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We’ll Never Be Royals

“And we’ll never be royals (royals)
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of lux just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler (ruler), you can call me Queen Bee
And baby I’ll rule (I’ll rule I’ll rule I’ll rule)
Let me live that fantasy”

The royals of Britain certainly do their part to keep up the royal reputation for splendor as they enjoy lavish lifestyles in opulent palaces, with hundreds of servants on hand to take care of their every need. I imagine beautiful country manor houses, expensive cars; gold and gem-encrusted finery and custom-fitted clothes. The lives of royalty are indeed very privileged. Royalty is the highest possible class, the uppermost of the upper class. In fact, royals go beyond the range of class, since their position in the monarchy is not dependent on economic status.

When Prince William’s university sweetheart made her entrance into the Royalty there was no mistaking her important position within the British royal family. The young woman who just years earlier had been known as just a gorgeous non-royal-born now stands at the forefront of the world’s most famous family. While the global success of the Royal Wedding gathered an audience of two billion and the success of the Queen’s recent Diamond Jubilee the Royal family was given back a golden affection it feared might never again experience thanks to these grand beyond grand celebrations. All this and more has proven Catherine, Duchess Cambridge, to be the rising star of the monarchy, in only 4 years. William the blond, older-sibling prince, next in line to the throne, navigating a world in with his right hand lady, Kate. His had a heavy sense of responsibility on his shoulders but is now hopeful and confident about his future, his destiny, and ready to embrace it. He also has the added joy of sharing it with Kate.

But the British monarchy is about as contentious as they come, especially when the illusion of normality is exposed. Kate Middleton is the UK’s first royal bride with a university degree, having graduated with a degree in art history. The Duchess of Cambridge was the oldest British royal bride ever at just 29 years old.

Though she enjoys sleepovers at the many royal residences, she sometimes finds the constant dress changes which can go up to a few times day if the days’ schedule includes shooting, tea, and a formal dinner. All that and the constant and silent roaming presence of a house full of staff can be an undeniable annoyance. Her daily life involves Kate doing the shopping at the local supermarket and the only royalty she experiences as she pushes her trolley is the protection officers’ who follow her at a safe distance. Both William and Kate enjoy the fit life and running on the nearby beach. Occasionally, the couple has a night out at the local pub, but mostly they prefer to stay in watching DVDs while comfortably refer to each other by their romantic nicknames. She calls him “Big Willie” and he calls her “babykins.” This is probably a break from the clichéd, formal address of “darling”.

The Duchess loves spending time in London in contrast to her country orientated husband. She uses her days in the city to catch up with friends from school. But most of her time is taken up with work, and her days are scheduled around meetings with charities, the media, and the arts to help prepare her for her future role. How exciting!!

Kate is exceptionally close to her parents, Carole and Michael, and her siblings, Pippa and James, as is William who is very fond of Kate’s family wants to make sure they remain a part of their lives. At the make up counter Kate is surprisingly low-maintenance. She applies her own makeup and while she sometimes even styles her own hair, Kate has regular trims and blowouts.


See, normalcy is evident enough in the lives of even the most beautiful woman in the palace. Normal seeps through the lives of the other Royals too; like William, at age 13, who obviously had his hormones sprouting and so developed a crush on Cindy Crawford, which comes as no surprise. I mean the man is, after all, a guy as was and is every other 13 year old. Again, although his brother and his sister-in-law do make a lot of headlines, it was Prince Harry who was named most popular royal in 2014 and also who will soon be fifth in line, has been open about the fact that he isn’t interested in becoming king. How modest.

Even as parents William and Kate their hands-on approach being in stark contrast to previous generations of royal parents. It’s pretty much a normal family. Dad goes off to work, comes home and they all have the lovely dinner Mom prepares, together. They are one of the most famous couples on the planet, one day destined to be Britain’s king and queen. In completing their journey from student sweethearts to regal domesticity they have cultivated an image as down-to-earth beings.




– Naseeha Tayob

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Lucky Jacket


Image Credit: wikipedia

A throbbing headache from an empty stomach, I wake to the noise-polluted road across from the small, dark alley I’ve taken as a temporary home. I sit up from the spread out cardboard I lay last night and rest my back on the black bins which held together the leftovers of a small take out. The owner, Mr. Lucas, allows me to rummage through his bins. He says its charity. I say its free, thank you. Of all my uncertain years on the streets, this alley has been the greatest gift and I am most grateful for it. I smile my first smile for the day.

