FFCC Parodies – Makes My Blood Boil

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I just got out of the beat laboratory and laid down this new track! You know when you do all that pre-draft research, pick your perfect player in the first round… and he busts? That’s what this one’s about!

This is a song parody of Lorde’s “Royals”.

Here’s FFCC Parodies – Makes My Blood Boil

Try to find that diamond in the draft
Who’s gonna blast onto the scene as a rookie?
How should I use my 1st pick
I’ll do the research now
Be my league’s envy

But then it happens like…

Oh snap!
Oh spit!
Look who I’m about to get!
I’m gonna draft him, some stud named Trent Richardson
He’ll help me dominate my whole league

And then I watch him like…

Oh crap!
You kiddin?!
He can’t make a right decision
Too thick, not quick
What the hell was I thinkin’
This aint fair…
Now I need an RB on my team

This really makes my blood boil
I thought I drafted myself a stud
But then it turns he just sucks
I think that I could use a hug
Cause I drafted a loser
Couldn’t trad’em for a can of beans

He’s making me lose lose lose…

Making me lose in fantasy


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