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Great Bobboo’s Way Too Early WR Ratings


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The NFL is a passing league and in Fantasy Football it is no different. In the past my strategy has always been get my running backs first and go from there, but going forward I think a great strategy is making sure you get a stud wr, because running backs are so hard to predict. Just look at CJ Anderson, Justin Forsett, and Jeremy Hill all were undrafted, but most Wide Receivers are no surprises they are the best offensive players and most valuable next to the QB. Here are my top twenty Wide Receivers you need to draft this year.

  1. Antonio Brown- This to me is a no brainer, look at Brown’s numbers from last year. 1600 yards receiving, 122 catches, and 10 touchdowns. Brown is the go to receiver in his offense, and he boasts excellent route running skills along with great hands and elite speed, and he has not been hurt at all for the last three years. Brown is an easy pick and if you can’t get one of the top Running Backs in your draft he is a great draft pick.
  2. Dez Bryant- Dez is a beast and plays a close 2nd to Brown. Bryant is probably the most physical Wide Receiver in football and is a matchup nightmare, just ask Richard Sherman, and yes Packer fans that was a fucking catch!!! Last year Bryant had 88 catches with 16 tds, and that is with an offense that had Demarco Murray last year. Look for Romo to pass more this year which will lead to great numbers for Bryant.
  3. Julio Jones- Next to Dez Bryant this guy is probably the most physically talented receiver in the NFL. The only knock on him is staying healthy. Last year Jones only missed one game and had over 1500 yards receiving. He only had 6 tds, but that will not happen again. Roddy White is on the downside of his career so expect a big year from Julio Jones. He is also in a contract year which will help.
  4. Odell Beckham Jr.- If you had this guy on your team last year you probably won your league or at least came close. Last year in not playing in the first four games he still amassed 91 catches with 12 tds. This guy is an absolute beast and I believe he will have a huge year. Remember, Eli Manning is in a contract year and they will be passing the ball a lot. Look for even better numbers for Beckham I see 1500 yards and 13 tds.
  5. Demaryius Thomas- For the last three years no wide receiver has been more consistent than Thomas. He has averaged 1500 yards receiving and amassed 35 tds in that time. Those are amazing numbers, however Thomas is one guy I am not as high on as I have been in the past. Feel safe that he will put up good numbers as long as noodle arm Manning is still the QB, but I believe teams will be scheming better for Manning and the loss of Julius Thomas will actually hurt his value and will see plenty of coverages rolling his way all year long. Look for good numbers from Thomas but a reduction from what we have seen in the past.
  6. Jordy Fucking Nelson- I mean who seriously names their kid Jordy? This is one player I absolutely hate as Packer fans are so delusional thinking he is the best receiver in football. However in fantasy he is one of the top wide receivers. Last year he had over 1500 yards and 13 tds, but I am a little down on Jordy this year as I believe Lacy will be utilized more in the run game which will allow for less touches for Jordy. I believe the better value on this team is Randall Cobb. On the bright side the Packers don’t play Seattle this year so you won’t see Jordy up against Sherman. Oh I am sorry Sherman wasn’t on him because they refused to line up Nelson against him.
  7. Calvin Johnson- Johnson missed three games last year, and was hurt for a handful of others. However, I feel Johnson will have a rebound year as he is still the best receiver in football. You will see a different offense out of Detroit this year and look for a much better year out of Johnson this season.
  8. AJ Green- like Johnson AJ was hurt for a big part of the year, and had his worst year in fantasy. Don’t let hinder you from drafting him this year. Pencil in Green for 90 Catches and double digits in tds this year.
  9. Randall Cobb- Cobb is in my opinion the best and most valuable receiver in Green Bay. In the offseason Green Bay signed him to a big contract so look for big things out of Cobb. A lot of defenses will try to shut down Nelson and his big play ability, and Cobb working out of the slot will have better numbers and more value than Nelson.
  10. Alshon Jeffery- Alshon set a career high last year with 10 tds and with Brandon Marshall out of town look for him to shoulder more of the load on offense. New Offensive coordinator Adam Gase loves to utilize big receivers so I look for Jeffery to have a good year. The only downside I see is he has Jay Fucking Cutler as his quarterback. If he played for an actual decent quarterback he would be a top 5 pick.
  11. T.Y. Hilton- Hilton is the best receiver on what I think will be the best offense in football this year. The only thing that doesn’t have me rating him higher is the addition to Andre Johnson to the offense. They now have quite a few weapons on their team so Luck has a lot of places he can go with the ball. Look for good numbers from Hilton, but not great.
  12. Brandin Cooks- This guy is one of my sleeper picks. He started off last year great but then got hurt. Cooks has great hands and speed and with Kenny Stills and Jimmy Graham gone he will be the focal point in the New Orleans offense going forward. Last year when Brandin Cooks was targeted he caught the ball 85% of the time which is amazing. If you are in a PPR league this guy is a top 10 talent.
  13. Mike Evans- This guy is an absolute beast. Last year with Mike Glennon throwing him the ball he had over 1,000 yards and 12 tds. This year he gets the best crab stealer in the south and they will be passing the ball a lot. Don’t be afraid of Winston being a rookie qb he will throw a lot of interceptions, but he will throw the ball to Evans a lot.
  14. Emmanuel Sanders- I had this guy on my team last year and he was great. Sanders is an excellent route runner and pass catcher. With Julius Thomas gone expect the ball to go to Sanders a lot with Thomas being constantly double teamed. If you are in PPR league Sanders is also a top 10 talent.
  15. DeAndre Hopkins- Despite not having a decent qb Hopkins put up very respectable numbers last year. He caught 76 balls with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball. Look for Hoyer to eventually get this job which will help Hopkins you can look for around 85 catches with 10 tds for Hopkins. He is a definitely a rising star in this league.
  16. Kelvin Benjamin- Even though he led the league in dropped balls, Kelvin had an excellent season. I look for an even better year for Benjamin. He is going to catch more balls, and with the Carolina offense should be much improved with the addition of Devin Funchess. They will be without a doubt the tallest receiving duo in the league and Cam Newton will continue to grow as a qb.
  17. Jordan Matthews- Matthew is another one of my sleeper picks. He had a very good rookie season, but the reason I am high on him is that he will be the main passing option in their offense. Maclin is gone to KC and look for Matthews to fill in a role that Maclin had. I look for 1200 yards receiving and 10 TDS. His numbers may even increase if Bradford is healthy. If Tebow is the QB don’t draft any fucking Eagles. I mean if he is the starter you are better off drafting Harold Carmichael.
  18. Julian Edelman- Edelman is the best receiver other than Gronk in New England, and he is Brady’s go to wr. If you are in a PPR league Edelman is a top 10 wr as he gets a lot of touches. Even with Brady’s suspension count on Edelman being a very productive wr this year.
  19. Brandon Marshall- I wanted to put Marshall up higher, because when he is healthy he is one of the best WR in football, but his qb is Geno Smith. Even though the QB play is brutal in NY I do believe he will have a solid season and be out to try to prove to everyone he can still play.
  20. Amari Cooper- He is another one of my sleepers who I think will have a great rookie campaign. Oakland is starting to shape into a very good young team, and I think Derek Carr is the real deal at QB. Cooper is the most NFL ready of any of the rookie WR as he played professional ball for Alabama last year! Cooper is an excellent route runner and has great speed, and he will not shy away from the spotlight. He will be the go to guy in the Oakland offense.


