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MARCH 2015




Stern vs Shaffir


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From 1993 to 1997, I had spent many school bus rides listening to my Sony Walkman. I would tune in to the local rock station and listen to The Howard Stern Show. Howard, Robin, Gary, Fred, Jackie the Jokeman, Stuttering John and a whole cast of misfits known as “The Wack Pack” would get me through those very early morning rides to school. If I was lucky, my first period would be a study hall and I could sneak in some extra time listening with my headphones on and my head hidden behind a book. That may be my fondest memory of high school. Stern, along with David Letterman, George Carlin and my repeating the hilarious things I had heard to my friends, as few of them as there were, was really the Genesis of my career in stand-up comedy.


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I continued to listen beyond high school. For a period of time, I lived in Florida, just outside of the range to catch the Orlando feed of Howard Stern. I would still try to listen, dealing with as much static as I needed to. I’d occasionally listen to Stern’s Tampa rival, Bubba the Love Sponge, in disgust because I had been brainwashed to believe that any rival of Howard was the enemy. But, Bubba was cutting edge. He crossed boundaries that Howard never did. Begrudgingly, I became a closet Bubba fan. I was thankful to move back to New York, where I could again listen to Howard every morning. The show would change at around this time. Jackie would decide not to stay with the show, for financial reasons. Hilarious comedian Artie Lange took his place. Stuttering John left for a major opportunity as the announcer of The Tonight Show, which Stern hated.

Howard eventually moved to satellite radio, bringing a huge audience to Sirius with him. He was free from the restrictions put on him by the FCC and terrestrial radio. Uncensored and more entertaining than ever, it was can’t-miss radio for years! Howard would even bring his former rival Bubba the Love Sponge onboard as the afternoon guy. I could openly be a fan of Bubba! It was a great time to be a Stern fan! Sirius would later get rid of Bubba because he was too hardcore for even uncensored satellite radio. Howard married supermodel girlfriend, Beth O., despite many listeners reminding Howard of the years that he preached the evils of marriage. Artie Lange suffered through personal issues on and off the air, until things came to a halt and he was off the show. Stern signed on to judge a family friendly talent show on television. Wack Pack members would appear less frequently, and things became more politically correct. Wack Packer “Gary the Retard” was even renamed “Gary the Conqueror”. It got too much for me to continue listening when Howard started to hype up the Howard Stern Birthday Bash – an A-list celebrity gathering with the sole purpose of kissing Howard’s ass. His ego in the low years of the show was enough for me to search for something else to listen to, and I landed on Opie and Anthony. I could do a whole ‘nother article on what’s happened with O&A since then, but I still listen to Opie and Jimmy as well as Anthony Cumia’s podcast. I listen to the free best of the week version, because I’m a cheap bastard, but that’s enough for me right now. In addition, I listen to several other podcasts. Marc Maron’s WTF was the first podcast I became a fan of. Now, I listen to Maron, Bill Burr, Adam Carrolla, Jim Florentine, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and more. They’re uncensored and free to say whatever they want. It reminds me of the first few years of Stern on Sirius. My listening tastes have evolved since 1993, and I’ve changed with the times. Technology is a beautiful thing. These days, anybody who wants to broadcast can do so. Everyone is given a fair opportunity, so the only way to achieve success is by being the best at it. That’s something Howard Stern didn’t have to compete with on his way up. In the 1980’s, only a handful of people were given the opportunities that Stern was given. He only had to prove himself over a few people. Who’s to say there wasn’t someone a lot more talented that just couldn’t get on the air? Since the podcast explosion, Howard has ranted several times that podcasting is a joke, and that “real” broadcasters go to radio school and beg to get on the air and wait for a ratings book to come in. However, he’s preaching for a medium that he himself has also claimed several times to be dead.

Terrestrial radio has long been dead. Few people still listen to AM/FM while satellite radio, iPods, podcasts and other forms of audio entertainment have taken over.

