Apocalyptic BeBop by Two Brothers Brewing Company (Beer Review)


Image Credit: beerstreetjournal.com

Apocalyptic Bebop from Two Brothers Brewing Co is one hell of a beer with an awesome name and an even better taste. It’s a Belgian-Style Quadruple Ale and the label describes it like this:

“A rhythmic beat starts as massive malt notes…a saxophone wails with complex Abbey yeast flavors…a guitar floats in on fresh cabernet oak…creating a crescendo so complex it can only be called… Apocalyptic Bebop.”


We don’t know anything about BeBop or jazz, but we think we know beer. The first thing you notice when you crack open the bottle is that it doesn’t smell like a typical Belgian Ale. It’s different. You get a hint of apple instead of the citrus that so many Belgian Ales give off. That isn’t the only thing that makes this beer unique. It’s 10.2% ABV, and it comes in a 22 oz bottle.  That’s like 4 beers in one, and we support the idea of getting a good buzz from drinking only one bottle. It’s fun. If your wife tells you that you drink too much, buy a bottle of this. “But honey, I’m only having one beer tonight, not my usual four.” Winning.

Source: Ptmastermind.com

Image Credit: Ptmastermind.com

This beer tastes great and has a very smooth feel to it. Two Brothers really went the extra mile when creating it – the beer is even aged in 2012 Napa Cabernet barrels. Its flavors are complex and unique and because of that, Apocalyptic BeBop isn’t just a beer, it’s an experience.

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– Mike O’Brien