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My two favorite sports since I have been a child were NFL Football and Pro Wrestling. I know what you are saying “Pro Wrestling isn’t a sport.” Hey if you can call Golf and NASCAR a sport, wrestling is more of a sport than those two combined. Although Wrestling is predetermined, these athletes give phenomenal performances kind of like the NBA!!! I have friends who ask me all the time why I still watch wrestling and my answer to them is wrestling is so much like NFL Football it is scary, and both sports do what is “best for business”.


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  • Commissioners are the most hated in their respective sports. Triple H is commissioner or shall I say the guy who runs the show, unlike most commissioners he didn’t get the job through hard work and a great education he got it by fucking the owner’s daughter. Now let me get to Roger Goodell, I remember when he became Commissioner not much was said, because most Commissioners don’t make many headlines. Not this guy, when I was a kid I don’t ever remember Pete Rozelle’s name being mentioned unless at the Super Bowl when he gave away the trophy. Goodell, on the other hand is front page news on Sports center ever morning, and the funny thing he is botched case after case. He now is probably one of the biggest ass clowns that was ever commissioner it seems like he forgot to read “Idiots Guide to being a Commissioner”.
  • The backstory is more important that the actual product itself. Wrestling has always been about knowing what is happening backstage. Is the Undertaker coming back? Why is Roman Reigns getting a push? What is with Seth Rollin’s hair? What is Lana’s phone number? Football is no different the fact that NFL draft is one of the most watched shows on television when it airs just shows what mindless drones we are. When you tune into your favorite sports channel what do you hear? Not the latest scores that is for sure. Are the Cowboys going to tag Dez Bryant? Who is Adrian Peterson going to play for this year? Will Ray Rice have the opportunity to beat another girl in the elevator, oops I mean play football again. The offseason has become more important than the actual product on the field. Just look at the NFL Combine, no one other than scouts used to watch this, now it the most watched show on the NFL Network. The only interesting part about it was Rex Ryan showing up in Thurman Thomas jersey. If anyone thinks the combine effects the draft that much pull up Tom Brady’s combine numbers. Why do they set up shows like this and why do we like to see what is happening? Watching the draft and the combine gives us the sense that we are scouting these players and assessing their skills which draws us in that is what makes those shows “best for business”.
  • Both of these sports treat their employees not as players but actually products. When their talent starts to dwindle even a bit they are cut or released with little to no compensation. What is most troublesome is these players are mostly forgotten when they are not on our screen anymore. Why is that you ask? It’s simple with no guarantee contracts in Wrestling and Football it allows the owners to keep the players in line with no say and no guarantee to be paid. That is what made the Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon storyline so popular we all hate our bosses for the most part and want to be heard and not pushed around. That will not ever happen in the NFL, because you will just get suspended. At least the NFL has a player’s union whereas wrestling has no union so no protection, just ask CM Punk. Why do they do this because it is what’s “best for business”. Wrestling and Football have changed a lot since I was younger, which is why as a whole I am no longer their target market, they want the younger viewers and women. For the most part both sports have done away with the extreme violence we became accustomed and it has created a watered down product which many don’t like as much as we normally would. Why do you think that is going on with Wrestling and Football? Its’ “Best for business”!football
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– Jeff Bauer

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