In his latest rant, Howard targets comedian Ari Shaffir, host of the Skeptic Tank podcast, because he took exception to some of the things Ari had to say about Stern on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Stern seemed rattled by things said on a show that he claims “7 people listen to”. There’s a lot of truth to what Ari had to say, though. Howard is out of touch these days. His better years are behind him.

Howard Stern attacks Ari Shaffir

I once was a loyal Stern listener who couldn’t imagine what the world would be like if Howard retired. Now, I feel like he should have decided to walk away at the last contract negotiations. He and his show are as out of touch as my Walkman from 1993. Podcasts offer a more enjoyable listen. Howard should stick to the family game shows.

Ari Shaffir, the comedian that Howard claims to be unsuccessful, has his second stand-up special of 2015, “Passive Aggressive”, as well as his storytelling series airing on Comedy Central, “This Is Not Happening”. Check local listings.

Ari Shaffir responds to Howard Stern.

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– Jason Smith

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Are Zombies Dying (Again)?


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Recently, I listened to Anthony Cumia (on The Anthony Cumia Show) describing a new video game, called “H1Z1”. His description of it makes me want to play. It’s a MMO, or Mass Multiplayer Online, video game where you navigate through a large world, along with several other online players, fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. It sounds like fun. But, mostly for the factor of fighting other living people. Cumia even so much as stated that the zombies are mainly there in the background, and the game should just be called “Murder” because that’s all it really is.

A few weeks ago, I tuned in to the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. But, as I watched, I noted that there was something different this time. As great as the episode was, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I had enjoyed previous episodes from previous seasons. This time around, I was watching it just as something to watch while waiting for the premiere of Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel/spin-off starring Bob Odenkirk as the shady lawyer, Jimmy McGill (known later, in the Breaking Bad years, as Saul Goodman). How many more seasons of The Walking Dead can there possibly be? How many seasons do we need of the undead, walking slowly and going “Uuuuuuuggghhhh”, while living people fight to somehow survive? WE GET IT!


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So, what was it that made me feel this way about a show that I used to be a big fan of? This has happened in the past, with other shows. I was a major fan of HBO’s True Blood series. Then, in the middle of the third season or so, I had lost interest. I think, in that instance, it was more of a thing where they were attempting to shoehorn too many types of characters into the series. It started out as a vampire show, and all of a sudden there’s werewolves, fairies, witches, you name it. It became overkill. On top of that, vampires just weren’t cool anymore. The Twilight series, which I admit I never gave a chance to, came along and ruined vampires for a lot of people. There was also The Vampire Diaries, which I had no interest in watching. Vampires everywhere. Even Abraham Lincoln was hunting them! They were jumping the shark (a term used for shows losing their coolness factor, based on the time Happy Days was ruined by Arthur Fonzarelli jumping over a shark on a pair of water skis). Vampires were done.

Could this be shark jumping time for zombies? It certainly feels like overkill. Zombies are everywhere. It seems like there’s 2 or 3 zombie video games released every month. There’s multiple releases of “Plants vs Zombies”. On cable, in addition to The Walking Dead on AMC, there’s also Z-Nation on SyFy. It seems that every direct-to-dvd movie is “Something Zombies”. There’s “Strippers vs Zombies”. There’s “Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies”. I had no idea our 16th President was so busy battling evil. There’s even a “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies”, which I admit sounds fun. But how much of it do we need? I think this craze is finally on its way out.


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What will be the next thing? I really love the Better Call Saul series that I patiently waited through The Walking Dead to see. Maybe ambulance chasing lawyers will be the next big thing? Or maybe Odenkirk is really the best in that role, and can’t be touched by anyone else who tries it. Whatever follows the popularity of zombies, and the vampires before them, it needs to come along soon. What do you think? Are zombies not as dead as I think? Are robots the next thing? What will the next thing be? Email me, or tweet me!


