Doritos Crash Course



Genre: Platformer
Release Date: December 8, 2010
Platform: XBLA, Xbox 360
Price: Free!!



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ABC’s hit series Wipeout is a lot of fun to watch. Contestants work their way through nearly impossible, over-the-top, pain inducing obstacle courses, trying to reach the finish line and not get maimed in the process. Enter Doritos and their new game Crash Course. Unlike the Wii title Wipeout: The Game, the hit TV show finally has a fun, surprisingly deep video game representation. And best of all, it’s totally free!

Just like the show Crash Course is inspired by, the early levels start off relatively easy as you learn the ropes and get yourself acquainted with the obstacles. As you progress, the game can become frustratingly difficult. You will watch yourself fall, fly and slam to your doom quite a bit. But its not a bad kind of frustrating as you’ll still feel that desire to finish the levels. Reaching the end of a stage is fulfilling because the design is fair, even if you might want to throw the controller through the screen at times.

You’ll run from left to right — swinging, jumping, ducking, bouncing, floating and avoiding obstacles, all while trying to make it to the end. A sprint button has been included to help speed up the less dangerous areas, and it will be tempting to try and run the whole way from start to finish. However, you should be careful with how often you use it. Run too much and you may trip on the platforms, over jump gaps or throw off your timing when your trying to grab a rope or catch the breeze of a high-powered fan. Add the inherent need to do it in the fastest time possible to place yourself atop the online leader board and you have an addictive formula.



Nothing laughs at your shortcomings more than the ever changing, always-better-than-you leaderboard in the top right corner of the screen. Its stares you in the face while you try to complete the crazy challenges that lay before you, and calls you back when the time you get is below everyone else on the leaderboards.

Crash Course features multiplayer via splitscreen and online by way of Xbox Live. Being a free game, no one would have faulted the developers for phoning it in and including just a single player mode. Instead they gave us one the most fun, and addictive online games of the year. It’s a ton of fun playing with multiple people, despite trying not to fall off a platform for the fourth time while your friends speed ahead of you, calling you names in through their headsets.

One of the game’s coolest features is being able to play as your Avatar. If you ever wanted to see a cartoon version of yourself fly into a sheet of glass, bounce off a huge rubber ball, or get smashed by a giant hammer, now’s your chance. If you haven’t ever wanted to see that you mgiht want to explore whats wrong with you. I hear therapy helps.

This game may have been sponsored by a junk food company, but it shouldn’t be tossed away and forgotten like the empty bag of Halo Reach Doritos you finished during the download. Don’t let any obstacles get in the way of adding Crash Course to your Xbox 360 collection. Even if it wasn’t free, it would be worth every penny.















– Keith White Jr.

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