Danica you’re loose…



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Welcome to the first of my weekly fantasy Nascar articles. Unlike other sites I will wait until after qualifying and most practices to release my lineup suggestions for the week. Disclaimer: Gordon and Larson fans, I will try and avoid bias, but it will be there.

The league I am in is through Nascar.com, so that is the scoring and salary I will be using and referring to. I know a bunch of you use Yahoo, the basic principles of what I’m saying each week should translate over for the most part. What credentials do I have? Reigning champ of a 20 team league.

Starting the season off at a restrictor plate track is a great way to put you in a huge hole starting the season. Let’s look to avoid that.

Nascar Fantasy is not a sprint(no pun intended), it’s not a jog, it’s a damn long marathon. You must hedge your risks on restrictor plate weeks. Don’t try and be a hero, that’s what short tracks are for. This week you are trying to avoid being a zero, or even worse, negative points.

Every week we are looking for:

Lap led 0.5 points
Fastest lap 0.5 points
Finishing spot 46-1 point(s) depending on finish
Position differential 1 point + or – for each spot gained or lost from where the driver started

Position differential is where restrictor plate fantasy is won or lost.

Let’s begin…

Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr., Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick. Take your pick, one of those drivers will most likely win and according to Nascar.com, most people have picked one, if not 3 of them for their team.

Drivers are looking to avoid “the big one”, so should you. If you put 3 of those drivers on your team for fantasy and they get caught in the big one, you have -120 points because of the positional differential loss. Not exactly the way you wanted to start the season.

To avoid this my ideal lineup is:

Brad K
Matt Kenseth
Ty Dillon
Casey Mears
Denny Hamlin

75 cents of cap space to spare.

Note the highest starting position on my ideal team is 31st at Ty Dillon. When the big one happens, my team is ready to take the lead. Like I said, this week we are hedging risk, at Atlanta we will try and go for max points.

Quote of the week:

“Danica, you’re loose.” D. Hamlin


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– Adam Dulski

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