I know it is 7:30 am when a group of schoolgirls walk together passed my alley toward the bus stop. Each in a uniform, pristine looking. Wondering what it must be like to go to school and bag the mind with knowledge has been a habit since my days in this town. But they drift off once I reach the park. A walk passed the green and red set of swings, a slide down the long blue slide and the occasional kick of a soccer ball back to a group of boys I reach the public restrooms. With a splash of water on my face I manage to refresh myself despite being clothed in what used to be a crème corduroy pants and dark green sweater that seem to just fit. I could do with a size bigger but I can only dream. I head back to my alley for breakfast and see a visitor awaiting my arrival. A white dog with a black patch. I’ve named him patch for obvious reasons. I am not sure how we found each other or when our friendship started but it did and I like it. He comes to me everyday. We fill ourselves with half eaten burgers, cold drinks which have lost its fizz and fries which have hardened. Mr. Lucas saves for me the ice cream and waffles that sit-down customers push away complaining that they’re stuffed. I suspect it is these sweet things that are making my clothes smaller.

Patch and I take to the streets of small town Dotcomick. I notice a fellow streeter whom known since I arrived. He was asking an old lady to spare him some change. She looked like a nice lady but wasn’t really. She shouted at him for bothering her while shopping. I’ve never been inside any of these shops because my kind is often battered at. Old women are thought of as kindhearted people who would give a 7 year old a few silver coins for a loaf of bread. We both know now that even old women use vulgar language.

At midday I sat under an apple tree. Never in my uncertain years did I think I would find one. I picked all colors, all sizes. Small green ones, big red ones, bigger yellow, green and red ones. I took big bites, juice squirting out with each bite. I could hardly chew the mouthful. I picked more and collected them in a brown paper bag a couple threw away after finishing their bread stick and wine picnic.
I walked a lot today but not sure where I am exactly. My eyes are closing and my body is tired. When passing the shoe shop on the corner of the second block after my alley I couldn’t recognize any familiar sights. I reminded myself to get up and move on. I must make my way back to the alley before it gets too dark and even more unfamiliar. But my eyes are weak and I doze off in peaceful kip.

I dreamed of water. Strange because I haven’t seen the ocean before. I stood at the tip of a white boat, ready to plunge in. I took deep breathes, hearing voices telling me to jump, to jump into the water. My excitement built up intensely, getting into position, I took my last deep breath and held it and with one SPLASH!!! I was rudely awaken. A bunch of sweaty, big built boys laughing and mocking me after emptying a can of orange cold drink in my face. But as long as I’m on the streets I will remain a favorite toy to such people.
Patch barks aimlessly at a light pole while I gather the bag of apples and dust myself off of dry grass. The sun setting behind me while making my way back to my alley, a place I‘m craving now, all all the shops were closing, shopkeepers pulling shutters down, closing the eyes of their shops. The streets are quickly emptied of cars. Winter days at this time are cruel with icy air.
I notice more of my kind. Some in groups of three or four, others on their own, making fires and wrapping themselves in black plastic bags. I have to try this. You learn many things being on the street. I pick up anything wood and paper and cardboard to make my fire. I remembered the lighter in the pocket of a denim jacket I hid behind a pile of boxes at the alley. I promised myself to use it only on the coldest nights so tonight I’m getting lucky. I passed four blocks and finally see familiar sights. All the shops are closed and it’s very dark already. The streetlights around don’t work except one at the end of the block outside of the shoe shop. I run now, too eager to get into my haven. Patch and I parted ways at the streetlight that shone. I don’t know where he goes but he has direction in his eyes when he leaves.

I drop the apples in a corner and a few run out. I reached for the lighter immediately to start the fire. My alley can start getting warm while I rummage for dinner. With no luck of finding black plastic bags I wrap myself in a denim jacket I found just before I arrived in this town. It was hanging on a tree. I watched it sit there for a whole day and when no one claimed it by the time the sun set, I took ownership. I don’t take my shoes off, it’s too cold. Uncomfortable to sleep with but better than being bare.
I heard a child arguing with his mother for refusing to finish his chicken burger. It went in the bin and then in my body. It’s good, but cold. No sweet things from Mr. Lucas so I pick out an apple from my collection.
I cupped my hands in front of the fire and thought of what I saw in my sleep at the park. It was so beautiful. Exploring is my life on the streets. A game of luck. I look up to ask Him to guide me on my routes that I travel everyday, until my luck changes.