– Jason Smith

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Valentine’s Day, aka “Saturday”


Recently, I was asked what I’m doing for Valentine’s Day. Simple answer – skipping it. That’s right,  normally I refer to this day as “VD” but this year I’m just calling it “Saturday”. This year I am not spending a dime or putting in a minute of effort in an attempt to make some girl happy for one day.

In past years, I’ve gone the distance with cards, flowers, candy, jewelry, paintings, poetry, stuffed animals, candles, romantic dinners and Robocop. That’s right, Robocop. Okay, that chick flick was more for me. And the fact that all that effort was rarely for the same girl two years in a row really says something about their appreciation for the planning, the work, the week’s pay that had to be sacrificed in order to make them happy.


Guys, wake up! By March, some of you will discover that she’s cheating. Some will finally get tired of her blaming you for every little problem she has. Her craziness will cause some of you to snap. All within a month of you going out of your way to make her February 14th special. Why go through all the effort for something that, statistically, is doomed to fail? Over half of all marriages end in divorce. That statistic doesn’t even go into how many unhappy marriages end in suicide. Not to mention, how many relationships don’t even make it to marriage? How many engagements end every year? I know, if you’re in a happy (for now) relationship, you’re reading this and thinking that you’re the exception. “Oh not me. Not my relationship. My girlfriend is perfect and we’re happy.” While it makes me chuckle, I don’t take pride in knowing how wrong you will someday be proven to be. Guys, if she’s really that good, she could at least wait until the 15th for a holiday that I’ve coined “I Love You 75% Off Day”.

And, why is the pressure on you anyway? Why is it the guy who is responsible for making the midpoint of February a good day for the lady, and not the other way around? It’s not even a mutual thing. Feminists will go on and on about how everything should be equal, but have no problem with being showered with gifts without putting in even half as much effort in return. There’s no holiday for guys to be showered with gifts. “Steak and a Blowjob Day” is considered a joke based on this realization. But, why isn’t there a guy appreciation day? Where’s the equality?


This year, I’ve successfully avoided having a girlfriend in February. And, to those of you who read this and think I’m a jerk (first of all, ladies, this is “Stuff Dudes Like”) it actually has taken some effort to keep girls in a “very close friend” zone in order to not get anyone’s hopes up that I might spend the little money I do have on them this year.

Valentine’s Day is a scam by Hallmark to profit on the desperate attempts of dopey guys who are trying to hold their doomed fairy tale relationship together for just a little longer before it comes to a very realistic end. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even on Valentine’s Day) and can be reached at 1 (800) 273-8255.


– Jason Smith

Twitter: @ComedianJasonS

SDL Alumni

What is the SDL Alumni Page?

One of the things we are extremely proud of here at Stuff Dudes Like is that we often serve as a springboard for young writers and newly launched podcasts as they bring their fresh ideas and talent to the Internet.  Over time, writers and podcasts will move on to other ventures or will find other avenues for their talents. This page exists to thank all of those who have contributed to the great content here at Stuff Dudes Like and to remind them that they will ALWAYS be a part of the SDL Family.

It may not be the “dude” thing to say… but from the bottom of our hearts we wish each and every member of our alumni success, no matter what the future holds!

We would also like to extend a welcome to all SDL alumni to come back and post content as a guest writer or podcast any time.



KeithWhiteKeith White Jr.

Hello dudes! I’m Keith and besides writing for Stuff Dudes Like I am also the author and illustrator of 24 “Color-With-Me” Adventure books for kids. They are chapter books with pictures in between each chapter that the kids can color to help them remember what they read. I also co-hosted the video game radio show “The Digital Ensemble” on 91.3 FM in Buffalo, NY from 2005-2010. I have had parts in the movies Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, The Falls, Sharknado 2: The Second One and Return of Nuke Em High Vol. 1 among others. I’m here on Stuff Dudes Like to bring you video game reviews, stories about my childhood and hopefully stories that truly are Stuff Dudes Like.


thumbMike O’Brien

My name is Mike O’Brien and people keep telling me that I’m just like Louis CK – fat, awkward and lonely.  Notice they didn’t say anything about being funny.  They’re just kidding… I think.

