Delicious Ninja Turtle Pies!

Once again I have decided to bring you all a glimpse into the past with another story from internet’s past! This story was originally posted almost 15 years ago when I was young, dumb and full of… Ninja Turtles pies!!


It was the early 90’s and one thing was on the minds of boys everywhere… what adventures would the ninja turtles get into today when we got home from school. Every weekday at 3:30pm Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would come on and I would always park myself right in front of the TV to watch it.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, let’s back up a bit. I would wake up in the morning and get ready for school. As I got dressed I would remember that I had forgotten to do my homework the night before. I would walk to my bestest friend Mike’s house and we would then walk to school. After a great breakfast of either chips, Cheetos or a bag of peanuts we would go to school and wait for them to let us in. As soon as we got in I would find someone that did the homework and copy it real quick. Then I would spend most of the rest of the day drawing pictures of Ninja Turtles and… well actually until a few years later when Ren and Stimpy came out that’s about it.


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I can still hear my teacher saying “You better stop drawing those Injin Turtles Keith!” (She never could get their name right!!) We would get out at around 2:30pm and by 3pm I was at the store with my bestest most best pal Mike buying the only good tasting Ninja Turtle product made besides Ninja Turtle fruit snacks. What was that product you ask? Ninja Turtle pies of course! Some will argue that Ninja Turtle Pasta was good but I never liked chef Boyardee shit so I would have to disagree with that one. But that’s a whole other trip down memory lane. The pie had white filling and green frosting on top of it.

But the best part was that each pie came with a free Ninja Turtle sticker in the package!! But now that I am older and wiser I have come to realize that it’s not actually a free sticker. The regular JJ pies were like 4 for $1 and actually might still be… I dunno. Ninja Turtle pies were $1 each! Granted they were Ninja Turtle pies but that’s a pretty big mark up for green frosting and a sticker. But being the Turtle loving boy I was I bought them and so did Mike. As soon as we got outside of the supermarket door we would open up our pies and look at what stickers we got. To this day swear there were only like 4 or 5 different ones but that didn’t matter to us. We would then eat our pies like they were going out of style (And now that I think about it… they kinda were at that point.) and run home to watch the Turtles battle Shredder, Krang and their evil Technodrome. If we were lucky my mom would have went to the store at some point and got me some Ninja Turtles fruit snacks so we had some great munchies to eat during our favorite cartoon show.


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After it ended we would pop in a Nintendo game and play what we thought at the time were the coolest most realistic games that could ever be made. I still remember playing Super Mario Bros. 1 and thinking how real it looked. Little did I know in just a couple years, Genesis would come out and totally revolutionize gaming with Sonic the Hedgehog. We would play a few games of Tecmo Super Bowl and Mega Man 2 and then my mom would yell at us to go outside… she did that a lot!! Anyway we would go outside and bring all my Turtle action figures out with us. We would take turns picking teams from my bin of Turtle toys then set up our bases. Then it came time to ask the question… “Do we be friends or enemies?” and although it made for some boring game play we always picked friends. We took an hour to put every guy in his place then we pretty much left them there cuz they looked so cool all set up. I liked to have the mailbox as my base and Mike usually had the chair on the porch. I would get the Turtle helicopter with the punching action cuz I had the high up base and mike would get the Turtle car with the big green tires and the ooze cannon on top.

We would each grab one guy and make them meet half way so they could “talk” to each other. My team leader would fly over to the meeting spot and Mike’s would drive over with an extra guy manning the canon. Usually convos were like “Hey buddie what’s up?” “Not much here how about you?” “Not really to much. See any bad guys around lately that by you base that we can team up and kill?” “No… not anytime lately. Well see ya later.” “Okay buddy see ya later.” Then we would make our guys fly/drive back to there bases. We would then set them back up in their place and look at them some more… cuz they looked so cool. But they would have looked cooler if I didn’t always lose the weapons 2 minutes after I bought a new figure. After a while we would take them all down and put them away not really having done anything with them. Then we would get out our big old green screen Game Boys and play some awesome Ninja Turtles action.


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After that we would go buy some more pies and stick the stickers everywhere. We put them on notebooks, windows, on our shirts and even on my desk at school. What fun times we had as Turtle obsessed youths.


– Keith White Jr.

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