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“But I thought I could change him,” she said in tears to a group of same age ladies. “You just can’t change men. They are dogs,” the chorus joins in response as they offer the sympathy that is called for in a potential break up occasion.

“You’re too good for him. You deserve better.” Blah, Blah, Blah.

This scene has been played out by wives and girlfriends throughout the years as they justify to themselves why they either dislike their guy or why they are leaving or divorcing their guy.


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So, guys, according to that special lady in your life your main goal in life is to change: change into exactly who they want you be.

Today, I want to debunk the whole idea that women really do indeed want you to change. Let’s take it a couple steps further.

One, they really have no idea of how exactly they want you to “change.” Basically, women can’t really say in detail how they want us guys to be. Instead they have this Disney movie imagine of guys that the actual traits cannot be explained. The message is really this from our women: “I want you, but just not the way you are!”

Second, the woman’s chant that “you just cannot change a man” is often simply not true. Guys, I want to make you aware of this: if you have done something, if you have some traits she deems undesirable then even if you actually decide to mold yourself into the imagine of you she holds in her head—she will never really let you “change.”


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Insert disclaimer here: some guys are just bad. They do some mean stuff. Those are not the guys I’m talking about here. The guys that this article is referring to are the guys that are trying to please the lady in their life but seem to stay confused as to exactly what that lady wants. These guys truly love their lady, but the rules that you have to play by seem to change constantly.

Here is a word picture for you: your lady is holding the target and you are the archer with the bow and your intention is to hit the target dead center. Yet, as your lady holds the target she is darting left and right and forward and backwards. She is doing the tango and you are trying to focus on that sweet spot of the target.

Guys, let me share this secret with you: if you do discover who they want you to change into, they will never accept the changes you have made.

Case in point: a middle-aged married man has spent years being deceptive with his wife. The root of his deception isn’t that he is really a bad guy but there often isn’t a “truth” that his wife would ever accept anyway. The husband knows he is in a no win situation. If there is something he wants to do and he says so up front it will be trouble. So before he does something he could tell but then there would be so much bitching that the husband says to himself, “I’ll just do it and try to hide it.”

I hate to break this to you guys but our ladies are like blood hounds. They will find you out. Basically, guys are no good at hiding things. No matter how smart you are and no matter what your plan is to just try and get by with even a small thing the problem is how you hide it.

You will get tripped up by that simple thing you say that starts the prosecution giving you the cross examination. Once that starts it is just a matter of minutes before you break.

If it is an item you have purchased and you place it somewhere thinking you have hit pay dirt and there is no way you will be discovered, let me clue you in to something you need to be aware. If anything is moved a quarter inch or in their daily snooping they will find your item and then the prosecution will not only question they will present the evidence to the judge. Oh yeah, let me add, they are the prosecution and the judge.

Then, this guy decides in himself that he really does want his relationship to change. He is weary of the fights over the simple things he does. He seeks inside himself and thinks over all those battles he has lost and he figures out what it seems like she wants and the process of becoming that Disney concept starts.

A couple months come and go and she starts to notice that you are the same “evil” you were.

At first, the change will seem to pay off. She will start being sweet and loving on you and saying stuff such as “who are you?” You’re chest my puff out a bit and you might think to yourself that you are the dude and you got this. You have discovered that mythical secret of being the man that they said couldn’t change but did. In your mind, you are already the center of the celebration parade and the party is ready to start. You have become a hero and if men could just do what you did then they would have it. Heck, you think to yourself, I need to tell my buddies I have it all figured out.

Here’s a word to the wise: this is just the beginning of your troubles.

After this wise husband has become a hero soon something that you didn’t even think about happens and she will deem it suspect. The questions will come just like before but this time instead of the furious attack her method will change.

She will come at you with an attitude that has already convicted you but in the guise of giving you a fair trial and that being innocent stuff.

You can be completely honest. You might have done something but it seems so insignificant to you that you didn’t once think about it or even realize anything could ever possibly be made of that “thing.”

