Bad Fantasy Advice – 5/12/15


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Offseason Update



I’m back with some terrible advice based on all the offseason happenings in the NFL.

Here are my Bad Advice quick takes:


-Tom Brady is still a QB1, pay no attention to the fact you will only have him for just over HALF the fantasy season.

-Demarco Murray won’t break down or lose carries to the other 8 backs in Philly, should be on pace for 600 touches.

-Todd Gurley will play game 1 making Tre Mason worthless, yup that, definitely that.

-Eli Manning was a fluke last year, he certainly does not have top 5 QB upside with Victor Cruz, ODB and Shane Vereen in the 2nd year of the Mcadoo offense.

-Chip Kelly is not racist, he just doesn’t like black players.

-Lesean Mccoy will be untouchable in the run heavy Bills offense with such a great QB as……wait….who is their QB?

-Melvin Gordon will not be drafted too high.

-Jimmy Graham is gone along with half the Saints offensive weapons, why would you want TE Josh Hill that Sean Payton loves?

-Peyton Manning will play all 16 regular season games


That concludes my bad fantasy advice update.



– Adam Dulski

TWITTER: @adamdulski