Bad Fantasy Advice – Year in Review


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It’s time to look back at all the amazing drafting strategies that really paid off this year. Drafting a QB early like Peyton or Luck surely led you to a fantasy championship, drafting a QB early always pays off. You can always count on a St. Louis and Pats RB, always. Doug Martin continues to show his 1 good game 2 years ago was not a fluke. Taking Jimmy Graham in the top 15 continues to show true genius, make sure to do it again next year. Eddie Lacy is still too fat to play in the NFL, I’m still skeptical.


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This year confirmed you can’t wait to draft a defense until the last two rounds, you missed out on the quality returns like the Panthers and Bengals. Why would you take a flier on some unknown rookie like Odell Beckham, when you could take a guaranteed 6 points a week?

Don’t worry about Bishop Sankey guys, he’ll break out any year now.

That will do it this year for bad fantasy advice, don’t worry, it will be even worse next year.

– Adam Dulski

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