– Jeff Bauer

TWITTER: @jbauer36


MAY 2015


MAY 2015

Great Bobboo’s Way Too Early RB Ratings

The running back position in not only the most important it is also the most consistent. If you have a stud running back they can carry you into the playoffs and win the championship just ask the owners who had Demarco Murray and C.J. Anderson. The problem is the running back position is also the most injured so you need to be careful when drafting to make sure you make the most bang for your buck. Here are my top 20 players going into the year.


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1. Adrian Peterson- At first I was apprehensive about him this high with him sitting out a whole year, however I had to “switch” my thinking. Get it Switch? Ok enough with the jokes. Peterson is going to run pissed off all year, and the Vikings are going to lean on him heavily. Peterson was at the top of his game before his suspension and a year off gave him time to rest his body. Look for over 1500 yards rushing and 13 TD’s from Peterson.

2. Le’Veon Bell- I know what you are thinking this is the same guy that was suspended for the beginning of the season, but even with the suspension this guy is the 2nd best running back on my board. Not only did he have 1,3861 rushing yards and 8 td’s he also had 83 receptions with over 800 yards and 8 td’s, basically this guy will get you a lot of points every week, and if you are in PPR league he is definitely worth the #1 pick. Bell is a great pick and will actually be healthier when it comes playoff time with not playing the first few weeks, remember you don’t win the championship in the first few weeks.

3. Eddie Lacy- I would have Lacy higher up on the list if he did not seem to have concussion issues, however you can expect a great year from Lacy. Whenever I watch Packer games and trust me it’s too much, Lacy pops out of the screen and it’s not just because he is a fat ass. Eddie Lacy is a bruising back who is also a great receiver out of the backfield. Luckily Lacy plays on the best offense in football so defenses play to stop Rodgers which leaves huge holes for Lacy to run through. I look for Green Bay to pass less this year which will allow Lacy to have an even greater season than he did last year.

4. Jamal Charles- Charles is also a great dual threat. He struggled last year with injuries, but when he played he put up quality starts, and with an improved offensive line this year in KC and I think Alex Smith may actually throw a TD to a receiver this year, I believe Charles is in a for a big year. Make sure with Charles you draft Knile Davis for his handcuff.

