The Basics: Things Every Dude Should Know

If you couldn’t tell before now, I’m really big on lists. This is my list of things that every dude (and yes, dudette) should know how to do. It kind of baffles me that there are grown people who don’t know how to do these simple and common tasks.

  • Change a flat tire – This goes for anyone who drives a car. It’s a simple task that comes in very handy. 1. It saves you money to keep from needing to call for a service to come and change it. 2. It is quicker. I can have a tire off and a new one on in less time than it takes for the service crew to arrive.flat tire
  • How to jump start a car – Just like with changing the tire, it keeps you from having to wait on a service or be dependent on a complete stranger working on your car.
  • How to check your car’s fluids – I was going to say “change” the fluids, but I decided to back it down a step. A very basic piece of knowledge is how to check the fluids and keep from blowing it up from lack of oil or coolant.
  • Do laundry – I have friends who are in their mid-20s and have no clue how to do laundry. To me, this is just one of those everyday tasks that you don’t put much thought into. Plus, nothing about “I have my mom do my laundry” or “I need you to do my laundry” says attractive.Hot-chick-doing-laundry
  • Cook your favorite meal – I covered this in a previous post once. Knowing how to make your favorite meal to perfection keeps you from being dependent on someone else. I advocate going further and learning how to cook everything you like instead of just one dish.
  • Put out a kitchen/grease fire – It happens. While cooking (especially learning how to cook) you could find yourself with a small grease fire to put out. Knowing that the box of baking soda in your fridge or cabinet can be used to extinguish the fire could mean the difference in a small scare and an insurance claim.
  • How to sew – That’s right dudes, how to sew. You wouldn’t believe how handy this little piece of know-how is. Rip your new shirt removing the tag? Sew that bad boy back together. Messenger bag’s strap comes loose? Stitch that bitch up. Crazy Ex carves her initials in your mattress? Seal it up and flip it over.
  • Drive a stick – I’ll admit that this is a personal preference, but it’s common knowledge that driving a stick helps give a better understanding of how a car works- even to those who are mechanically illiterate.
  • How to swim – The majority of the planet is covered in water. Majority of the time, our vacation plans involve some form of water leisure. Just learn how to already.
  • Simple home repairs– Leaky faucet or drain, paint touch-up, broken cabinet hinge, etc. These are all tasks that you can do in your own home and shouldn’t require bringing in a
  • Start a conversation with a stranger – At one point or another, everyone you know was once a stranger and you got to know them. Friends, coworkers, spouses- all of them. Knowing how to get to know people is an invaluable skill.
  • Properly type on a keyboard – Unless you’re over the age of 40, you should know how to properly type on a keyboard. In today’s tech driven world, few careers don’t require this simple skill.
  • Tie a tie – In any white collar career setting, a dress shirt and tie is the minimum dress code. Knowing how to get yourself dressed before work is a definite plus.
  • What to do in a natural disaster – Whether it be a tornado, flood, wildfire, house fire, etc. Know how to stay calm and have a plan in place.
  • Have a basic understanding of first aid – Know how to handle simple injuries. Minor cuts, burns, scrapes, bruises, etc. Learn how to properly disinfect and apply bandages.
  • Make your own doctor’s appointments – We’ve reached the age where we should know enough about ourselves to call the clinic and set up an appointment.nurse
  • Follow basic instructions to assemble furniture – I’m putting this one on here in regards to a family member who couldn’t assemble a simple entertainment stand from the Dollar General.
  • Say no – Know how to say no when you truly don’t want/want to do something. Don’t let anyone-family, friends, coworkers- make you do anything you truly don’t want to do.
  • How to stop complaining – There comes a time when everyone needs to recognize that they’re complaining too much. Your spouse divorced you two years ago? We’re sorry it happened, but we don’t care anymore. Cable bill went up and you lost three channels? Then deal with it or drop the cable- either way, shut up. Brother-in-law keeps bumming money to buy narcotics? Stop giving him money- oh, and shut up! The real world really doesn’t care about your problems.

Sadly, for every item listed, I know at least one person who doesn’t know how to do it.


– Cameron Blevins

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