To my readers..
This was a shorty story I wrote 3 years ago when I attended a writing course. We were required to write anything in nothing under 1200 words. The lecturer told me the creative side of my brain is “quite something.” Still not sure what he meant.


– Naseeha Tayob

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APRIL 2015


MARCH 2015


It’s Not About Politics…

No matter where you live, there is a pretty good chance that at some point you have seen this image. It’s the face of a young girl with beautiful yet haunting eyes that captivated and challenged the world. Back in 1984 when the Afghans lived in constant fear of Soviet toys of death Steve McCurry found a pair of eyes as deep as the ocean. He captured thirteen-year old Sharbat Gula’s face with a red scarf draped over her head. Neither McCurry nor Gula knew that the photo of the then unidentified young girl would eventually become famous. This photograph later gave birth to what largely became known as “Afghan Girl.” Her piercing stare simply commanded attention when her face took the cover of National Geographic in 1985. Fame isn’t the sort of thing you can dwell on in a world with no peace so Gula pretty much forgot about it and went on with her life. Steve did too, and the rest of the world. Here’s a recap if your were around and a summary if you weren’t:


Image Credit: National Geographic

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated by two Sikh bodyguards.
Apple introduces the Macintosh personal computer with a graphical user interface.

The wreckage from the Titanic is found.
Oxford University refused to award Margaret Thatcher an honorary degree.
Largest diamond in the world weighed 755.5c, cut down to 545.67c and found in South Africa.

Nintendo introduces the hand-held Game Boy.
‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ is first broadcast nationally.

The world’s population hits 5 billion.
DNA is used in a criminal court case for the first time.
The Simpsons are introduced on The Tracey Ullman Show.

Table Tennis (Ping Pong) became an Olympic Sport.
CDs out-sold vinyl records for the first time.

The fall of the Berlin Wall.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became an overnight sensation.

Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 years as a political prisoner in South Africa.
The Hubble Space Telescope was launched.

South African parliament overturns apartheid laws.

Bill Clinton is elected president of the United States.
Prince Charles and Lady Diana separate. They divorce four years later.

I was born.
Nokia sends text messages between mobile phones.

South Africa holds first interracial, one-man-one-vote election, Mandela is elected president.
Football star O. J. Simpson is arrested for the killings of his wife and her friend Ronald Goldman.

O. J. Simpson is found not guilty of murdering his wife and friend.
Sony demonstrates a flat screen TV.

British consumers are frightened by an outbreak of Mad Cow Disease.

Bill Clinton is accused of having sex with Monica Lewinsky.
Google introduces their search engine to the Web.
Anti-impotence drug Viagra is introduced to the market.

World population reaches 6 billion.
Tobacco companies admit that their products harm smokers.

The world celebrates the turn of the millennium.
Sydney hosts the Olympic Games.

On September 11, terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York.
Apple’s iPod becomes the best selling MP3 player in the world.
Wikipedia is launched.

Apple introduces the iMac G4.
The dwarf planet Quaoar is discovered.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected as Governor of California.
Dan Brown releases his best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code.
MySpace is launched.

Facebook takes off.
Athens hosts the Olympic Games
Mars Exploration Rovers
Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami occurred off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Hurricane Katrina destroys much of the Gulf Coast, flooding New Orleans.
YouTube posts its first videos.
USB flash drives replace floppy disks.
Pope John Paul II dies at 84.

Twitter is launched.
Pluto is demoted to “dwarf planet” status.

Apple Computer released the “iPhone. In just over two months, 1 million iPhones were sold.
The seventh, and final, Harry Potter novel released.
Amazon releases the Kindle.

Wall Street experienced the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression.
O.J Simpson found guilty. Sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Barack Obama is sworn in as 44th president of the USA.
The tallest man-made structure in history is completed, Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

Apple debuts the iPad.
First FIFA World Cup held in South Africa.
Luis Suarez bites Otman Bakkal in a soccer match.
The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
London hosts the Olympic Games
Nintendo launches the Wii U
The world did not end.

Launch of the PS4 and Xbox One
Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95.
Paralympic Oscar Pistorius arrested over the fatal shooting of model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Brazil hosts the FIFA World Cup
The 100th anniversary of World War I
Malala Yousafzai co-received the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in British history
Top Gear ends a long road of great car talk.