5. Arian Foster- Injuries started to catch up do Arian the last few years he missed three games last year, but posted the best yards after contact in his career at 2.2, and the Texans boast one of the best offensive lines in football so Foster is a pretty easy pick here. If he stays healthy he will be one of the top scoring running backs in fantasy this year.

6. Marshawn Lynch- This will be the last year that Lynch will be fantasy viable in my opinion. However, Seattle will still be a run first option and Lynch is their bell cow. With Lynch you will be guaranteed yards and rushing tds, as he is not a great option in PPR leagues. Wilson will vulture some goal line tds from Lynch but he is still a solid RB for your team. Don’t get too cute with your pics as Lynch accounted for 17 TD’s last year.

7. Matt Forte- Forte continues to be one of the best backs in fantasy, but this year although he is still worth having on your team I think his numbers will start to dwindle. John Fox is the coach now in Chicago and he will be employing a more run first offense in Chicago, and that is not where Forte’s strength is, under Marc Trestman, Forte was another receiver on the field. With Fox he will be running the ball more, and receiving it less which in my opinion is his strength. Forte will still put up numbers just not what he has done in the past. He is still a high pick, but I have seen people taking him high in the first round which I don’t recommend.

8. C.J. Anderson- Now is when the RB position starts to get really interesting. If you took a WR or QB with your first pick chances are these next few players will be available and you don’t want to miss on these guys. Anderson almost single handedly won me a fantasy championship last year. With Manning injured last year Anderson became an absolute beast. The Broncos went into the year with Montee Ball and he got injured and Anderson just took over. With Gary Kubiak coming into town and running his zone blocking scheme I look for a huge year from Anderson. During the last 8 games of the year last year no fantasy player scored more points than Anderson, and with a healthy Manning look for another huge year. Make sure if you draft Anderson you also draft Ball as a handcuff. These are my early rankings but if he is the starter out of training camp he is a top 3 pick.

9. Jeremy Hill- Much like Anderson, Hill also came out of nowhere to be a fantasy stud last year. Going into the year Gio Bernard was a high pick in most fantasy leagues, but he actually regressed especially in the passing game which led to the emergence of Hill. Hill averaged 5.1 yards per carry, but when he touched the ball more than 15 times a game it jumped up to 5.6. I look for Hill to be the featured back in Cincy and look for the Bengals to lean on him heavily. He is definitely worth a high pick, but I can stress enough handcuffing him with Bernard.

10. Demarco Murray- I wanted to put Murray up higher but with the Eagles cutting Evan Mathis one of the best guards in the league I wonder if that will cut into his production. Everyone talks about how Murray is leaving a great offensive line in Dallas and he was, but Philly’s run blocking actually rated higher than Dallas last year. I believe Murray will have a solid year, but what scares me is Ryan Matthews and how much he will be used. It will be interesting to pay attention in training camp to see how the backfield works, but Murray is definitely worth a second round pick and could carry your team again.

11. Melvin Gordon- I think Gordon will be the most impactful rookie this year in fantasy. Although I believe Gurley is a better back he won’t be playing as much with the injured knee. Gordon goes to a team that needs a running back, and he will be their workhorse back. In PPR leagues I would drop Gordon down a few spots, but in traditional leagues you can feel safe with Gordon.

12. LeSean McCoy- I was torn on this selection as I like McCoy, I just don’t like the situation he is in. Buffalo’s QB situation is the worse in the league, and NO bringing in Matt Cassel will not help. He is easily one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. This presents a problem for McCoy as he will be facing fronts designed to stop him, however I do believe McCoy will get a ton of carries and opportunities so he will have a better year than last year. If you are looking at McCoy in PPR he moves up a few spots as he is a great receiver out of the backfield.

13. Mark Ingram- Many people have C.J. Spiller as a sleeper pick this year, but I really like Ingram. The Saints are going to be a more run offense than they have ever been under Sean Payton, and I look for Ingram to have a big year. Keep in mind in PPR leagues I would have CJ Spiller ranked higher than Ingram, but in traditional leagues look for Ingram to be the best back. He is not a great receiver out of the backfield, but he will be their goal line back and will get the majority of the carries as Spiller is not durable at all. Look for 10 plus TD’s out of Ingram this year.

14. Justin Forsett- Forsett came out of nowhere to be one of the better backs in football last year. Forsett is the main option for a team that is a run heavy team. Forsett is not a sexy pic, but hey he doesn’t beat the shit out of his wife in a casino elevator either. Forsett is also a capable receiver out of the backfield with 44 catches last year. Forsett will make a solid RB2 on any roster.

15. Jonathan Stewart- For most of his career Stewart has shared the backfield with DeAngelo Williams, but with Williams off to Pittsburgh look for a big year from Stewart. Last year in the last five games the only running back that had more rushing yards than Stewart was Demarco Murray. With Williams gone look for Stewart to touch the ball a lot more and be a very productive running back.