I mean besides if you did and you were that old “evil” guys you would have at least tried to hide it. Yet, the need to hide it never entered your mind. I mean there was nothing to hide…right???


Then she will use that magic word, “pattern.”

She will say something like this: “I thought you had changed but things keep happening like this. It is part of a pattern and nothing has changed.”


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This is the reason there are a million books on the store shelves and on Amazon that tell her how to change you and give her all the traits she needs to look for in you. Then there are a million more that tell her to watch you because if you seem to be doing things right you probably aren’t and she is just missing something.

Then there are another million books, mostly with the theme the guy is the problem, in the disguise of marriage books on the shelves or on Amazon. Your woman probably has a library of these books on her Kindle.

I saw one recently that was titled, “Ten Ways to be Her Hero.”

Okay, I have no basic problem with that concept, but when is the last time you saw a million books with the theme that she needs to be what you need and want her to be?


– Christian Chandler

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The New England Patriots are cheaters.

That is a fact that we need not debate. The question with this most recent in a long line of known wrongdoings by the Patriots was what would the NFL finally do about it?

The news just broke that the NFL has missed the opportunity to put an end to the cheating by the New England Patriots. The NFL has made it a given that no one in the Patriots organization will blink at continuing to break, mold, bend, taint the rules going forward.


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Here is the puny penalty: Tom Brady only four games. It is likely that this will not even keep the Patriots out of the playoffs and even their cheating their way to another Super Bowl.

The million dollars to the Kraft familyl is mere change under their limo seats. Don’t think so??? Look at the stadium, the payroll, and much more could be listed. If a million dollars really was a painful penalty to the Patriots, we would have also immediately heard of coaches and administrators fined or fired. We have not heard such talk at any point before or now after the penalty has been announced. Not once did a Kraft family member say that if someone was caught cheating that they faced internal punishment. Simply there is a culture of cheating that exists in Foxboro.


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The draft picks loss is again nothing. A loss of one draft pick in a year is the same as making a bad draft pick that you have to just trade or cut.

When I play basketball on the playground and get hit hard it is often said by the offender: “no harm, no foul.”

For the New England Patriots they have once again gotten away with cheating. How many times they have cheated and we don’t know could be a massive number.

The NFL has said to all the fans and all the other teams: “no harm, no foul.”

So here’s what NFL fans need to do in response to this (since the NFL won’t take real action):

*Remove all talk about how great the Patriots are or have been in the last 10-15 years.

*Remove all talk about Brady being mentioned among the best qb’s to play the game. (He is not and now that he has directly and personally hit as a cheater NFL fans should treat him like the MLB treats PETE ROSE. Poor old Pete can’t get into the Hall. Brady will go into the NFL Hall, but he should not.)

*Remove all talk about any yardage records of any receivers or Brady.

Finally, any real sports fan (including Patriot fans) should flood the office of the NFL that they are now without doubt co-cheaters with the Patriots.
It won’t make a different to N(not) F (fully) L (legal).

The only people hurt. Those who pay the high price tickets and merchandise and, oh yeah, those who really love the game and only want to see a good, fair game where the best team wins.

That is simply not today’s NFL.



– Christian Chandler

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Why Guys Often Think About Affairs and What Happens When You Cross That Line

We can’t let women off on this topic. Statics show that while not as many women are prone to wander in a committed relationship, they indeed do. Some would argue that women and men seek the sexual attention and affection of another partner for totally different reasons. For women many times, but not all, the emotions of the connection drive them into the arms of another lover. Many times an emotional affair begins for women long before a physical affair.

For men, guys let’s be honest—married or in a committed relationship—when we see a women that as the country song says “is too hot” for us “to be cool.” Sexual thoughts will often cross our mind even if only briefly. Not to be too graphic but some guys take a second and third and maybe a fourth look at those t’s and a’s.


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Now for those of us who subscribe to a faith such as Christianity this can cause a struggle. Before Jesus came on the scene it could be said that there was a history of more “open” relationships. Throughout the Old Testament, many men of God had wives and mistresses. As time passed this way of life seemed to go as well. Thus, a person could take it that the Ten Commandments basically said, in a strongly male interpretation that would not hold up in seminary, of look but don’t touch. When Jesus taught the message that even lusting after a woman is equal to adultery, let’s be honest guys that’s some strong language.

