Don’t Get Cute


It’s that fantasy football time of year when leagues are close and playoffs are within reach. The biggest thing to remember is keep using the studs that got you this far. Playing sleepers in juicy matchups always ends in heartbreak. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and if your starters are as good as you think they are you, will go far in the playoffs.

“Don’t get Cute, Start your studs” – M. Berry. It’s not a new idea, but every year I find I have to remind myself. I can’t tell you how many more championships I’d have won in the past if I had done this. Also, keep looking at waivers, stash talent on the bench, that way at least they can’t be used against you. Especially with teams dropping out of the playoff hunt, rosters get neglected, don’t let the other 1st place team get easy talent.

– Adam Dulski