Image Credit: National Geographic

It’s thirty years later and this timeline mentions very little of what has happened over the years. Everyone’s perceptions about life underwent a gradual, but solid, transformation. Even Gula’s. In 2002, 17 years later, McCurry met, in person, the same child of war, who is now a wife to Rahmat Gul and a mother to four daughters. The talented McCurry was sure to do a then and now of Gula. The young girl and her struggles and hardships in Afghanistan has become a symbol of strength and beauty. When I saw the second photograph it was difficult to see just how thirty years got lost somewhere between fighting for life and hoping for peace. The second photograph is evidence of the fact that Gula had succumbed to her life circumstances and proved that in the end life wins. But I truly believe that the tragedy that befalls people living in war-ravaged regions are the real winners of life. Every second for them is a gift, for others it’s a privilege

Recently I’ve been so overwhelmed at how time is flying. Some days faster than I’d ever thought possible. But the time I took writing this piece had me wondering about her, Gula. Where she is, what she’s doing, if she thinks about what her life could have been and if she even knew just how much the world has changed. I keep wondering strange things like if she’s ever seen or used a computer, eaten popcorn, watched the Titanic if she knew about the blockbuster, seen the iPhone 6 or an iPad, has she tried an oreo? Apparently, Gula hadn’t the slightest idea she made the cover of a magazine or the fact that her face is plastered all over the Internet.

With regard to time, the truth is we all are not living in the same world. Each and every single human being lives worlds apart from their neighbor. We all just flock on planet earth for the oxygen. The same sun that rises in South Africa rises in Afghanistan too yet, I feel time is moving ridiculously fast and Gula’s life of hardship seems to be taking forever. It’s the anticipation that slows down time. The sadness in those eyes no longer wait for something better. Time is undeniably reliable because time alone reveals all truth. There is an existence of another world in addition to the natural one. Time will take its course and no one can rush it along… Or slow it down.


– Naseeha Tayob

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Timing is Everything

Our minds carry with it a bag of memories. We have the pleasure of pulling them out any time we want and wander back to a time. The very idea of being able to physically travel back in time and experience life from the very first second is a dream and fantasy many people have had. And I am no exception to daydreaming about unordinary things. Such fantasies reflect a deeper yearning for doing something idealistic, but which is completely out of reach.

I would love to bounce around throughout history and see what life was really like experiencing tremendous social, artistic, and cultural dynamics. During my voyage back in time, I would spend my days getting acquainted with those monumental people who have had a major impact in the construction of history. In fact, since I’m dreaming, I would like to write my name in the history of the humankind. Every man wants to write his name in history. Although a small portion of them have that privilege. As a person who often travels too far into her own head and wishes to stay there my theory is simple: the endless imaginary possibilities offered by a world you have not experienced and a life you have not lived are no match for those same confining days of your own past.


Image Credit:

We would be different people if we had lived in another time. How could we ever be unhappy if we found ourselves standing amongst the greatest icons who have held their fists high shouting and screaming for what they hoped would be a better tomorrow to those who, today, take on stress by choosing the perfect filter for an Instagram post… of food!

I let myself imagine walking down unfamiliar avenues, alongside the people who aren’t products of the digital age. Nelson Mandela takes preference over all others. You see, Nelson and I share common ground, literally. We’re South African, and this makes me prouder than proud. Nelson Mandela was a fighter. Instead of bowing down to an unjust system of government, he became a lifelong warrior in the battle to free South Africa. But even while in prison Mr. Mandela continued to be a beacon of hope for his people, who carried on the struggle against Apartheid in his absence. Mandela, a man who’s spirit cannot be crushed, a man of great personal honor, strength, and integrity was always fighting for something greater than himself and that was the freedom of an entire nation. It is painful to imagine that this man, who radiated so much love, who espoused so many truths, could have spent so much of his life in prison. Nelson Mandela has always inspired me to think beyond myself, to think of people in the wider world as part of a common humanity.

I was born a year before the apartheid era ended so I didn’t have the chance to live through the struggle or witness the great change. Many would say it’s a good thing and that I’m lucky but the true desire to go back and help construct history stems from wanting to meet the greatest hero’s before they saved the day.