I love to write blog posts that make people laugh and I’m never afraid to turn the spotlight on myself, as I somehow end up being the butt of many of my own jokes. I love beer, cars, football, and food. All kinds of food! Honestly, I probably need to like food a little less and like working out a little more. Either way, I’ll post about many different kinds of things but I will always try to add a little humor. I run the SDLStaff Twitter account and you can follow me there to hear my latest jokes and to keep up on the latest happenings here at Stuff Dudes Like.


mikeMike Bocchetti

My name is Mike Bocchetti and I am a man about town. I’m a New York City comic and have been an actor since 1992. I was the announcer on DirecTV’s The Artie Lange Show, and a regular guest on The Opie and Jim Show, The Opie and Anthony Show and The Anthony Cumia Show. I was recently in the movie The Family with Robert De Niro and I was on the TV show Monk. Besides all that I loves vintage muscle cars and I have a soft spot in my heart for hot chicks that like me back.

TWITTER: @mikebocchetti

aneesaAneesa Mirza

As a young girl I was always ‘that girl.’ You know the one that has her head in a book at all times and is constantly rewriting her diary entry in to new notebooks in the neatest handwriting? My younger brother would call me Lisa from The Simpsons and he sure as hell was Bart! But as I grew up I was happy to find that those traits never changed. I still keep a journal and I still adore reading. I am currently working as an Editorial Assistant for a small Publishing House in Central London, I contribute articles to several magazines and am working on my own novels and short stories. To keep up with my work kindly visit and follow me on twitter.

TWITTER: @mirza_aneesa

danielDaniel Tomlinson

I came to Nashville in 1991 from Flint, Michigan to attend Lipscomb University. I graduated in 1995 with a degree in religion, and in 1998 I married Carey Earheart, a student at the University of Evansville. In 2002 I finished a masters in religion at Lipscomb University, and we became parents in 2004 to a precious daughter who is, amazingly, a tween now. When I’m not operating my business we spend time in Watersound, cheer for Vol football, and Lady B Basketball (A-Sun’s Lipscomb). And when I’m not doing that with my girls I’m here writing for you, my fantastic and loyal readers. Thank you for reading my drivel.

TWITTER: @danieltomlins72

toddTodd Smith

Hello! I’m Todd, and I’m a 23 year-old openly homosapien from Buffalo. I’m a writer, an artist, with an affinity for music, and I’ve got a PhD in sleeping. It’s not unusual to find me reading something so enticing that my eyes dry out from a lack of blinking, nose-deep in a good Facebook status and/or Tweet, causing conflagrations in the kitchen, or eagerly salivating in line at Moe’s. (Seriously… am I supposed to say ‘thank you’ when they say ‘welcome to Moe’s’ or…?) I’ve joined the SDL team to share my love of language, both native and foreign, as well as a bunch of other things I haven’t decided on yet. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can follow along with my written works at or with my experimental adventures in cooking and baking at

TWITTER: @jefermelesyeux

willieWillie Cintron

Willie hails from San Antonio, Texas. His wrestling knowledge is embarrassingly impeccable. His humor is drier than the Sahara Desert and makes you cringe and laugh simultaneously. He is a stylist during the day and a Twitter assassin by night. He has worked as a publicist, bookkeeper, sales rep and banker. He’s done it all and he is always for hire. He is a lover, not a fighter. His last 3 girlfriends are literally insane. Be cautious women.

TWITTER: @WillieStufff

jackJack Wichard

Name shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out, It’s under my picture. BRFC supporter, and zookeeper. I Write articles right here on Stuff Dudes Like! Also, I’m hideously uninteresting if anyone’s into that.

