Dudes, What’s Happening To Us?

For a long time now, I’ve started wondering- What’s happening to our gender? Men today are becoming more and more feminized. And it’s like we’re doing it willingly! I can understand having one or two minor things that are slightly effeminate; some of them are just good hygiene in general. Like plucking your eyebrows. I’m not saying that we should all pluck them to perfection, but at least get rid of the uni-brow. We can’t all be like Anthony Davis.


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What I’m referring to mostly in this article are things like body waxing, using smelly lotions and wearing makeup. Please, sit back while I rant some.

  • Body Waxing – I’ll admit, I’ve done this. And it is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever intentionally put myself through. Ask the girls where I get my hair cut, I am a hairy beast. And I did it for the same reason most guys will give- A girl liked it/wanted me to. But why put yourself through that? Why change you for some girl? I’ve matured since then and I’d rather find a girl who likes me for me. That may mean being single forever, but so be it.
  • Smelly Lotions – I get it, some people just have to moisturize. The dry weather, skin conditions, etc- I get it. But do you have to make it so girly? You can still smell good and not use the same lotions my 12 year old sister does. If Frank Sinatra ever needed to moisturize, I can almost promise you he didn’t smell like mango or vanilla bean when he did it. C’mon guys, there are manly scents that smell good.
  • Wearing Makeup – I’m against makeup in the first place. I believe in true beauty. But why are men suddenly wearing it so much? My opinion: unless you’re on camera, go wash your face!

Men today are suddenly obsessed with smelling good, having no body hair and looking flawless. What happened? When a straight man refers to himself as looking “fabulous,” I think there’s something afoot.


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I’m not saying we shouldn’t bathe and groom. Yes we definitely should; we’re men, we stink by nature. But is it possible that society is starting to take it too far? And to top it off, I can almost guarantee that someone reading this is thinking that I’m a judgmental pig. And maybe I am? But in the words of Brad Paisley: “Oh thank God, I’m still a guy.”


– Cameron Blevins

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