Death of the beard?


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More and more men have shed their beards in the last few months. For warmer weather? Or another dying fad? I’ve asked several of my bearded friends why they’ve decided to go completely smooth, seemingly out of nowhere and almost all of them at the same time. Four out of seven of them agreed, they felt that it was a “dying trend” and felt the original culture and meaning of the beard has been long obscured by its widespread popularity.

The other three, claimed it was warmer weather that influenced their decision to shave off an entire years worth of facial hair. Around here, it’s your typical bikers and rednecks sporting thick beards and shaped moustaches. (Oklahoma). Around 2012-13` it seemed like “hipsters” started sporting thick stubble, then robust beards, not long after the beard was no longer a sacred, manly object. Nor was it considered unhygienic or “dirty” for a regular (not homeless) guy to grow a beard. Everyone from college students, accountants, lumber jacks, to certain military personnel, rock beards nowadays. And what do women still think about the beard fad? Last check, they still loved it! At least the ones I know do.

So whoever you are; whatever you do; rock the beard with confidence… or don’t… peace.


– Clay Thiessen

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