Cleaning 101 for Dudes

Cleaning and organizing hardly seems like a “guy” subject, but that’s where you’re wrong. A ladies’ man not only cleans and knows where to put his hands on important things, but he is proactive about it without being asked or told.

Life is easier when the crib is clean and organized. Dirty dishes attract bad bacteria, and they give off a smell that repels the hotties who might traverse through your man cave.


One thing I learned as a bachelor dating my hottie wife, is that a sparkling toilet is almost as good as a hot date to Kobes and a movie to see Twilight.

You discover little things like this through life that create “dividends” of capital that translate into, well, some good lovin. They don’t go unnoticed. If you know what I mean my fellow dudes!


We don’t do these things just to get some, although it don’t hurt. We do them because they make for a better life all around for the people in our circle of influence. There is nothing more frustrating than for a Monday morning to roll around and you’re scrambling to get everything together. If you stay on top of the laundry, paper work and daily grime in the bathroom than your mornings will go much better, and hence the rest of the week.

I tell my Team Members it ain’t rocket science. Do a little bit every evening so you don’t get to the weekend overwhelmed with the responsibility to clean the whole damn apartment!

This professional organizing book I’m reading right now says one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to organizing as long as the system you agree to or come up with on your own becomes a habit. It’s a matter of sticking with a system. And regarding a plethora of stuff around the house or condo it’s not a matter of having too much, rather does everything have a place? You very well can be a pack rat, but many people associate pack ratting with too much stuff which is a fair assumption. The bottom line is not how much stuff you have, but what do you do with it? A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in over a year then part ways with it via Goodwill or eBay. Doesn’t really matter, so long you don’t keep losing girlfriends or job promotions because you are a disorganized slob!


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.

So do us all a favor. Get up off your ass and wash, fold and put away a load of clothes. While you’re at it shave for once, and make sure you’re wearing clean underwear in case you’re in a wreck!

Till next time!


– Daniel Tomlinson

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