TWITTER: @JackWichard

thumbVictor Victor

While it’s been confirmed that Victor Victor is an actual person (though Victor Victor could still be a pen name), some of his claims – like being the inventor of the semicolon – have yet to be substantiated. He’s wanted for questioning in three countries, all for driving-related incidents and he’s rumored to be one of the photographers who caused Princess Di’s fatal crash. Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you just scrolled right past his editorials (we don’t read them either).


salSalvatore Morocco

They call me “The Main Event”! Whether its in a ring, at a poker table or here on Stuff Dudes Like… I’m the best you’ll ever see! I am a professional wrestler. I have just begun to make a name for myself around the wrestling world. Most notably defeating Zach Gowan and Gregory Iron in recent tag-team action. On top of being both a lifelong fan of wrestling and involved in the business, I have been involved in the music industry, the fashion world and the world of film making. These skills I’ve picked up give me added experience that I hope will translate into an enjoyable and informative reading experience. Join me for stories about the world of professional wrestling and the people in it.

TWITTER: @SalvatoreMorocc

mike2Mike Lerchenfeldt

Science and Informational Literacy Teacher in the Chippewa Valley Schools. Alum of Oakland University and Saginaw Valley State University. Member of the Michigan-Shiga, Japan Student Exchange Committee. Taught in New Zealand through a teacher exchange program. Dedicated to student success. Enjoys being an active member of the community. Blogger for Digital First Media writing mainly about education, health, and travel.

TWITTER: @mj_lerch

jasonJason Smith

Hey readers of Stuff Dudes Like! My name is Jason Smith. I am a stand-up comedian from Albany, NY. I have been doing the standing up and telling jokes since 2008. I have performed all over the northeast, the entire east coast and Los Angeles. I’ve opened for big name comics, like Doug Stanhope. I have stories to tell. I also have a passion for professional wrestling, beer, video games and other things that I’m sure make you go “Oh, I can relate to this Jason Smith guy!” Please come along with me, as I write about those things. Also, follow me on Twitter, where I occasionally say things that make people chuckle.

TWITTER: @ComedianJasonS

chris mChris Monroe

Being a first time Dad to a 16-month old doesn’t lend to much time for writing. On the contrary it does offer a plethora of stories, memories and moments to write about and share. As any dad would know the stories of diaper accidents and spitting up food are abundant and I will try to spare you the gross details. However, from time to time I would like to stop by and share with you dudes some random fun stories that parenthood and life have brought along the way.

TWITTER: @turtle868

holtRobert Holt

Robert Holt is a St. Louis native and has been writing horror fiction for years. He has short stories published in dozens of anthologies and on the web. His first novel, Death’s Disciples, was released in the summer of 2014. His second book was a 360 degree turn from the splatterpunk style of the first. The Vegetarian Werewolf was a toddler horror anthology for the 4 to 7 age range. He has also started assisting with the production of a documentary film about the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark children’s book series. He is a boxing enthusiast, a dedicated hiker, a beer aficionado, and a beard wearing hipster.

TWITTER: @HoltHorror

headshots, kids, portraits childrenMatt Walker

Matt Walker is a Los Angelesean Floridian with an opinion. If you need hard-hitting time devouring op-eds that concern YOU, Matt will provide them. Call him an intellectual or a savant, he won’t know the difference.

Matt has been called writer, artist, musician, improviser, failure, and disappointment.

The proof’s in the links:

TWITTER: @mattwindwalker

thumbChristian Chandler

Christian Chandler is from the great state of South Carolina. Chris has worked on newspaper staffs, radio broadcasting sports and country music, management, counseling, political involvement and much, much more. If it’s interesting he likes it and wants in. His writing covers a number of topics. You might read about sports, social and political issues, health and nutrition issues, and basically whatever his creative mind comes up with. There are so many layers to Chris even he might not find them all before his life ends. He passionately loves his wife. Has a great attraction to Christianity and Eastern Religions. Particularly the psychology of the east to give some answers to our out of control society that seems to thrive on hate and a “us” verse “them” mentality. If you want to read the same old stuff that has been written a million times or just read stuff that is “preaching to the choir” because it enforces your strongly held beliefs that you just aren’t willing to have challenged, Christian Chandler may not be your guy.

