Dude: Evolved!

A few years ago if you picked up a copy of Webster’s Dictionary and looked up the word “dude” you would probably see a picture of Keith White Jr. next to the entry.  When Keith wasn’t working at his video game store he could almost certainly be found at his house or a friend’s playing the latest game to be released for the Sega Dreamcast. The only way you could pull him away from playing Shenmue on his Dreamcast was if you invited him out to drink some beer or watch wrestling. Like I said, Keith was a typical dude just like this guy:

 I don’t think Keith is as photogenic though (Sorry, Keith).


Anyway, most dudes eventually find out that while living the dude lifestyle is fun, there are greater pleasures in life – like having a family. Keith married the love of his life, Cassandra, in 2009 and they have three sons – Tyler, Andrew and Collin who are 15, 11, and 7, respectively.

Keith and his family are always having fun and Keith’s sons enjoy his love of video games and wrestling – but they have faced some challenges. Their son Andrew was diagnosed with neurological disorders and was having trouble concentrating at school. He struggled particularly with book reports. That is, until Keith (who is always thinking) came up with a creative solution. Keith thought it might help if he wrote a book that not only starred Andrew as its main character, but would also have a coloring page at the end of each chapter to help reiterate what just happened in the story.


Keith and Cassandra asked Andrew’s teacher if he could write a report on the book Keith wrote for him and the teacher thought it was a great idea. The idea worked, and Andrew made great strides in his reading.

Once Keith witnessed the success Andrew had with his books, he thought he could help other children too. Amazon has now published 21 of Keith’s books that are all part of his “Color-With-Me” concept. Each book has a different story based on a topic that Andrew was interested in at the time of its writing. For example, one book is about a circus and another is about Andrew on a safari.

Keith is still a typical dude, but he’s a Dude: Evolved (Halo anyone?). He still loves beer, wrestling and video games but these days he’s drinking mostly root beer and a “night out with the guys” means dinner with his sons, not drinking at a bar with his buddies.

Keith lives in the Buffalo, NY area with his family and when he isn’t writing another book for the “Color-With-Me” series, he’s writing for us here at SDL!


– Mike O’Brien