What guy that loves Sports and subscribes to Sports Illustrated throws away the Swimsuit Edition that comes every year?

We all know men are visual beings. If it looks good, it must be good for us—right? However, even if as a guy that looking is an issue for you because of faith or personal commitments, there is a high price to pay if we as guys cross that line and go progress from avoidance to looking to touching.

Many guys think they are above this sort of thing. I have heard guys almost boastfully say: “I will never cheat. I never even look at other women.” When I hear this I often just let it go. Later, I will ask what appears to be an off-the-subject question of who are their favorite singers or movie stars. It almost makes me laugh out loud when they name all extremely beautiful women. Now all of those actresses could be the best, but come on guys it’s because they are attractive.

Some guys handle this situation by not actually having a sexual relationship with another woman as in actual having a full on sex act, but they regularly go to strip clubs and touch and look at young women. It’s sort of a justification in the mind. Trust me, it wouldn’t hold up in a court of law—I mean with most girlfriends or wives.

There is a friend that I will call Tyler. Tyler has been married for almost twenty years but right now finds himself in a tight spot. After the revelation of an affair, he has bounced from place to place sleeping and eating when and what he could. For Tyler, this was not his first affair in the twenty years of marriage.

In fact, Tyler is a minister. In his first real church position, he ran off with a lady staff member who was married. They had been sexually involved for a few months before what was done in the dark came to light. For a time ministry was over for Tyler. Yet, he struggled with the call he believed was on his life. This woman he had the affair with became his wife a few years later.

The relationship was fairly good. The sex was very satisfying. Yet, Tyler admits when he walked through a store he would almost always check out a nice backside.

Eventually, Tyler returned to the ministry. Less than a year in his new church, a very aggressive woman on staff started paying Tyler so extra special attention. Tyler was so focused on the ministry for a while it was just ignored. Then the marriage relationship got extremely tense.

You guess it, Tyler engaged in a sexual relationship with this woman. She was married and now Tyler was married too. It was a brief encounter but Tyler’s wife found out. The scene was horrible. Tyler was faced with a second congregation knowing he was an adulterer. The church actually sort waffled on what they really wanted done about the situation. Tyler was a passionate preacher and great at the duties of being a pastor. The churches attendance was up and so was the money. For over ten days of hiding out the leaders of the church didn’t even ask for Tyler to leave. Eventually Tyler gave his resignation.


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This time would be a wake-up call for Tyler. The motor that seemed to drive him to succeed in ministry seemed to be the same motor that drove him to a sexual compulsion. Seeking help he discovered a personality disorder and began to get some help. That process is ongoing. Yet, I dare say no matter how effective counseling is that when a beautiful woman is near there will always be an awareness that something is indeed too hot to remain cool.

Tyler is just an example of all guys. You could be an executive looking and longing for someone in the office. You could be a teacher in a school who thinks that they can successfully get away with an indiscretion with one of those pretty young girls that you teach. You could be a police officer and that attractive lady you just pulled over for speeding makes an offer that you might not want to refuse. The point is if you are a guy, then this will always be something that will present itself.

I have found that at times it is even not about status or attractiveness. I have seen some guys who have children with a number of women be some sad looking dudes and even well-known deadbeats.

Sex is powerful and the power and reality of seduction is real and alive and well for guys (and gals). Guys don’t always assume you’re the only one in the relationship that might stray. Even though you might think you are a dreamboat and the best lover she’s ever had some other guy might just be a little bit slicker than you.

When the line is crossed and an affair has been engaged in there are so many results that can happen. Sometimes it ends up on the news. The headline reads: Jealous Husband Kills Wife’s Lover.

For Tyler, he married his first affair. The second, he ran from as fast as possible.

To close let’s ponder these questions:

Honestly, guys do you not look and maybe like about someone other than your partner?

Do you often look and let your imagination do the rest?

