Broke on Valentine’s Day?

Financial hardships may prevent you from thinking clearly when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You love your wife or girlfriend- you just loved going to the strip club a little more. Perhaps you forgot to save some money for this eventful day. She’s expecting a lot, and you look into your wallet only to discover you’re flat broke!

Instead of getting bent out of shape, here is the solution dudes!

  • A fake vacation for a “Later” date


“Hey babe, look at what I bought us. All of them!!” ;D

Sure, it’s a little extreme, but trust me it works. I once dated a girl who I was super attracted to, but the problem was I lied about my income when I met her (I was young and dumb once too). I spent so much on this ungrateful female that I needed Valentine’s Day to be as inexpensive as possible just to continue dating her. The solution was simple – a fake vacation! 

You simply find a local ski resort like the one above and you print out all the information. You pick out a few activities and a tentative date at least six months away. You tell her that you got all of the massage packages, etc. There are plenty to choose from. It looks like you spent hundreds of dollars on her gift – but in reality you bought nothing! And she loved it.

No need to go any further or even come up with another idea. This works EVERYTIME… unless you’re a dumbass. Most relationships don’t last longer than 6 months so the chances of you being together are minimal anyway. And hey if your not- what do you care at that point that she didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day? You spend enough of your money on her year round, don’t feel bad.

If you need help with the specifics reach out to me on Twitter: @joshk65

If you are a female and stumbled upon this article and you are broke on Valentine’s Day, no worries. I have the solution for you ladies if you’re broke and want to give your man something he will enjoy…

It’s called a Blowjob!


– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65