TWITTER: @AuthorChrisC

ryan bRyan Bailey

The name is Ryan Bailey and the town is Buffalo NY. I ‘m a graduate from the (not so) famous Cheektowaga NY school known as Cleveland Hill. When it comes to my social life, I’m the 19 year old fat, funny, and deaf kid that everyone loves… I think. When it comes to sports I’m a fan of every sport, even cricket. I just don’t know the rules but who needs rules! I play baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and soccer all recreationally though. I’m an avid fantasy sport player who has yet to win money. It reminds me of  last 15 years of my favorite team the Buffalo Bills (mark my words, I am guaranteeing the Bills make the playoffs in 2015!). When it comes to my favorite teams you can say I got a weird bunch. For football I enjoy the losing talents of Buffalo and Cleveland. When it comes to baseball it’s all about the Yankees and Indians. In hockey I’m fans of the Sabres and Blue Jackets. Basketball, the Celtics (yes I know it makes no sense) and the Cavs. Also I’m a Bandits season ticket holder. “What’s he got?? Nothing!!”. I’ll leave you with this all you need to know about me… I love sports, I love my family, I love beer, and I love deaf people.

TWITTER: @R_Bailey11

 NaseehaNaseeha Tayob

Small talk with a big mouth.

TWITTER: @naseehatayob

jeffJeff Bauer

I am originally from St. Cloud MN, and I currently reside in Wisconsin. Life is tough being a Vikings fan in Wisconsin. I am an avid player of Fantasy Sports and have been quite successful I have played since 1989. I am a big movie buff along with being a video game geek. I am also the official Fantasy Football Guru for Izzy Presley’s Another F’N Podcast!

TWITTER: @jbauer36

sunshineSunshine Peterman

Sunshine. Real name. Born of hippies. I was taken to a nudist camp as I a kid but regrettably, blocked it out. I’m the single mom to ten “children” ages, 20,18,18,17,17,16,15,15,13 and 2. Five daughters and five sons. 5 bio and 5 adopted from foster care. I was a foster kid as a teen therein my mission. I blog about adoption awareness, foster care reform and living with a houseful of hormones. I’m a hippie at heart and believe in the power of humanity, and personal enlightenment. I’m a quote, diet coke and Doritos addict. I believe there’s profound good inherently in people & power in words, together that’s unstoppable.

TWITTER: @momsterof10

wordsmithSamuel Wordsmith

Samuel Wordsmith is a semi-consistent writer and a frequent, part time optimist. Much of his day is spent wishing he was a guinea pig, writing scripts and shouting, via Twitter, at inspirational quotes.

See you in the afterlife atheists.

TWITTER: @SamuelWordsmith

ronRon Palmieri

I run the pop-culture website It’s Cool To Me, Dammit! where I write articles, draw web comics and make videos all about comics, video games, super hero movies and lot’s more. Want to debate Marvel vs. DC? I’ll tell you why Marvel rocks and why you’re wrong. When I’m not blogging, I like food. All kinds of food. Good food, bad food. Making food and dissecting food all to make sure I get the perfect bite! And the best part is washing it all down with a delicious craft beer. My hope is to write some things that all the dudes (and dude-ettes too) like!

TWITTER: @ronofthemill

CLAYClay Thiessen

Hey guys, my name is Clay. And here’s a few things about myself.. Sagittarius, outdoorsman, musician, style snob, loner, recovered addict, boot hoarder, classic rock enthusiast, chairbourne warrior, weekend drinker, cigar lover, I prefer cats over dogs, pizza is the preference, small town kid and I would do anything for my friends and family. I’ve been asked to describe myself in 3 words, and my response, “Fast, Easy, Free”. Live fast, be easy and never take freedom for granted.

