Let’s face it… dudes have always liked the sense of power. From Attila The Hun learning to fire his first arrow to man’s first steps on the moon. Power is something we dudes thirst for like a cold beer at a baseball game or the beautiful juggs on the St Pauli beer girl (Yes I know she’s only a drawing, but boy is she stacked!)


But now in the age of the net it’s even better. You can start you own business and be independent just like our forefathers (You know, like George Washington but with better teeth) always wanted us to be!


Sites like ours (Stuff Dudes Like), the interrobang and buzzntheburgh are here through that empowerment and it’s great!

Dudes and dudetts, there’s no need to take crap from idiots in cubicles anymore! And just remember dudes, ladies love the power of a sweat smelling, beef jerky eating, “I was a centerfold in soldier of fortune magazine” empowered 21 st century Millenium man!!



– Mike Bocchetti



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