Image Credit:

I’d make a trip further back in time to a struggle less merciful and take a seat next to Anne Frank, the most famous victim of the German holocaust. Anne spent two years of her life living in an attic with two other families. Life became difficult for the Franks and other Jews of Holland. But of all the unfortunate events that occurred in those two years the one good and greatest thing was: the diary. For her thirteenth birthday Anne was given an autograph book which she used as a diary. It was her best friend. They stayed in the secret annexe for two years, unfounded. Anne wrote about their hellish ordeal, suffering from boredom, hunger and the ever present fear of discovery and death. Anne’s dream of becoming a famous writer came true, eventually, however not in the way she imagined.


Image Credit:

If I was stuck in that attic with Anne and the gang I would have been mentioned on every few pages depending on her likes of me. When I read the book “Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl” the desire I have to travel back to the past had grown even more. It would have been a great privilege to share a space and time with a young girl whose state of mind was filled with profound truths, whose soul desperately wanted peace for everyone and whose heart yearned for simple pleasures. Anne was just a young growing girl who was not given any room for growth and yet she experienced more than most of us ever will.

Going into future seems strange because there’s too much uncertainty. The desire to travel back, however, is a want of life re-lived with the knowledge of experience and imagined foresight. More than anything, this desire is nothing but a romance with my fantasy, and always will be.


Image Credit:


Would you go back in time? If so, when and where? Tweet me


– Naseeha Tayob

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The Short End

Do not read this if talks of dramatic height disparities among human beings send you diving into a pool of emotions.

In my ongoing quest to wipe out the oppression and unfairness wherever we imagine it to be, I have always wondered if the issue of “heightism” is actually an issue worth wiping out. Nobody, these days, would even think to criticize someone on grounds of race or creed or disability or sexual orientation, yet somehow why does it seems to be acceptable to comment on someone’s height, or rather, lack of it?

One of the best things about me is my name, Naseeha, of Arabic origin meaning Advice/Adviser, but my nickname has been “shorty/little one/tiny/short stack/kid” since before high school. I don’t have a middle name but I’ve always thought that having one is exceptionally cool. The family story is that in my youngest years, I was so short I could go straight under the kitchen table without bending and even left space between my head and the table.

A name is an extremely large part of who we are. It is what we use to identify ourselves to others as well as what others use in order to recognize us.

Nicknames, on the other hand, reflect how others see the person.


 Image Credit:

Nicknames are a weird phenomenon usually familiar and humorous given to a person as a supposedly appropriate replacement for or addition to the proper name; a substitute given to a person in fun, affection, and belittlement, usually descriptive. They are informal, usually easy to say, and a little lazy—as though uttering a person’s proper name takes too much effort. But there’s also a little more going on in our tendency to assign nicknames to ourselves and to others. A nickname, therefore takes this public acknowledgment of that with which we are familiar to another level. One damning nickname uttered by the class bully can follow a child well into young-adulthood. No matter how hard some people try, certain nicknames are just inescapable.

But if you dig deep enough it appears that you can find rhyme and reason behind the most ridiculous thing and it soon becomes the most popular catchphrase in a household, getting said on a daily basis. Like short-stack.

“How tall are you?” I get this question almost every time I walk out the door, mostly from curious strangers. First, full disclosure: I like being little. It is this feature that makes me so different. How tall I am, correlates closely with how confident I feel when surrounded by people taller than myself.  Size matters only where it is relative. It seems obvious because you can’t feel small when you are taller than everyone in the room, right? Wrong. We aren’t in the habit of recognizing how our sense of self in physical space shapes the way we think and forms part of our mental well being. It is not just our mind speaking to our body: it’s our body speaking to our mind.

It’s not that tall people feel superior, or more effective, or demand to be talked to with particular deference. It’s just how shorter people treat them. For a start, you literally have to look up to the taller person. And the taller person has to look down. Tall people get more space because they take more space. Maybe that reads across into their attitude to life.

If I were fat then exercise and dieting would be the answer while if I were ugly, I could rely on plastic surgery to reverse the savagery that nature had visited upon my visage. But since I am vertically challenged, there is currently no surgical resource for what is essentially a disability of attractiveness.

My theory: A nickname comes to stand for how we see ourselves (no kidding!).


 Image Credit:

Whilst the long-legged may go on effortlessly about their business – staring straight ahead, riding roller coasters and rocking short dresses with flats, we, the bite-sized of the human race, will still be coping with neck aches, getting rejected from theme parks and trying not to fall over in those 8-inch heels we invest in (ladies). I, and those just like me can only hope and pray that science will soon find a cure for the small fry among us. Keep hope alive, short people—there’s a light (which we probably can’t see).


– Naseeha Tayob

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SDL Alumni

What is the SDL Alumni Page?

