Buyer’s Remorse?


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It is an exciting time of the year for a NFL football fan. Free Agency has started and this year we have seen more trades that I can remember in a long time. Although fans get very excited, in reality being the big buyers in Free Agency and trades in the offseason doesn’t necessarily transition into success, just look at the Redskins. I am going to tell you my top Winners and Losers so far.

Biggest Winner-New York Jets, Yes those New York Jets, they pulled in my opinion the biggest surprise in FA by getting Revis to come back. He is the best cover corner in the NFL. With this signing new coach Todd Bowles will be able to run his blitz heavy defense that was so successful in Arizona. Also signing Cromartie back was a huge decision. This Defense was stellar last year, but they had a poor secondary. Look for them to be top 3 in defense this year. Now if only they could get a quarterback and no Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t count.


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Winner-Indianapolis Colts, been an interesting offseason for the Colts. They are just a few pieces away from a Super Bowl contender. Trent Cole was a great add they needed someone opposite Mathis who can pressure the quarterback. The move I liked the most was Andre Johnson, I think he will have a great year with Luck throwing to him. Reggie Wayne was released so they needed a good other option and they definitely received one. Finally their addition of Frank Gore will help out greatly. Gore is an adept runner and receiver and is one of the best blocking running backs in the NFL. Watch for the Colts they are definitely one of my front runners going into the season.

Winner-Buffalo Bills, they didn’t do much with their QB position, but they improved dramatically everywhere else. I loved the trade for LeSean McCoy he is one of the top 3 running backs in the league and he only cost the Bills a young linebacker who didn’t even play last year, plus McCoy is a great safety valve for their qb. Plus, the addition of Percy Harvin I actually like he seems to have built a rapport with Coach Ryan and putting him with McCoy and Sammy Watkins they have very explosive playmakers on this team. I like this team going forward until they address their QB position they won’t go too far in the playoffs, but they will be difficult to score on and will be able to score from anywhere on the field with McCoy, Watkins, and Harvin.

Biggest Loser-Philadelphia Eagles, Seriously what the fuck is Chip Kelly doing? They get rid of their three best offensive weapons and so they decide to bring in Sam Breakford, DeMarco Murray, Ryan Matthews, and Byron Maxwell while losing McCoy, Maclin, Foles, Cole, and a very good offensive lineman in Todd Herremans. We won’t know what to think till the season starts, but look for Philadelphia to struggle and taking on three players who have always been an injury risk is a bad move.


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Loser-Dallas Cowboys, This is no surprise hearing the Cowboys are poorly run, and the way their salary cap has been kind of a mess in the last few years we knew they couldn’t sign all of their players, but the way they handled the offseason so far is pretty ridiculous. The Cowboys have lost Demarco Murray, Henry Melton, Justin Durant, and Bruce Carter while only retaining Doug Free and “insert laughter here” Darren McFadden. Cowboys it seems were not happy with success of last year and wanted to go back to their 8-8 seasons. I seriously think an NFC East team may win this division with a losing record this year. On top of this all they have alienated their best player Dez Bryant by franchising him instead of giving him a long term extension. By the way whatever happened to that Dez Bryant tape?

Loser-New Orleans Saints, Mickey Loomis and Chip Kelly are having a contest to see who will have the worst offseason and I think Chip Kelly is winning but by a slim amount. Let me just get this out there I hate the Saints I mean fucking hate them, they are almost at the same level of ate that I have for the Green Bay Packers. The NFC Championship game they won against my Vikings was a joke, and I will forever dislike them so this offseason has made me very happy. Let me get this straight he trades one of the best tight ends in league for a center with a huge contract and a draft pick, on top of that he trades Kenny Stills a good up and coming receiver for a bad linebacker with an even worse contract, and rumors are they are looking to trade Drew Brees. They are destroying this team and they will be a total joke this year.


– Jeff Bauer

TWITTER: @jbauer36