16. Alfred Morris- Morris is not a flashy running back, but he is a great pick. Washington will run the ball a lot especially with RG3 as their starter. Morris won’t get you spectacular numbers, but look for 1,000 rushing yards and around 10 TD’s for Morris.

17. Carlos Hyde- with Frank Gore leaving for the Colts it leaves the job to Hyde. Hyde didn’t do much in his rookie season but he didn’t get a lot of opportunities with Gore being the main back. The 49ers are going to go to a more run friendly offense, as Kap has trouble completing passes past five yards, so I look for around 1000 yards and 10 TD’s from Hyde.

18. Frank Gore- For being 100 years old Gore is still very productive, and he is going to one of the best offenses in football. Gore will have a very productive season and will be on the field a lot in passing situations where he can be very dangerous. His numbers might not be as good as recent years, but will still be a very viable fantasy option.

19. Lamar Miller- I look for the Dolphins to be one of the more improved teams this year, and Miller will be a big part of that. Miller is their #1 back going into the year. Miller has breakaway speed and is also a good receiver out of the backfield. Miller has durability issues so make sure you have someone to back him up. Tannenhill’s ascension into a quality quarterback will also help with Miller’s numbers.

20. Todd Gurley- I like to take big risks in fantasy and this is one of them. Gurley is still in rehab for his knee so you want to take Tre Mason as a handcuff, but Gurley is a beast and when he plays he will be spectacular. He has Adrian Peterson type skills. Gurley is a must have in keeper leagues. Gurley’s big payoff would be towards the end of the season.


– Jeff Bauer

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Way too early QB Rankings

Quarterback is the most important position on the football field even if the Buffalo Bills don’t seem to think so, and in fantasy football it is no different. This year is different than most as the drop off after the first two is huge. Keep in mind these ratings will change, but here are my initial QB rankings heading into the season.


1. Andrew Luck- If you read my bold predictions article you saw me raving about Luck. This guy single handedly carried my team last year. He is in my opinion the only quarterback that is worth a 1st round pick. This year the Colts offense is loaded with the additions of Frank Gore, and Andre Johnson, and along with young talents T.Y. Hilton and Daniel Herron this team will put up points. What separates Luck from Aaron Rodgers is his health, with Rodgers you can look at losing at least 1-2 games a year which in fantasy is a huge deal.

2. Aaron Rodgers- On paper Rodgers is the best quarterback in football, but in fantasy Luck is a better option, but not by much. Rodgers is a Packer so I genuinely hate him, but with Aaron Rodgers you are going to get a QB who will pass for a lot of yards, very few interceptions, plenty of touchdowns, and run the ball some. However, Rodgers is no spring chicken anymore, and their offensive line is not great to say the least so Rodgers will get sacked a bunch. I see Rodgers having a great season, but I also see him missing time this year and that could kill your fantasy season.

3. Peyton Manning- I was afraid to put Manning this high, but he is still much better than the rest of the players on the last. Peyton Manning struggled through the end of last year, and we found out at the end of the year that he was battling injuries. One thing to remember is even though last year ended badly Manning still threw for 39 TD and 15 INT. So draft Manning knowing those numbers will dip a bit this year, but he is still a capable QB.

4. Russell Wilson- Many draft boards I see have him at number 3, and initially I thought it was too high then I took a look at Wilson’s numbers from last year. His 20 Touchdowns don’t scream out at you, but his 849 rushing yards and 6 TD’s do. Add to the fact they get an elite TE in Jimmy Graham and Wilson is in a contract year he is a no brainer this high. Look for him to have a very good year.

5. Matt Ryan- Once the top 3 QB’s are off the board it leaves a lot of questions at QB. Ryan is a QB that I know will throw for a lot of yards and TD’s regardless of how his team is doing. Ryan has one of the best WR’s in the league on his team in Julio Jones, and a fading but still competent one in Roddy White. Look for Ryan to throw over 4500 yards and 30 TD’s he is a safe pick.

6. Drew Brees- This is the lowest Drew Brees has be rated since he has been with the Saints. Although Brees is still a proficient passer losing Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills hurts his draft value. The Saints are starting to go to a more ball control offense as their defense can’t handle the up and down pace and the Saints aren’t scoring like they did in the past. Feel confident in Brees, but don’t expect huge numbers this year.

7. Tony Romo- Romo is your ultimate feast or famine QB, he will either put up huge numbers or will be non-existent. My only worry with Romo is health, he has a bad back and you will see him sit at least 2 games during the year maybe more. Even with the back though you can feel confident Romo will put up points especially with an offense that is loaded and will score points. The loss of Demarco Murray will actually help Romo as he will need to pass more.

8. Matthew Stafford- Stafford is one of the guys if you can’t get the top 2 QB’s I would wait and draft this guy. Stafford has a rocket for an arm and he has great receivers in Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson with emerging TE Eric Ebron. Stafford did not have a great year last year, but I look for a bounce back year from Stafford. Look for a big season from Stafford.