TWITTER: @ClayTheGringo

robertRobert Leigh

After bartending his way around Spain and the West End of London, Robert Leigh returned to his home city of Liverpool and began writing. Leigh’s works include Kill Line (Book One of The Retribution Trilogy) and From Lime Street to Yirgacheffe (a true story, of sorts…). He lives in Liverpool City Centre and continues to write in numerous genres.

TWITTER: @RLeigh78

joshJosh King

A publicity stunt in high school lead me to appearing on national television at the youthful age of 17. After appearing on ESPN’s Outside the Lines in 2005, I was able to get into mainstream media. I’ve been published in both the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune Review. I’ve been transitioning into radio in the Pittsburgh area. I’ve lived in Chicago, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, and even had a brief tenure in Minnesota. I look forward to contributing celebrity interviews and random columns for Stuff Dudes Like.

TWITTER: @joshk65

micheleMichele Jones

Family, writing, cooking, and sports are passions for Michele Jones. She is a diehard Penguin, Steeler, and Pirate fan… really, a diehard anything-Pittsburgh fan. Michele is a published memoir writer, short story author, and poet, but she loves writing paranormal, horror, and thriller fiction. She moderates a local writing group in her hometown and critiques and beta reads for several published authors.

TWITTER: @Chelepie

chillChillbear Latrigue

I’m one of the about 150 million writers who were created when our barely literate society learned that we no longer had to use typewriters to sputter out our readable thoughts. Raised on the mean streets of South Florida during the turbulent Art Deco revival, I’ve developed a reputation as a literary ne’er-do-well who plays by his own set of rules. I’ve been an author and editor on several formidable blogs, including and the late, great Look out, Stuff Dudes Like, this writer is likely to completely redefine how you feel about things like macramé pistol grips and the “beer before liquor” rule.

TWITTER: @Chillbear

laura Laura Elizabeth Anderson

Resident goofball, silly goose, love naps, dinosaurs, & science!

TWITTER: @dinosaurs907

joseJose Luna

Dudes… My name is Jose Luna. I’m a lifelong long video game and tech junkie and newest writer for SDL. Im looking forward to contributing gaming news and reviews to the site, and playing games with the SDL community.

TWITTER: @sohkseven

michaelMichael Carroll

Hello, my name is Michael Carroll. I am a part time mental health and human services worker, and I am also a part time chaplain. I am a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran, and I was deployed to the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of Operation Joint Forge. I attended Indiana State University, where I double majored in Professional Aviation and Aerospace Administration. I then attended Ball State University, where I studied Meteorology. I am Catholic, and my faith is very important to me. My interests include music, sports, history and astronomy, and if you couldn’t already tell, I also love anything to do with Meteorology and Aviation. My favorite sports are hockey, football and baseball. At the moment, I am writing two books. One is a parody of romance novels. The other is my memoirs.

I currently live in Warsaw, Indiana with my fiance and our two dogs. I am living with and overcoming Serious Mental Illness, as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury. I hope you find my contributions to this site to be enjoyable and inspirational.

TWITTER: @CatholicArmyVet

rickyRicky James Crisp Jr

My name is Ricky James Crisp Jr. I grew up on the Left Coast in Auburn, WA. In 2004 I got my AAS Degree in Radio Broadcasting at Brown College in Mendota Heights, MN. Sept. 2001 I moved from Seattle, WA to Scottsdale, AZ. I’m a Die Hard Chicago Bears and Arizona Wildcats Basketball fan, and a huge Football, UFC, Basketball fan. As a hobby/side job I DJ and and make beats/remixes and mashups. My DJ site is and you can follow me on Twitter or FaceBook.

TWITTER: @DJRickochet714


cagleThe Cagle and Cory Show 

The Cagle and Cory Show is comprised of two people, Dylan Cagle and Cory Bowlin. The duo plans on making podcasting a career in the future.

