Bullies Getting Their Just Desserts

Ever since I crawled out of the crib (I think I was pushed out and fell a few times lol) one thing I, and a lot of dudes like is when a bully gets their head handed to them.

When I was in high school some idiot in gym class threw gum in my hair. Luckily my teacher saw the whole thing and made him put gum in his own hair. On top of that half the foot ball team kicked his ass. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t something I requested. Non-bullies just stepped in to dish out justice for me. I felt like I was in one of my favorite classic movies.

Remember the movie Weird Science? I loved when the older brother Chet (that paramilitary tough guy douche that bullies the main characters Gary and Wyatt) gets turned into a living, breathing pile of crap? My only regret was that instead of him being turned into that freaky thing, I wish she would have put a giant throbbing dick sticking right on his forehead for the rest of his life!


 Image Credit: Universal Pictures

And then there’s The Warriors. Luther gets his just desserts and gets his head used as a giant hockey puck. Unfortunately today’s world has a new breed of bully that I never had to deal with as a kid. The Internet has brought forth a whole new fake tough guy. Haters and trolls that are hide behind a keyboard. Now that technology gets involved I know someone will go all Chucky doll on there ass once they’ve tracked these fake ass bullies down!


 Image Credit: horrordomain.com


– Mike Bocchetti



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