Dude-ship in the Real World

The past few days I’ve been at a bit of a road block on the writing front. So, I fled to social media and asked what you thought I should write/rant about. After entertaining suggestions such as dealing with road rage and the finer points of summer sausage and mustard, I’ve landed on a topic that was suggested by Raymond Gulbrandsen on twitter (@RaymondGulbr). Today, I want to talk about mistakes, responsibility and how those relate to ourselves and how we fit in the real world.

A part of life and growing up is learning to take on responsibilities and own up to your mistakes. We all make mistakes. It’s one of the many and irrefutable facts of life. Coming to terms with these two aspects of adulthood, taking responsibility and making mistakes, seems to be an issue that affects this generation on an almost pandemic level. I’m going to break this article down into two separate rants that ultimately lead to the same conclusion. Fair warning- I will be touching on sensitive subjects such as welfare, unemployment, and abortion. Please keep in mind this is an opinion piece. And remember what granny says, “opinions are like assholes…”



Everywhere you look, you see people ducking out of responsibility. You get pulled over for speeding and you try to talk your way out of it, knowing full well that you were speeding. You borrow money from someone and instead of telling them that you don’t have it yet or setting up a routine payment schedule, you avoid them like the plague for months. You complain about being fat, unemployed, single, etc- and you don’t do a single thing differently to change it. There’s a quote from Einstein that says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. While the validity of that being a quote from Einstein is up for debate, the lesson in the words isn’t. Change comes from taking responsibility and making an effort. Tired of being fat? Eat better and be more active. Tired of being single? Make an effort to meet people. Unemployment about to run out? Actively look for a job instead of doing the bare minimum.

There are several factors that all come into play here, but the end result is this: we are a society that worships the art of avoiding responsibility. One reason why we avoid it so much is that we have groomed ourselves into a society of self-entitlement. Why take responsibility to earn something when I feel it should just be given to me? I can’t get a job? I deserve unemployment. I’m overweight? I need free healthcare. I want to have loads of casual sex? I deserve free birth control and abortions. It all stems from a lack of responsibility on the person in the first place. Can’t get a job? Maybe just you refuse to get a job that’s beneath you? I went from working as a television production technician to picking up trash on the side of the road for two years on a litter crew. And that was a JOB. Not community service, not a punishment; I did it for a paycheck. Was it embarrassing? Yes. Did I feel it was beneath me? Yes. But I did it before eventually moving into radio and now writing. People forget that they can work a job that’s not what they want until they find something that they do want. Overweight? I’d argue free gym memberships over free healthcare for being overweight. But no, no one wants something that requires them to do something in return for the benefits. Free birth control and abortions? Why not just be more cautious with your sexual activity? Everyone is looking to someone else to solve problems that they could remedy themselves by simply taking on the responsibility themselves. Wake up people! Since when are we okay with putting so much stock and dependence into others?


Making Mistakes

As I said earlier, it happens. No matter how much you prepare. We all make mistakes along the way. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Mistakes are how we learn. Everything from math and spelling in elementary school to careers, friends, and finances in adulthood; we learn through mistakes. I know people whose lives are stuck in a rut because they’re terrified of making a mistake and dealing with the wrong outcome. I say, isn’t being stuck in the rut a worse mistake? We can’t let the fear of doing the wrong thing dictate how we live out our lives. Afraid to ask that person out? Which is worse, not asking them out when they would have said yes, or asking them out and receiving a no? How about not asking for that raise when you deserve it, or asking for it and getting it because you took initiative and asked? In both statements, the first option is worse in my opinion.

The point is to not be afraid to make mistakes. But coming back to the theme of the article, one must remember when making mistakes that it’s also important to own up to them. Make a mistake at work? Own up to it! Don’t pass it off on someone else. Use it as a learning opportunity so that you don’t make that mistake again. In other words, take responsibility for that mistake.

Earlier I said that these two rants would lead to the same conclusion. And so, here it is: Dudes, grow up; take responsibility for your own lives and when making mistakes, own up to them instead of blaming others. Welcome to the real world, now get to work.


– Cameron Blevins

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