Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!


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Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? Now you can celebrate your love of all things bacon at the inaugural America Loves Bacon Festival Tour. Stop by Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, May 16, and enjoy the Tour. If you can’t make the Pittsburgh venue, there are other venues including:

May 30, Washington, DC at the Half Street Fairgrounds

June 6, Knoxville, Tennessee at the World’s Fair Park

August 29, Hartford, Connecticut, TBD

October 10, Charlotte, North Carolina, TBD

Imagine a bacon culinary block party on steroids. Streets filled with bacon everything. And the aroma will make your mouth water. Bring your appetite because there will be plenty to eat. And if you are really lucky, you will be able to get a recipe or two.

Are you interested in competing in a bacon eating contest? You’re in luck. Visit the website to sign up (

Maybe you just love eating bacon. Restaurants, food trucks, confectionaries, and concessionaires from the area will have culinary creations for your bacon loving taste buds. From sample sizes, to full size entrees, there is something for everyone including such confections as hog stix, funnel cakes, cotton candy, doughnuts, peanut brittle, and popcorn. And one of my favorites, chocolate covered bacon.

Don’t want confections? Try an entrée. There are several bacon burger selections. Perhaps you prefer General Tso’s, or garlic buffalo. Guess what. They have that. Maybe you just want your bacon straight up. They have that too. Bacon on a stick, candied bacon, maple bacon, bbq bacon. There is something for everyone. And the list goes on.


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You can watch live demos, and bacon-off competitions. The tour will have something that appeals to you. And what goes with good food? Live music and libations of course. Don’t forget about your kiddies. There’s a children’s area just for them.

Can’t get enough bacon? Not a problem. You can shop at one of the many vendor stands and bring it home with you. This Tour is a celebration of all things bacon. Get your bacon on and celebrate with fellow bacon lovers. There will be many great bacon foods, sauces, cloths and more.


– Michele Jones

TWITTER: @Chelepie