One of the things we are extremely proud of here at Stuff Dudes Like is that we often serve as a springboard for young writers and newly launched podcasts as they bring their fresh ideas and talent to the Internet.  Over time, writers and podcasts will move on to other ventures or will find other avenues for their talents. This page exists to thank all of those who have contributed to the great content here at Stuff Dudes Like and to remind them that they will ALWAYS be a part of the SDL Family.

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While it’s been confirmed that Victor Victor is an actual person (though Victor Victor could still be a pen name), some of his claims – like being the inventor of the semicolon – have yet to be substantiated. He’s wanted for questioning in three countries, all for driving-related incidents and he’s rumored to be one of the photographers who caused Princess Di’s fatal crash. Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you just scrolled right past his editorials (we don’t read them either).


salSalvatore Morocco

They call me “The Main Event”! Whether its in a ring, at a poker table or here on Stuff Dudes Like… I’m the best you’ll ever see! I am a professional wrestler. I have just begun to make a name for myself around the wrestling world. Most notably defeating Zach Gowan and Gregory Iron in recent tag-team action. On top of being both a lifelong fan of wrestling and involved in the business, I have been involved in the music industry, the fashion world and the world of film making. These skills I’ve picked up give me added experience that I hope will translate into an enjoyable and informative reading experience. Join me for stories about the world of professional wrestling and the people in it.

TWITTER: @SalvatoreMorocc

mike2Mike Lerchenfeldt

Science and Informational Literacy Teacher in the Chippewa Valley Schools. Alum of Oakland University and Saginaw Valley State University. Member of the Michigan-Shiga, Japan Student Exchange Committee. Taught in New Zealand through a teacher exchange program. Dedicated to student success. Enjoys being an active member of the community. Blogger for Digital First Media writing mainly about education, health, and travel.

TWITTER: @mj_lerch

jasonJason Smith

Hey readers of Stuff Dudes Like! My name is Jason Smith. I am a stand-up comedian from Albany, NY. I have been doing the standing up and telling jokes since 2008. I have performed all over the northeast, the entire east coast and Los Angeles. I’ve opened for big name comics, like Doug Stanhope. I have stories to tell. I also have a passion for professional wrestling, beer, video games and other things that I’m sure make you go “Oh, I can relate to this Jason Smith guy!” Please come along with me, as I write about those things. Also, follow me on Twitter, where I occasionally say things that make people chuckle.

TWITTER: @ComedianJasonS

chris mChris Monroe

Being a first time Dad to a 16-month old doesn’t lend to much time for writing. On the contrary it does offer a plethora of stories, memories and moments to write about and share. As any dad would know the stories of diaper accidents and spitting up food are abundant and I will try to spare you the gross details. However, from time to time I would like to stop by and share with you dudes some random fun stories that parenthood and life have brought along the way.

TWITTER: @turtle868

holtRobert Holt

Robert Holt is a St. Louis native and has been writing horror fiction for years. He has short stories published in dozens of anthologies and on the web. His first novel, Death’s Disciples, was released in the summer of 2014. His second book was a 360 degree turn from the splatterpunk style of the first. The Vegetarian Werewolf was a toddler horror anthology for the 4 to 7 age range. He has also started assisting with the production of a documentary film about the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark children’s book series. He is a boxing enthusiast, a dedicated hiker, a beer aficionado, and a beard wearing hipster.

TWITTER: @HoltHorror

headshots, kids, portraits childrenMatt Walker

Matt Walker is a Los Angelesean Floridian with an opinion. If you need hard-hitting time devouring op-eds that concern YOU, Matt will provide them. Call him an intellectual or a savant, he won’t know the difference.

Matt has been called writer, artist, musician, improviser, failure, and disappointment.

The proof’s in the links:

TWITTER: @mattwindwalker

thumbChristian Chandler

Christian Chandler is from the great state of South Carolina. Chris has worked on newspaper staffs, radio broadcasting sports and country music, management, counseling, political involvement and much, much more. If it’s interesting he likes it and wants in. His writing covers a number of topics. You might read about sports, social and political issues, health and nutrition issues, and basically whatever his creative mind comes up with. There are so many layers to Chris even he might not find them all before his life ends. He passionately loves his wife. Has a great attraction to Christianity and Eastern Religions. Particularly the psychology of the east to give some answers to our out of control society that seems to thrive on hate and a “us” verse “them” mentality. If you want to read the same old stuff that has been written a million times or just read stuff that is “preaching to the choir” because it enforces your strongly held beliefs that you just aren’t willing to have challenged, Christian Chandler may not be your guy.

