Why is it that most men have become increasingly apprehensive about going on a ‘date’ with their male best friends alone? They can spend hours indoors playing video games or watching TV together but whenever a plan is formed that means actually leaving the comfort of their safeguarded dens, they ensure to invite along some more guy friends or a couple of girls? The only type of ‘dates’ that are acceptable are ones that involve getting rid of a hang over (cafe breakfasts) or include hard alcohol (no wine or fancy drinks, straight beer).


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Going to a restaurant alone with your best mate wasn’t always seen as something to deem as awkward. No where near! In the 70’s bromances were bigger than ever, with men socializing more with their best friends than they did with their wives or families. This however, was way before the concern about being perceived as gay became a major complication in a modern day man’s social life.

Are women in fact to blame for triggering men in to becoming more defensive about the notion of their masculinity? By automatically assuming that two attractive men who are dining together are more than just friends. Or is it because this generation is more aware about homosexuality and so now an invisible stigma looms over close male friendships. Women savor that one to one time with their best girls, going for dinners, or to watch a movie, or even just catching up by going for long walks in the park to discuss slash gossip about everyone or everything in their lives.


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Life is too short to care about what other people think and to not spend time with the ones who mean the most to you. Men need to roll their eyes at such illogical judgments and actually spend time with the people whose company they enjoy the most. And if that’s your best guy mate then build on the bromance and don’t hesitate on doing things alone together. What is the point of inviting two or three more people whose time you don’t value as much just to buff out the numbers so that it doesn’t look suspicious to the people around you? Don’t conform to other people’s opinions and more importantly don’t let it get in the way of a fine bromance!


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– Aneesa Mirza

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