Do you think going somewhere like a strip club is cool because you aren’t actually going to have sex?

Maybe, guys, you just flat out sleep around on your partner! You’ve done it once, twice, so many times you don’t even know.

Maybe you’re one of those slick guys that hides everything well. Maybe you have had so much success playing that you identify yourself as one of the best.

The reality is guys when toes start crossing lines there is always a price to be paid by someone.

There’s no way I’m going to condemn a guy for noticing a beautiful woman. Heck, what turns you on turns you on. If it’s long legs or long blonde hair, when you happen on it just in course of daily activity it happens.

The question of how we will define ourselves as men is what we do next? Do we flirt and see how far we can go? Do we remain true to our partners and say to ourselves something like “she’s hot” and keep walking?

Some people like to call this temptation, I simply call it life. Men and women are sexual beings. Both are going to see, feel, or think of something that attracts them. To deny that is a lie. Believe that lie if you must. I don’t feel that guys need to see this as some ragging battle they must fight. I have seen books in Christian bookstores that are titled things like everyman’s struggle and it be about sexual issues. At some point men, we have to realize what our attractions are and not necessarily broadcast them to our partners or on social media. I won’t suggest you tweet or give your status on Facebook as: “I like big butts and I cannot lie!!!” (Remember that song? You might be too young!)


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Be honest with yourself about what gets your sexual thoughts and attention. Be honest with yourself about that seemingly innocent relationship that inside you know isn’t something you hope remains innocent. Then you have to do some serious thinking. Cross that line. Pay that price. Each guy is faced with that question and each will have a different answer.

Here’s a final thought: no matter how often and how long an inappropriate sexual relationship goes for you…when the bill comes due how will you pay it? Will the cost be worth it? I had a middle school teacher who was a killer on us chewing gum. When caught, we had to write 500 times… “I doubled my pleasure. I doubled my fun. Now I must pay for chewing my gum.”



– Christian Chandler

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Tim Tebow’s Big Move

On Sunday April 19, 2015, Tim Tebow signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Believe it or not, this is team number four in such a short career.

Regardless of what happens in Philly with Tim Tebow, the Tebow haters and lovers need to understand this: Tebow is the most under-rated player in the game. The idea he should be a running back comes from fans that obviously either haven’t watched Tim or have no understanding of talent. Tim has incredible skills at the quarterback position. His life is being a quarterback and he is one of the best that has played the game. Strong statement? Maybe. However, it is all in how a judgment is based. If to be a good player you have to have six Super Bowl rings then I doubt calling Tim a great player would be wrong. If talent alone is what is used to classify players then Tim is a shining star in football (college or professional). Really, that isn’t even the issue with Tim Tebow. Facts are this guy seems to bring up strong emotions for people one way or the other. I have seen few players that even before an NFL career starts good already despise or love like he has been around for years. I especially have trouble understanding the Tebow haters.

Maybe because people have reacted negatively to his faith or maybe people just don’t like to see a really nice guy succeed at something that they can’t and never will? Maybe Tim stands out too much in a sports world full of thugs, murderers, wife and girlfriend beaters, and drug addicts?


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I understand the criticism about Tebow. I, too, have watched him ramble around the pocket too long dancing even when there was a receiver open that he just didn’t see. I have also watched him throw a bunch of passes that seemed like a direct attack on the turf. He has had some poor performances.

Yet, somehow fans forgot that Tebow was a rookie in the NFL. Unfairly, it seemed like if everything he did was not a major success then he was a horrible miserable player. This is not true. If you have watched much NFL football you know that many teams have young players at any position that take a while before they become a household name. The trouble for Tim was he was a household name and had all that pressure long before he had a chance to learn and develop.

Tim had proven that he was not a running back but a quarterback in college.

Being a South Carolina Gamecock fan, during his college career Tim Tebow was a nightmare for me. I could replay in my mind “jump pass” after “jump pass.” I could also recall sitting at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia watching Florida score 60 some odd points. Let’s not even mention how many points the Gamecocks scored.