9. Cam Newton- Here is another one of my sleeper picks. Cam Newton wasn’t healthy at all last year and it showed. With Cam Newton eating all that Oikos Greek Yogurt he is back to healthy form and should have a great year with all that money he is getting paid after his big contract. Carolina used to be a run oriented team, and that has changed a lot with the emergence of Rookie Stud Kelvin Benjamin and he has one of the best TE’s in the game in Greg Olsen his passing numbers will improve. What makes Cam such a great pick is his ability to run the ball, and don’t hesitate drafting him this year.

10. Tim Tebow- I just put this in here to make sure you are still reading this. Tim Tebow sucks and I mean really sucks. Word out of Philadelphia is people have seen him throw and he still can’t, which is important for a QB right? Chances are some tool at your draft will draft him thinking Philly will use him in a unique way, they won’t and anyone who drafts this idiot should be banned from fantasy.

11. Ben Roethlisberger- Big Ben had a great year last year and it always helps when you have one of the best receivers in the league in Antonio Brown. Last year he throw for almost 5,000 yards and 32 TD’s with only 9 Int. I don’t think he will have as good as year as last year, but he is still a top 10 QB.

12. Tom Brady- For being the Super Bowl MVP it has been a rough off season for Brady. However, right now his suspension is at 4 games, but I don’t see that staying I see at the most a 2 game suspension when everything is done. With that being said he is still a viable option in Fantasy. Remember last year he threw for 33 TD and only 9 INT with over 4,000 yards passing. If you don’t happen to get one of the top QB’s early this year Brady is still a very good QB in fantasy.

13. Ryan Tannehill- It is time for him to live up to his big contract. Miami did a huge overhaul with the offense and Tannehill should have plenty of new weapons to use. They drafted 1st round pick DaVonte Parker, picked up TE Jordan Cameron along with Greg Jennings and the underrated Kenny Stills. Miami also boasts one of the best defenses in football which means they will have plenty of time on offense, look for Tannehill to throw at least 30 TD and 4000 Yards.

14. Teddy Bridgewater- Teddy had a great rookie season, and much of that was without Adrian Peterson in the backfield. He will have a full offseason as the starter and he will be much improved. This Vikings team with have plenty of firepower with Adrian Peterson, a healthy Kyle Rudolph, Speed Burner Mike Wallace, Charles Johnson, and hopefully a healthy Matt Khalil will actually block this year. I look for this team to put up a lot of points (can’t you tell I am Vikings fan?).

15. Eli Manning- I debated about putting Eli up higher as he had a very productive year last year, and he is in a contract year this year so I see similar numbers. New Giants OC and QB guru Ben McAdoo did a great job with Manning and this will be their second year together. It also helps when you are throwing to one of the best receivers in Odell Beckham Jr.

16. Philip Rivers- There was talk all offseason with Rivers being traded, but fortunately for the Chargers it never happened. They were a playoff team last year and look to be impressive once again. They drafted 1st round stud Melvin Gordon who will take some of the pressure off of River’s and make their offense more balanced. I look for Rivers to put up similar numbers from last year and be a consistent Fantasy player.

17. Sam Bradford- He is another one of my sleeper picks this year. I would have him higher, but his health is always an issue. However, Bradford is a great fit for Chip Kelly’s high octane offense in Philly. Bradford is a very accurate QB who now has actual weapons to throw the ball to, and he will thrive in this system as long he can stay healthy which is a big question mark. Take a chance on Bradford and you will be rewarded. Look what Kelly did for Nick Foles and Bradford is a far superior QB.

18. Colin Kapernick- I debated about even putting Kap on this list as he almost single handedly destroyed my fantasy team last year. I think Harbaugh leaving and Kap going back to a more aggressive running style will make him a good player in Fantasy going forward. Kap has good weapons around him in San Francisco this year, they have a good deep threat in Torrey Smith, and TE Vernon Davis should have a bounce back year. This is Kap’s team now if he runs the ball more he will definitely be worth drafting.

19. Carson Palmer- Before he got hurt Palmer was putting up one of the better seasons of any fantasy QB’s. The Cardinals still have one of the best receiving corps in football with Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, and speedster John Brown. These receivers are perfect for Palmer and it will be interesting to see how Palmer’s knee holds up.

20. Andy Dalton- Dalton is the highest rated Ginger on this list and that should could for something. Dalton is actually a very competent QB it’s just the playoffs where he turns to shit. Dalton has a lot of weapons on this team and one of the best offensive lines in football. As long as AJ Green is healthy, and with the emergence of 2nd year TE Tyler Eifert look for Dalton to have a bounce back year.


