was left with at the end of my sip was bolder than other IPAs have during their full duration. The taste was very roasted, almost akin to a porter without the chocolaty tones. It was a truly pleasant surprise.

All in all, I loved this beer. The flavor variation left me wanting to keep constantly sipping to continue the taste roller coaster I was on. Which I totally did. A delicious take on one of my favorite styles was exactly what I needed on a warm, early spring night.


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– Ron Palmieri

TWITTER: @ronofthemill