A Shady Deal

Fantasy football gurus arose from their winter slumber last night as the news of the Eagles-Bills Shady-Kiko exchange broke. Everyone agrees it means something, but no one can agree what.


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The consensus seems to be that this is a major blow to McCoy’s value. Perfect. That’s how fantasy is won and lost; a value disconnect.

His perceived value has taken a hit, but going to a run heavy team and run heavy coach isn’t really a downgrade at all, it’s more like a sideways move. We have a long time until training camp and a lot can change but as of now you should be doing these things depending on the league you are in:

-In Dynasty if you can make a lowball trade to get Shady you absolutely should. If you own Chris Polk sell high, I doubt he’s the Eagles cowbell next year. Spiller owners, sit tight or sell high, your call.

-In re-draft leagues you should be talking McCoy down and just hopes his value sinks to the second round come August… cha-ching.


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– Adam Dulski

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