The Beauty of the Internet

Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. Since the start of time, young boys (and even some not so young boys) have gotten excited by cute underwear models in JCPenny catalogs and the back covers of National Geographic.


With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the internet as a whole, the amount of places we can see big boobs, butts and whatever weird kink we are into has expanded beyond the stratosphere. but not only can we sit in privacy and look at whatever we want but it’s also a great revenge of the nerds type thing.

Some of us get to see what the celebrities of yesteryear have become. Look at Eric Estrada for example. He has once on the TV show C.H.I.P.S. and one of the biggest superstars of in the world! Nowadays Paunch is a pouch with his fat over bloated old man belly! Remember how sexy Charo looked dancing around on the deck of The Love Boat? Now her tits have tuned to floppy sacks of old jelly!! BTW, anyone under 30 Google the above celebrities and TV show lol.


There is even a more personal level that the internet has given us. Years ago it was called stalking but now we can see what all those former high school beauty queens, jocks and cool kids turned into. The hot chick that wouldn’t give you the time of day now has a face that look like their ass, the jocks that threw you in the dumpster out back now have bellies twice the size of there high school muscles and the cool kids now have more wrinkles on there faces then I have on my nut sack!

Awe train wreck city… what a life we lead.


– Mike Bocchetti

TWITTER: @mikebocchetti

INSTAGRAM: mikebocchetti