So while I hated to see the Gators on the schedule, there was something I liked about Tim. No, it wasn’t his faith. No, it wasn’t his decision not to be part of Playboy’s All-American Team because he didn’t like the magazine. There was something about the way he plays the game.

Whether you love or hate Tebow to deny he gives the game his all would be a distortion of reality. So when Tim went to Denver, I became a Broncos fan. Pro football is hard for me to follow and really pull for a team because the players just aren’t loyal and most of the time it is clear they play for the dough and not with the passion they once had.


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No one who judged Tim had actually fairly given him a chance to actually even actually make a passing grade solely on his ability. If “Johnny Football” had been judged like Tim was judged then he would not need to show his face in Cleveland again. Might I mention here (as a Gamecock fan) that when “Johnny Football” went down near the end of the season that the Browns turned to Connor Shaw. Yes, Connor lost the game he started, but it was clear that the Browns players would rather have Connor under center.

Amazingly, the guy everyone said couldn’t be a professional quarterback, Tim was a key factor that lead the Broncos to the playoffs and to a playoff victory in defeating a team that was a Super Bowl favorite. The ship seemed to be getting ready to hit calm seas and Tim get a real chance. Then Peyton. People forget that Tim had a starting job until Peyton. Now, I totally respect Peyton for most things he has done in his career. His picking Denver was a classless move on his part. You might want to argue that but trust me you won’t change my mind. Right beside his future Hall of Fame picture it should read: “The man who through greed potentially ended a good guys football career.”

Manning’s time with Indy was over but he wasn’t done yet. So in his great wisdom he liked Denver and Tim was odd man out. Just a few weeks before Peyton picked Denver (and make no mistake Denver was seduced by Peyton’s decision), the John Fox, former Carolina coach and now former Denver coach, said Tim would be the starter the next season. So much for that! Tim was gone.

There is no way I would have been as nice or complimentary of Manning and the Broncos as Tim was at the time and continues to be. I like Manning but I think had I been Tim he would have faced a serious problem off the field in a dark alley somewhere on the Denver streets.

The next step on his path was with the New York Jets. Now I loved the old sitcom King of Queens and for those of you who remember that show remember Kevin James (Doug) regularly wearing a Jets t-shirt. So, guess what I became a Jet’s fan. I got the hat and the t-shirt and the Directv package where I could watch the Jets play every Sunday.


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The Jets had a terrible quarterback. I just knew it wouldn’t be long before Tim was back on the field. Games came and went and the starter for the Jets just got worse and worse and so did the season. Jets fans that didn’t even like Tebow were calling for him to get a chance. Many have said that Tebow was just a publicity stunt for the Jets and that is possible. Regardless, it is clear that they were never going to let him play. No matter how hard he worked. No matter what he had proved he was capable of doing in the NFL. No matter that the Jets season was over and their quarterback a total disaster. Tim was abused in New York.

The Jets hat and t-shirt went out the door. Actually the hat and t-shirt went to a sweet young waitress at a local pizza house.

Tim’s next “chance” came with a team I would have rather not thought about, the New England Patriots. I knew from the announcement that Tim was going to the Patriots that Tim playing would not even be something to dream about. However, I choked up a bit but I got the Patriots hat and t-shirt. However, the cheating Patriots probably felt a great guilt complex with Tim around and he didn’t even make it through spring practice.

I wouldn’t even give the Patriot stuff away. It went straight to the trash which consequently is a very good place for New England Patriot gear of any kind. As a side note, it does football a disgrace that sport reporters even use Brady’s name in the same sentence with a quarterback like Joe Montana from the 1980’s San Francisco 49ers days. There is absolutely no comparison even if Brady wins 20 rings. Kind of like Mark McGuire’s homerun record comes with some explaining due to the use of banned performance enhancing drugs. The Patriots known and unknown cheating efforts has to place somewhat of a question mark on each of those championships under a coach that even Don Shula called a cheater.