– Jeff Bauer

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APRIL 2015


MARCH 2015


Bold Predictions


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The NFL draft is over, and it is officially time to start thinking about the Fantasy Football season. This has been an interesting offseason to say the least. This was going to start as an article about Deflate Gate, but that story is so overdone and stupid. Tom Brady should not be suspended 4 games, and they are overstating the importance of PSI in a football. He is more comfortable throwing the ball that way; Aaron Rodgers even stated he likes his balls over inflated (insert Clay Matthews joke here). The only reason he is being suspended is he lied and hid information from the NFL not because he is cheating, but I will get to that later. Here are some of my bold predictions going into the summer.

1. Tom Brady will not be suspended 4 games- As I stated earlier the suspension is an absolute joke, and this is getting appealed. I look for him to be suspended between 1-2 games, and with the great Roger Goodell overseeing the appeal process nothing can go wrong right?

2. Don’t draft a TE in the early part of your draft- Rob Gronkowski basically won me a fantasy championship last year, but with Brady out at least a portion of the beginning of the season his value slips a little bit, and remember last year was the first year in a long time Gronk was healthy for an entire season. Jimmy Graham will also be drafted way too high in your drafts this year. Jimmy is essentially a WR playing TE, but in Seattle’s offense he will be limited. Remember Russell Wilson is throwing him the ball, not Drew Brees that is a big difference.

3. Adrian Peterson will be a beast this year- Adrian Peterson will be rested and pissed off and will run accordingly, and I am not just saying this, because I am a Viking’s homer. Since Peterson’s suspension the Vikings offense has changed a great deal. Mike Zimmer wants a ball control offense and he will get that with Peterson. 1500 yards and 12 TD’s is not out of the question this year for Peterson. Recent reports have shown Peterson skipping OTA’s and saying he still won’t play, but the Vikings will not trade him and he will end up playing.

4. Andrew Luck is the best QB in Fantasy- Move over Aaron Rodgers we have a new sheriff in town. Andrew Luck is now a better fantasy option than Rodgers. Although he throws more interceptions; Luck will throw more touchdowns, run for more yards and touchdowns. The Colts also went out and got Andre Johnson, and Frank Gore along with 1st round selection Phillip Dorsett. This offense is going to be downright scary. The days of getting Luck in 3rd or 4th round of your draft are over, if you don’t pick him up in the 1st round he will be gone.

5. Seattle no longer has the best defense in Fantasy Football- Seattle has been the best defense for the last three years, and while I never suggest drafting a defense early they were always a good pick. There is not enough separation between the top defenses anymore like in the past. Do yourself a favor and save that draft pick for a better pick and take a defense like the Jets that will actually outscore the Seahawks in fantasy this year.

6. Melvin Gordon will have the best fantasy season of any rookie- Although I believe Todd Gurley is the better running back he is not in a great situation starting out in St Louis. On the other hand Gordon is in a great one. He is going to be playing behind a good quarterback in Phillip Rivers with a capable offensive line. San Diego was a playoff team last year and with Gordon they will only get better.

7. Demaryius Thomas will have a down year this year- Don’t get me wrong, Thomas is a stud and will be drafted high, but he will be a 1st or high 2nd round pick and I just don’t think the value will be there this year. Peyton Manning had a down year according to his standards last year, and it is only going to get worse going forward. Thomas is a great downfield threat, but with the loss of Julius Thomas things will become much more difficult for Mr. Thomas. I personally think his teammate Emmanuel Sanders will have a better year fantasy wise.

8. The #1 pick is not what it used to be- I remember when you got the first pick it was really a huge advantage, because that person would propel you to have at least a competent team. This year is not one of those years, Jamal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Eddie Lacy are some of the top players we are seeing projected at this time. I know people who know me will find this hard to believe, but I believe the safest choice is Lacy. He started off slow last year, but really blossomed. He has also turned into a very competent receiver out of the backfield which means he is now a 3 down back in Green Bay.

9. Don’t Draft Matt Forte with a high pick- Matt Forte has been a great pick the last few years even with the Bear’s offense floundering. Most of that value came with the fact in Marc Trestman’s offense he was both a running back and wide receiver, but with a new coaching regime I don’t look for him to get as many catches as he has in the past. Also, the Bears did not do much to improve their defense so look for them to be behind a lot in games which means more Cutler passing.

10. Don’t worry about Le’Veon Bell’s Suspension- Many people you draft with will pass on Bell as he has been suspended for the first three games of the year. Don’t worry about the suspension, he would have been the first overall pick of the draft without the suspension and he still warrants a first round pick. If you are picking in the middle of the first round snap him up quickly and thank me later. Remember Fantasy Leagues aren’t won in the first three weeks off the season.


