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Drunk Sportfan is a podcast that mixes booze and sports debate into a fun-filled half hour that covers every aspect American sports.  Every month the hosts sits down with a guest for 4 episodes.  The shows are recorded in one sitting, which means every week the conversation gets drunker.  Whether you love sports, day-drinking, or just want to feel better about where you are in life, DrunkSports welcomes you to grab a drink and join the debate right here on Stuff Dudes Like!

The old WZ and JK show



You can take the boys out of Scottdale, but you can’t take the Scottdale out of the boys.
WZ and JK have been friends since they graduated high school. What started off with little pranks around town, escalated quickly when they found jobs making them wealthy kids before the age of 21.
The money was a surprise to both of them as they endured financial struggles during the year of 2007. The newfound money would help the two go on the ride of a lifetime. From Maui to Puerto Rico they will tell tales of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Literally. Add in massage parlors, gambling, and guns and the story just begins.
From traveling to Canada without birth certificates with guns in the trunk, to screaming at millionaire bosses in Maui (WZ 2009, JK 2010 in Puerto Rico) this show is dedicated to telling the behind the scenes of what happened at CPU Pittsburgh.
Trib Total Media built their empire then spit WZ and JK out at 24.
Now, 3 years later these two aren’t holding back.
This show will be sure to be a laugh riot. Starring Walter Zimmerman the funniest guy that isn’t famous…well…yet. A Josh Mirage production.
The Old WZ and JK Show
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Spring Make-up Tips/The Cagle and Cory Show



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