Now for the adventure in the broadcast booth, Tim has been signed with the Eagles. As I have the reports there has been a wide range of response. The haters still saying he can’t play in the NFL (obviously they forget that many NFL qb’s never make it to the playoffs and fewer still win in the playoffs). Then others say that with the current Philly coach that Tim will get an fair shake and an opportunity. The truth is none of us have a clue which it will be. Denver gave him a chance and to a surprising degree he produced in a number of ways. The Jets were just playing with him. The Patriots were wasting everybody’s time (and my money).

Now, as fans ready for the coming NFL season, there is this new story line for us to follow: will he or won’t he? Will Tebow make it through camp this time? Will Tebow actually ever step onto the field during a game to take a snap as an Eagle quarterback (outside of preseason that is)?


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Whatever happens in Philly for Tim I want to make this clear from the start: the Tim Tebow problem is not a problem that tells us very much about Tim but tells us a lot about Pro Football and sports fans. It says that teams are about as credible as many of their criminal thug players they pay millions of dollars. It says that sports fans love it when people can’t live their dream. That’s probably because so many who bash Tim secretly want to be a guy who throws a TD pass like the one that knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs against Denver that year. The armchair quarterback who can’t and never will succeed seeks to see people with a name fail.

Ultimately, we can predict all we want and there are already a ton of predictions just in a few hours since Tim joined the Eagles, the Philly experiment with Tim Tebow will take time to understand. Yet this much is already clear: how we, as fans, respond to Tim Tebow likely says more about us than it does Tim. Whether you agree with his beliefs or not, Tim is a real man. Never has he complained or showed out because a game didn’t go his way or that he was treated like a puppet by three NFL teams. If he never does another thing that alone makes him a stronger man than 90% of the guys out there on and off a football field.

Hopes are that Tim Tebow soars to the starting position with the Eagles and goes onto to many victories in the NFL!



– Christian Chandler

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While it’s been confirmed that Victor Victor is an actual person (though Victor Victor could still be a pen name), some of his claims – like being the inventor of the semicolon – have yet to be substantiated. He’s wanted for questioning in three countries, all for driving-related incidents and he’s rumored to be one of the photographers who caused Princess Di’s fatal crash. Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you just scrolled right past his editorials (we don’t read them either).


salSalvatore Morocco

They call me “The Main Event”! Whether its in a ring, at a poker table or here on Stuff Dudes Like… I’m the best you’ll ever see! I am a professional wrestler. I have just begun to make a name for myself around the wrestling world. Most notably defeating Zach Gowan and Gregory Iron in recent tag-team action. On top of being both a lifelong fan of wrestling and involved in the business, I have been involved in the music industry, the fashion world and the world of film making. These skills I’ve picked up give me added experience that I hope will translate into an enjoyable and informative reading experience. Join me for stories about the world of professional wrestling and the people in it.

TWITTER: @SalvatoreMorocc

mike2Mike Lerchenfeldt

Science and Informational Literacy Teacher in the Chippewa Valley Schools. Alum of Oakland University and Saginaw Valley State University. Member of the Michigan-Shiga, Japan Student Exchange Committee. Taught in New Zealand through a teacher exchange program. Dedicated to student success. Enjoys being an active member of the community. Blogger for Digital First Media writing mainly about education, health, and travel.

TWITTER: @mj_lerch

jasonJason Smith

Hey readers of Stuff Dudes Like! My name is Jason Smith. I am a stand-up comedian from Albany, NY. I have been doing the standing up and telling jokes since 2008. I have performed all over the northeast, the entire east coast and Los Angeles. I’ve opened for big name comics, like Doug Stanhope. I have stories to tell. I also have a passion for professional wrestling, beer, video games and other things that I’m sure make you go “Oh, I can relate to this Jason Smith guy!” Please come along with me, as I write about those things. Also, follow me on Twitter, where I occasionally say things that make people chuckle.

TWITTER: @ComedianJasonS

chris mChris Monroe

Being a first time Dad to a 16-month old doesn’t lend to much time for writing. On the contrary it does offer a plethora of stories, memories and moments to write about and share. As any dad would know the stories of diaper accidents and spitting up food are abundant and I will try to spare you the gross details. However, from time to time I would like to stop by and share with you dudes some random fun stories that parenthood and life have brought along the way.

