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The NFL draft is over, and it is officially time to start thinking about the Fantasy Football season. This has been an interesting offseason to say the least. This was going to start as an article about Deflate Gate, but that story is so overdone and stupid. Tom Brady should not be suspended 4 games, and they are overstating the importance of PSI in a football. He is more comfortable throwing the ball that way; Aaron Rodgers even stated he likes his balls over inflated (insert Clay Matthews joke here). The only reason he is being suspended is he lied and hid information from the NFL not because he is cheating, but I will get to that later. Here are some of my bold predictions going into the summer.

1. Tom Brady will not be suspended 4 games- As I stated earlier the suspension is an absolute joke, and this is getting appealed. I look for him to be suspended between 1-2 games, and with the great Roger Goodell overseeing the appeal process nothing can go wrong right?

2. Don’t draft a TE in the early part of your draft- Rob Gronkowski basically won me a fantasy championship last year, but with Brady out at least a portion of the beginning of the season his value slips a little bit, and remember last year was the first year in a long time Gronk was healthy for an entire season. Jimmy Graham will also be drafted way too high in your drafts this year. Jimmy is essentially a WR playing TE, but in Seattle’s offense he will be limited. Remember Russell Wilson is throwing him the ball, not Drew Brees that is a big difference.

3. Adrian Peterson will be a beast this year- Adrian Peterson will be rested and pissed off and will run accordingly, and I am not just saying this, because I am a Viking’s homer. Since Peterson’s suspension the Vikings offense has changed a great deal. Mike Zimmer wants a ball control offense and he will get that with Peterson. 1500 yards and 12 TD’s is not out of the question this year for Peterson. Recent reports have shown Peterson skipping OTA’s and saying he still won’t play, but the Vikings will not trade him and he will end up playing.

4. Andrew Luck is the best QB in Fantasy- Move over Aaron Rodgers we have a new sheriff in town. Andrew Luck is now a better fantasy option than Rodgers. Although he throws more interceptions; Luck will throw more touchdowns, run for more yards and touchdowns. The Colts also went out and got Andre Johnson, and Frank Gore along with 1st round selection Phillip Dorsett. This offense is going to be downright scary. The days of getting Luck in 3rd or 4th round of your draft are over, if you don’t pick him up in the 1st round he will be gone.

5. Seattle no longer has the best defense in Fantasy Football- Seattle has been the best defense for the last three years, and while I never suggest drafting a defense early they were always a good pick. There is not enough separation between the top defenses anymore like in the past. Do yourself a favor and save that draft pick for a better pick and take a defense like the Jets that will actually outscore the Seahawks in fantasy this year.

6. Melvin Gordon will have the best fantasy season of any rookie- Although I believe Todd Gurley is the better running back he is not in a great situation starting out in St Louis. On the other hand Gordon is in a great one. He is going to be playing behind a good quarterback in Phillip Rivers with a capable offensive line. San Diego was a playoff team last year and with Gordon they will only get better.

7. Demaryius Thomas will have a down year this year- Don’t get me wrong, Thomas is a stud and will be drafted high, but he will be a 1st or high 2nd round pick and I just don’t think the value will be there this year. Peyton Manning had a down year according to his standards last year, and it is only going to get worse going forward. Thomas is a great downfield threat, but with the loss of Julius Thomas things will become much more difficult for Mr. Thomas. I personally think his teammate Emmanuel Sanders will have a better year fantasy wise.

8. The #1 pick is not what it used to be- I remember when you got the first pick it was really a huge advantage, because that person would propel you to have at least a competent team. This year is not one of those years, Jamal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Eddie Lacy are some of the top players we are seeing projected at this time. I know people who know me will find this hard to believe, but I believe the safest choice is Lacy. He started off slow last year, but really blossomed. He has also turned into a very competent receiver out of the backfield which means he is now a 3 down back in Green Bay.

9. Don’t Draft Matt Forte with a high pick- Matt Forte has been a great pick the last few years even with the Bear’s offense floundering. Most of that value came with the fact in Marc Trestman’s offense he was both a running back and wide receiver, but with a new coaching regime I don’t look for him to get as many catches as he has in the past. Also, the Bears did not do much to improve their defense so look for them to be behind a lot in games which means more Cutler passing.

10. Don’t worry about Le’Veon Bell’s Suspension- Many people you draft with will pass on Bell as he has been suspended for the first three games of the year. Don’t worry about the suspension, he would have been the first overall pick of the draft without the suspension and he still warrants a first round pick. If you are picking in the middle of the first round snap him up quickly and thank me later. Remember Fantasy Leagues aren’t won in the first three weeks off the season.


– Jeff Bauer

TWITTER: @jbauer36