TWITTER: @cagleandcory

jk2The old WZ and JK show

You can take the boys out of Scottdale, but you can’t take the Scottdale out of the boys.
WZ and JK have been friends since they graduated high school. What started off with little pranks around town, escalated quickly when they found jobs making them wealthy kids before the age of 21.
The money was a surprise to both of them as they endured financial struggles during the year of 2007. The newfound money would help the two go on the ride of a lifetime. From Maui to Puerto Rico they will tell tales of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Literally. Add in massage parlors, gambling, and guns and the story just begins.
From traveling to Canada without birth certificates with guns in the trunk, to screaming at millionaire bosses in Maui (WZ 2009, JK 2010 in Puerto Rico) this show is dedicated to telling the behind the scenes of what happened at CPU Pittsburgh.
Trib Total Media built their empire then spit WZ and JK out at 24.
Now, 3 years later these two aren’t holding back.
This show will be sure to be a laugh riot. Starring Walter Zimmerman the funniest guy that isn’t famous…well…yet. A Josh Mirage production.

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Small Town, Big Laughs

Albany, NY. The capital of New York State. It seems like there is little known about this city. Bill Burr referred to Albany as “a city where nobody goes” in his most recent special. Albany sits in the shadows of Manhattan, even 150 miles away. But, over the past 5 or 6 years, a movement has been taking place inside this small city. A boom. A stand-up comedy boom, to be exact, that can be felt even within that great city that overshadows Albany. It all started in Albany’s Lark Tavern, a bar near the corner of Madison Ave. and Lark St., which still thrives on stand-up comedy to this day.


Six years ago, local stand-up Greg Aidala began his comedy showcase / open mic, “Comedy on the Park”. Before this, there had only been a handful of aspiring comedians in the small city. However, once this mic began, comedians from all over made the trek to get on that stage to work out material and try to get laughs. It became a huge hit with civilians as well, attracting up to 70 or 80 comedy goers to the Sunday night showcase.

Shortly after the start of “Comedy on the Park”, similar open mics began to pop up throughout the surrounding area. Funnyman Dave Kanyan, who would become respected amongst his peers for his ability to do hilarious crowd work, seemingly effortlessly, as well as his great skills as an emcee, started up his own Saturday night mic / showcase “Duke’s Last Laugh”. It was met with a very similar result, bringing in many of the same Lark comedians and large crowds of civilians who loved a good laugh.

As weeks went on, word had spread that there was “something happening” in Albany. Comedians from almost every state of New England, as well as the Hudson Valley and New York City, would appear on stage at these shows. The list of comedians, or at least those hoping to earn the title of “comedian”, noticeably expanded. Networking began to take place. New comics would feel a need to learn other aspects of the business. They would approach establishments. Bars, coffee shops, any place that would let them set up a sound system. They would make deals with the venue owners, so that they could offer a paid gig here and there to small rosters of comedians that they found impressive at these weekend rooms. Most of these comedians would happily work for gas money and a beer. Surprisingly, sometimes they found themselves getting paid exceptionally well considering their time served as a comedy newb.

The original Lark Tavern mic would close as other showcases would open throughout the city, as well as neighboring cities Troy and Schenectady. Mics would start up and close down, for various reasons. Mostly, they would close because all parties involved would discover that not every venue is ideal for trying out jokes. But they would try! At one point, there was stage time available to anyone who wanted it every night of the week. Sometimes, multiple stages would be open. Some comedians, hungry for success, would do their set at a bar in Albany and immediately jump in their car, after their set, to get to another stage in Troy.


Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the comedy scenes in other states along the east coast. But nothing seems to have matched the standard set by Albany. So, could this town become for comedy what Seattle was for grunge? The boom continues, with more and more stages opening up to talented comedians. More and more people are coming out, seeing if standing on stage and making people laugh is for them. There is no end in sight for this comedy boom. It doesn’t seem like Albany will ever go back down to just a handful of comedians. And, that’s good. We can all use a good laugh, and there’s plenty to have in this town.

Albany is a city that is filled with talent. I am hoping to highlight some of these performers over the next few months. What’s the local comedy scene like in your area? Send me a tweet or an email!


– Jason Smith

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