Who wins when it comes to men vs. women? Which is the better sex overall?


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First of all, we are asking the wrong question. It may seem an obvious conclusion (at least I hope it does!) but this match ends in a draw. Both sexes have their strengths. You may be thinking “well duh!” at this point, and if so then that means I like you. Of course we are equal and should be treated as such. Men and women aren’t so different. It is gender and personality that makes us diverse and unique.

Gender and sex – aren’t they the same thing?

No. Sex is if you are male or female. Gender is how you define yourself, what you identify as – so your sex can be male but your gender female and vice versa. Allow me to explain further.

You were probably assigned your gender from young, before you could even walk or talk, and have the ability to understand and say who you wanted to be, what traits you identified with and if you felt like a boy or girl despite your sex. Baby girls are dressed in pink; boys in blue. As you grow old enough to require stimulation and be able to play with toys, then maybe as a boy you played with Action Men, toy cars or gaming consoles, toys that looked cool and full of adventure. Sound familiar? And little girls are bought Barbies or toy ovens or dolls’ houses. But what if boys want to play with girls’ toys?

If men cry, they are called “puffs” or “girls”. Just the other day I saw a father telling his son to stop crying – he said “why are you being a girl? You’re a man.” This was not said nastily, and was said to comfort the boy, possibly make him laugh. This boy looked like he was two or three years old. Even I laughed and smiled at the sulking boy. But just because a boy cries, or does something classed as feminine does not make him weak, or girly. It doesn’t mean his gender is female either just because he does one thing synonymous with women either. Gender is how you identify yourself, so both your sex and gender is still male even if you don’t like sports and beer and sometimes cry!

Jokes aside, what I’m saying is if you are a boy, but identify more as a female, then that’s OK. If you are a woman who identifies as a male, then that’s OK too! Be proud of whatever gender you want to be. Or maybe you identify as non-binary? (Which means you identify as neither, both, or a mixture of male and female). Whatever your gender, don’t be afraid to be that gender, and just because you like an activity that’s designed for the opposite sex to you doesn’t make you a “big girl”. (And by the way – why is being a girl a bad thing?!)


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However, I understand that it can be difficult to be yourself; there is still pressure on the sexes. Traditional roles and expectations still linger despite being in the twenty-first century. Or do they? Are men still expected to be strong, daring, and the breadwinners within a family? And are women still required to be housewives that raise their children whilst man works and brings food to the table? The answer is no – today is a much better society in terms of gender roles. There are stay at home dads, mothers that work, men who cook and women who do DIY. But there is still pressure and expectations on males and females. For example, women on TV are expected to be sexy and feminine and in some music videos they are hardly wearing anything shaking what their momma gave ‘em! And if men are going to be topless, people want to see a six pack. Sex sells. But it should not matter what you look like or who you want to be!


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Maybe everything I am saying is obvious and you think any opinion that says otherwise is ridiculous. Maybe it depends where you come from, but if a man was to walk down the street wearing women’s clothes and a curly blonde wig, people would notice. People would stare, because it’s deemed as unusual for a boy to wear a dress. But why?

My point overall is that the sexes are equal, and you can be any gender you want to be. If you want to be a boy that wears pink or a girl that wants to wrestle then you go girl! Or boy! Ignore stereotypes, traditional roles, requirements and expectations. Whatever you’re into, your personality, or who you choose to be, does not make you any less of a man or woman. So, gentleman, who’s the daddy? You’re all the daddy!

You can be whoever you want to be regardless of sex. We are all equal and unique. Whoever you are, I hope you are comfortable with who you are as a person – because you should be. Boy or girl, we all deserve respect and not to be treated like we’re odd. So forget everything negative that’s going on around you, and just be who you want to be.


– Kathryn Morris

TWITTER: @katmorris20