– Jeff Bauer

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The Return of Tebow

Just when you thought it was safe to watch ESPN we see the return of Timothy Richard Tebow. What sounds like the beginning of a horror movie will definitely be one if the Eagles are actually serious about this guy playing anything other than a goal line back on 2 point conversions. Before I comment on the addition of Tebow to the Eagles on a 1 year contract, I just can’t get over the media coverage this guy attracts. When this information got released Skip Bayless had a giant orgasm about 8 times on Twitter. So yes I am going to be sick of people talking about this guy for the next 3 months when we all know he does not have the skill set to play QB in the NFL. What is it about this guy that people just can’t get enough of? I mean is it because he is Christian? A good guy? A guy coaches want in the huddle? I say yes to all of those, but many NFL players and college players are good guys and religious people and don’t get the breaks this guy has. So when we sit around at talk about Mr. Tebow let’s remember some interesting things:


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  1. He hasn’t played for over two years How many players do you know can be away from the game for two years and come back being better than what they were. I know he has been getting coached for the last 18 months but that is nothing compared to the action you get playing in the NFL.
  2. He lost playing against air Yes, you read that right according to Jay Feely on the Jim Rome Show on Showtime “I watched him one day … I sat and watched him do routes on air with Ken Whisenhunt as we were playing the Broncos,” Feely said. “And routes on air, there’s no [defensive backs], you know exactly what he’s going to run, there’s no pass rush. He had like 13 incompletions on routes on air. Jim, you and I could go out and do routes on air and we would complete most of our passes.”
  3. He is not an accurate QB I know what you are thinking, Jeff you are pretty picky wanting your QB to actually complete passes. His career completion ratio is at 48% which is absolutely horrible. In Chip Kelly’s system he will need to be able to make short and long passes and that is something he simply can’t do.
  4. He is a running QB who isn’t fast- Tebow’s main strength is his running ability, but he is not a fast guy, and you mean to tell me two years later he is faster? Tebow could outrun players in college, but not the NFL. If he tries to run the spread offense.
  5. He will be the Eagles 4th String QB- Tebow will be their 4th string QB, if he makes the roster he will be a goal line back. I believe this was all a smoke screen by Chip Kelly for a bigger move on Draft Day.


– Jeff Bauer

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Best TV Shows You Need To Watch

I remember a time when you had to go to the movies to see a good drama or comedy, and the shows you would see on TV became very watered down. Wow, have the times changed. I look at the current movies that we see, and it’s all sequels (I can’t believe there is a Fast and Furious 7), and very generic movies with the exception of a very few. However TV has changed so much because of the advent of streaming services like Netflix along with Cable TV now taking over for movies in terms of overall quality. I recently found a site who offer a number of TV Aerial services, so I had a new aerial installed and began watching a load of great films. I have always felt TV can tell a much better story than movies can, because you have so much time to invest in the characters on a regular basis. I wanted to let you know what shows you may not be watching that you definitely should. Even if you can’t find these shows or the shows are too far along remember most of these shows can be streamed on Netflix or Hulu Plus. These are shows that I love and ratings wise a lot of people haven’t picked them up yet. So put down those shit shows like Empire, The Biggest Loser, The Voice or any of that shit and watch something with real substance. Watch these shows and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Americans- This show is without a doubt one of the best dramas I have seen in the last five years. The show is about two KGB spies in the 80’s living in the US under assumed names and identities while living next door to an FBI agent. This show is full of intrigue and twist and turns, and it is great to see Keri Russell shine in this show. I have always been a fan of hers and this is the perfect show to see her showcase her talents. The first two seasons of the show are currently streaming on Amazon Prime and you definitely need to watch this show.


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Better Call Saul- When they first announced a prequel for Breaking Bad starring Saul Goodman the sleazy grease ball attorney who represented Walter White, I was initially apprehensive about this show. Boy was I wrong, this is probably my favorite show on TV right now. It is so much fun to see who Saul was before he turned into the man we remember from Breaking Bad. Watching this show you see a totally different side of him, and actually come to root for this guy. I recommend watching this show regardless if you liked Breaking Bad or not. Watch for great performances from Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean who plays his attorney brother.

True Detective- Although we have only seen one season of the show it captivated me like no other show in a long time. It is a show like you have never seen, as the show starts twenty years ago we so both of the main characters then and now. If you like crime thrillers at all you will love this, and this is without a doubt the performance of Matthew McConaughey career as he is superb. This show has many twists and turns, and the unique thing about this show is you will have new actors and a new story each year. Keep in mind this show will totally fuck with you at certain points just enjoy the ride.

Justified- This show is in its seventh season and it just continues to get better. Justified is about a US Marshall named Raylan Givens who decides to come back to his home state of Kentucky to take down his high school buddy Boyd Crowder who is now the major drug dealer and crime kingpin in the area. Watching the scenes with Raylan and Boyd talking with each other are alone enough to watch this show. Justified is in its final season and looks to go out with a bang. Absolutely great performances by Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins as Raylan and Boyd.


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Fargo- I was never a huge fan of the movie, but I have to be honest I loved the first season of this show. The show is based in Bemidji, Minnesota which I loved, but the real thing that drew me in was Billy Bob Thornton playing the criminal Lorne Malvo. Lorne basically goes through the first season on an absolute crime spree that is fun to watch. The show has a lot of dark comedy with it and like I said Billy Bob is excellent in his role. One of the best shows on TV last year. Much like True Detective we have different actors and different story lines each year. Make it a point to binge watch this you will not be disappointed.