TWITTER: @AuthorChrisC

ryan bRyan Bailey

The name is Ryan Bailey and the town is Buffalo NY. I ‘m a graduate from the (not so) famous Cheektowaga NY school known as Cleveland Hill. When it comes to my social life, I’m the 19 year old fat, funny, and deaf kid that everyone loves… I think. When it comes to sports I’m a fan of every sport, even cricket. I just don’t know the rules but who needs rules! I play baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and soccer all recreationally though. I’m an avid fantasy sport player who has yet to win money. It reminds me of  last 15 years of my favorite team the Buffalo Bills (mark my words, I am guaranteeing the Bills make the playoffs in 2015!). When it comes to my favorite teams you can say I got a weird bunch. For football I enjoy the losing talents of Buffalo and Cleveland. When it comes to baseball it’s all about the Yankees and Indians. In hockey I’m fans of the Sabres and Blue Jackets. Basketball, the Celtics (yes I know it makes no sense) and the Cavs. Also I’m a Bandits season ticket holder. “What’s he got?? Nothing!!”. I’ll leave you with this all you need to know about me… I love sports, I love my family, I love beer, and I love deaf people.

TWITTER: @R_Bailey11

 NaseehaNaseeha Tayob

Small talk with a big mouth.

TWITTER: @naseehatayob

jeffJeff Bauer

I am originally from St. Cloud MN, and I currently reside in Wisconsin. Life is tough being a Vikings fan in Wisconsin. I am an avid player of Fantasy Sports and have been quite successful I have played since 1989. I am a big movie buff along with being a video game geek. I am also the official Fantasy Football Guru for Izzy Presley’s Another F’N Podcast!

TWITTER: @jbauer36

sunshineSunshine Peterman

Sunshine. Real name. Born of hippies. I was taken to a nudist camp as I a kid but regrettably, blocked it out. I’m the single mom to ten “children” ages, 20,18,18,17,17,16,15,15,13 and 2. Five daughters and five sons. 5 bio and 5 adopted from foster care. I was a foster kid as a teen therein my mission. I blog about adoption awareness, foster care reform and living with a houseful of hormones. I’m a hippie at heart and believe in the power of humanity, and personal enlightenment. I’m a quote, diet coke and Doritos addict. I believe there’s profound good inherently in people & power in words, together that’s unstoppable.

TWITTER: @momsterof10

wordsmithSamuel Wordsmith

Samuel Wordsmith is a semi-consistent writer and a frequent, part time optimist. Much of his day is spent wishing he was a guinea pig, writing scripts and shouting, via Twitter, at inspirational quotes.

See you in the afterlife atheists.

TWITTER: @SamuelWordsmith

ronRon Palmieri

I run the pop-culture website It’s Cool To Me, Dammit! where I write articles, draw web comics and make videos all about comics, video games, super hero movies and lot’s more. Want to debate Marvel vs. DC? I’ll tell you why Marvel rocks and why you’re wrong. When I’m not blogging, I like food. All kinds of food. Good food, bad food. Making food and dissecting food all to make sure I get the perfect bite! And the best part is washing it all down with a delicious craft beer. My hope is to write some things that all the dudes (and dude-ettes too) like!

TWITTER: @ronofthemill

CLAYClay Thiessen

Hey guys, my name is Clay. And here’s a few things about myself.. Sagittarius, outdoorsman, musician, style snob, loner, recovered addict, boot hoarder, classic rock enthusiast, chairbourne warrior, weekend drinker, cigar lover, I prefer cats over dogs, pizza is the preference, small town kid and I would do anything for my friends and family. I’ve been asked to describe myself in 3 words, and my response, “Fast, Easy, Free”. Live fast, be easy and never take freedom for granted.

TWITTER: @ClayTheGringo

robertRobert Leigh

After bartending his way around Spain and the West End of London, Robert Leigh returned to his home city of Liverpool and began writing. Leigh’s works include Kill Line (Book One of The Retribution Trilogy) and From Lime Street to Yirgacheffe (a true story, of sorts…). He lives in Liverpool City Centre and continues to write in numerous genres.

