Finding Direction

One thing dudes really like and is a huge part of there “dude hood” is knowing where stuff is. From the time we are old enough to invade grandmas liquor cabinet to our last day on earth.


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Dudes have to find where they’re going and will never ask for directions! Like Christopher Columbus… you know he was someone that was more than a few miles off, but he never asked for directions. He just pretended like he was where he wanted to be.

Even with a dudes favorite gadget (his buddy Mr. GPS… what did you think I meant?? Get you mind out of the gutter!) he is still screaming his ass off like that GPS is his wife and kids on a cross country trip.

Dudes, if you’re lost just ask for directions! You don’t want to wind up in Siberia instead of Miami beach Florida just because you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque!


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– Mike Bocchetti

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