The Flash- Like many of you out there I love Superheroes, I will watch pretty much anything that has to do with a Superhero, heck I even watched the Green Hornet movie with Seth Rogen. The Flash is one of the best Superhero to TV shows I have ever seen. The nice thing is you don’t have to be an avid reader of the comics to enjoy the show. They have done a great job with casting of this show. I really enjoy Tom Cavanaugh playing Dr. Harrison Wells who is a character that is not in the comics. The Flash stays true to form in the comics and actually has a very humorous side to it. Unlike most TV Superheroes we see who the flash is right away and you get to see the rogues he does battle in each week. Currently in its first season, I recommend you give it a watch. The Flash can also be streamed on Hulu Plus.


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– Jeff Bauer

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The REAL March Madness

I know what you are thinking “great another article about the NCAA Tournament”, but no I am talking about the biggest sporting event in the month of March. Yes folks WrestleMania is almost here, this is the 31st time WrestleMania has been shown, and I have seen every one of them. They have always been a big event, and this year will be no different. Some of my best moments growing up were watching WrestleMania at my friend Izzy’s house, and they continue to be must watch. I am going to break down the matches this year and tell you who is going to win. Admit it your bracket is already busted and trust me that pool you are in at work is being won by someone who has never watched basketball and are winning on pure luck. I don’t know the exact order of the matches but I will do a breakdown in order of importance.


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Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns- The setup to this match has been very interesting. People don’t know what Brock Lesnar is going to do because his contract is set to expire, and the backstage gossip you hear is almost as good as the match will be. Roman Reigns was hugely popular and then got hurt and now he is booed. I see no scenario on Reigns winning the match no matter if Lesnar leaves for the UFC or not. Reigns is too young and too green yet to be champ, but he has improved a lot and he is McMahon’s golden boy so we will see him at many WrestleMania’s to come. Look for Lesnar to control much of the match, but Lesnar will definitely put Reigns over by having a great match with him. Lesnar will F5 him and Reigns will kick out, but after that it will be over with Lesnar doing another one and getting the pin. This will be a showcase to see if Reigns can headline WrestleMania.

Sting vs HHH- I have enjoyed what the WWE has done with Sting having him not show up much and surprise the authority. He has been getting a huge pop from the crowd. I think this will be a very good match, but I am curious how long Sting can go. Look for Sting to win, and this feud will continue on. Sting will win via Scorpion Death Drop.


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Paige and AJ Lee vs The Bella Twins- Seriously I don’t know why they put the Diva’s on near the end of the night. However this is a great time to go to the Bathroom, get a snack, or even check on the NCAA tournament. If you want to look at pretty things I am sure you can find better on your computer. AJ Lee and Paige will win but this will be a snooze fest.

Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Stardust vs. Daniel Bryan- In my opinion this will be the best match of the night. Anytime they do a ladder match for WrestleMania it is always pretty epic. All of these wrestlers minus R-Truth deserve a bigger push than what they are getting. However, Daniel Bryan will win this match in the end. Right now he is the biggest baby face in the company and they will put a belt on him to showcase his talent and popularity.

John Cena vs Rusev- I know everyone is sick of seeing Cena win, and this feud is getting pretty played out. Right now Rusev is one of the better heels in the company and has not lost yet in the WWE, and he has by far the hottest manager in Lana. Cena is a very polarizing figure, kids love him and hardcore fans hate him, but the bottom line is he is still good for the company. Cena wins this back and forth match with STF submission.

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt- When this match got announced I was apprehensive to see the Undertaker after his performance last year against Brock Lesnar, however recently some training pictures have surfaced with the Undertaker and he looks to be in great shape. Bray Wyatt is one of the best talents in the company right now. He is great on the microphone and is a very good wrestler. I really miss the Wyatt family I thought they ended that too soon. Bray Wyatt will carry much of this match due to the Taker’s age, but look for Undertaker to get the win via submission and a triumphant return to WrestleMania for him.


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Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins- This should be a fun match, I enjoy watching Rollins he is very sound technical wrestler, but with the constant interference it’s hard to tell how good he really is, and what his capabilities are. Orton has been on a roll since coming back and will control much of the match. However I believe some way the authority will interfere and cause Rollins to win. I see this as a feud that will continue for a little while.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal- Many of the entrants for this battle royal have not been announced at my time of writing, but they will try to use this to get someone who isn’t a higher tier guy an immediate push. Last year Cesaro won it, but unfortunately they did nothing to push him further. He is finally in a good place tagging with Tyson Kidd. Look for Sheamus to return to action, but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Mizdow wins the battle royal. Ultimately I think Mizdow and Miz will work together and eliminate a lot of the entrants and it will be down to those two and Sheamus at the end and Mizdow will turn on Miz.


– Jeff Bauer

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