TWITTER: @RLeigh78

joshJosh King

A publicity stunt in high school lead me to appearing on national television at the youthful age of 17. After appearing on ESPN’s Outside the Lines in 2005, I was able to get into mainstream media. I’ve been published in both the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune Review. I’ve been transitioning into radio in the Pittsburgh area. I’ve lived in Chicago, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, and even had a brief tenure in Minnesota. I look forward to contributing celebrity interviews and random columns for Stuff Dudes Like.

TWITTER: @joshk65

micheleMichele Jones

Family, writing, cooking, and sports are passions for Michele Jones. She is a diehard Penguin, Steeler, and Pirate fan… really, a diehard anything-Pittsburgh fan. Michele is a published memoir writer, short story author, and poet, but she loves writing paranormal, horror, and thriller fiction. She moderates a local writing group in her hometown and critiques and beta reads for several published authors.

TWITTER: @Chelepie

chillChillbear Latrigue

I’m one of the about 150 million writers who were created when our barely literate society learned that we no longer had to use typewriters to sputter out our readable thoughts. Raised on the mean streets of South Florida during the turbulent Art Deco revival, I’ve developed a reputation as a literary ne’er-do-well who plays by his own set of rules. I’ve been an author and editor on several formidable blogs, including and the late, great Look out, Stuff Dudes Like, this writer is likely to completely redefine how you feel about things like macramé pistol grips and the “beer before liquor” rule.

TWITTER: @Chillbear

laura Laura Elizabeth Anderson

Resident goofball, silly goose, love naps, dinosaurs, & science!

TWITTER: @dinosaurs907

joseJose Luna

Dudes… My name is Jose Luna. I’m a lifelong long video game and tech junkie and newest writer for SDL. Im looking forward to contributing gaming news and reviews to the site, and playing games with the SDL community.

TWITTER: @sohkseven

michaelMichael Carroll

Hello, my name is Michael Carroll. I am a part time mental health and human services worker, and I am also a part time chaplain. I am a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran, and I was deployed to the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of Operation Joint Forge. I attended Indiana State University, where I double majored in Professional Aviation and Aerospace Administration. I then attended Ball State University, where I studied Meteorology. I am Catholic, and my faith is very important to me. My interests include music, sports, history and astronomy, and if you couldn’t already tell, I also love anything to do with Meteorology and Aviation. My favorite sports are hockey, football and baseball. At the moment, I am writing two books. One is a parody of romance novels. The other is my memoirs.

I currently live in Warsaw, Indiana with my fiance and our two dogs. I am living with and overcoming Serious Mental Illness, as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury. I hope you find my contributions to this site to be enjoyable and inspirational.

TWITTER: @CatholicArmyVet

rickyRicky James Crisp Jr

My name is Ricky James Crisp Jr. I grew up on the Left Coast in Auburn, WA. In 2004 I got my AAS Degree in Radio Broadcasting at Brown College in Mendota Heights, MN. Sept. 2001 I moved from Seattle, WA to Scottsdale, AZ. I’m a Die Hard Chicago Bears and Arizona Wildcats Basketball fan, and a huge Football, UFC, Basketball fan. As a hobby/side job I DJ and and make beats/remixes and mashups. My DJ site is and you can follow me on Twitter or FaceBook.

TWITTER: @DJRickochet714


cagleThe Cagle and Cory Show 

The Cagle and Cory Show is comprised of two people, Dylan Cagle and Cory Bowlin. The duo plans on making podcasting a career in the future.

TWITTER: @cagleandcory

jk2The old WZ and JK show

You can take the boys out of Scottdale, but you can’t take the Scottdale out of the boys.
WZ and JK have been friends since they graduated high school. What started off with little pranks around town, escalated quickly when they found jobs making them wealthy kids before the age of 21.
The money was a surprise to both of them as they endured financial struggles during the year of 2007. The newfound money would help the two go on the ride of a lifetime. From Maui to Puerto Rico they will tell tales of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Literally. Add in massage parlors, gambling, and guns and the story just begins.
From traveling to Canada without birth certificates with guns in the trunk, to screaming at millionaire bosses in Maui (WZ 2009, JK 2010 in Puerto Rico) this show is dedicated to telling the behind the scenes of what happened at CPU Pittsburgh.
Trib Total Media built their empire then spit WZ and JK out at 24.
Now, 3 years later these two aren’t holding back.
This show will be sure to be a laugh riot. Starring Walter Zimmerman the funniest guy that isn’t famous…well…yet. A Josh Mirage production.

TWITTER: @joshk65