TWITTER: @turtle868

holtRobert Holt

Robert Holt is a St. Louis native and has been writing horror fiction for years. He has short stories published in dozens of anthologies and on the web. His first novel, Death’s Disciples, was released in the summer of 2014. His second book was a 360 degree turn from the splatterpunk style of the first. The Vegetarian Werewolf was a toddler horror anthology for the 4 to 7 age range. He has also started assisting with the production of a documentary film about the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark children’s book series. He is a boxing enthusiast, a dedicated hiker, a beer aficionado, and a beard wearing hipster.

TWITTER: @HoltHorror

headshots, kids, portraits childrenMatt Walker

Matt Walker is a Los Angelesean Floridian with an opinion. If you need hard-hitting time devouring op-eds that concern YOU, Matt will provide them. Call him an intellectual or a savant, he won’t know the difference.

Matt has been called writer, artist, musician, improviser, failure, and disappointment.

The proof’s in the links:

TWITTER: @mattwindwalker

thumbChristian Chandler

Christian Chandler is from the great state of South Carolina. Chris has worked on newspaper staffs, radio broadcasting sports and country music, management, counseling, political involvement and much, much more. If it’s interesting he likes it and wants in. His writing covers a number of topics. You might read about sports, social and political issues, health and nutrition issues, and basically whatever his creative mind comes up with. There are so many layers to Chris even he might not find them all before his life ends. He passionately loves his wife. Has a great attraction to Christianity and Eastern Religions. Particularly the psychology of the east to give some answers to our out of control society that seems to thrive on hate and a “us” verse “them” mentality. If you want to read the same old stuff that has been written a million times or just read stuff that is “preaching to the choir” because it enforces your strongly held beliefs that you just aren’t willing to have challenged, Christian Chandler may not be your guy.

TWITTER: @AuthorChrisC

ryan bRyan Bailey

The name is Ryan Bailey and the town is Buffalo NY. I ‘m a graduate from the (not so) famous Cheektowaga NY school known as Cleveland Hill. When it comes to my social life, I’m the 19 year old fat, funny, and deaf kid that everyone loves… I think. When it comes to sports I’m a fan of every sport, even cricket. I just don’t know the rules but who needs rules! I play baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and soccer all recreationally though. I’m an avid fantasy sport player who has yet to win money. It reminds me of  last 15 years of my favorite team the Buffalo Bills (mark my words, I am guaranteeing the Bills make the playoffs in 2015!). When it comes to my favorite teams you can say I got a weird bunch. For football I enjoy the losing talents of Buffalo and Cleveland. When it comes to baseball it’s all about the Yankees and Indians. In hockey I’m fans of the Sabres and Blue Jackets. Basketball, the Celtics (yes I know it makes no sense) and the Cavs. Also I’m a Bandits season ticket holder. “What’s he got?? Nothing!!”. I’ll leave you with this all you need to know about me… I love sports, I love my family, I love beer, and I love deaf people.

TWITTER: @R_Bailey11

 NaseehaNaseeha Tayob

Small talk with a big mouth.

TWITTER: @naseehatayob

jeffJeff Bauer

I am originally from St. Cloud MN, and I currently reside in Wisconsin. Life is tough being a Vikings fan in Wisconsin. I am an avid player of Fantasy Sports and have been quite successful I have played since 1989. I am a big movie buff along with being a video game geek. I am also the official Fantasy Football Guru for Izzy Presley’s Another F’N Podcast!

TWITTER: @jbauer36

sunshineSunshine Peterman

Sunshine. Real name. Born of hippies. I was taken to a nudist camp as I a kid but regrettably, blocked it out. I’m the single mom to ten “children” ages, 20,18,18,17,17,16,15,15,13 and 2. Five daughters and five sons. 5 bio and 5 adopted from foster care. I was a foster kid as a teen therein my mission. I blog about adoption awareness, foster care reform and living with a houseful of hormones. I’m a hippie at heart and believe in the power of humanity, and personal enlightenment. I’m a quote, diet coke and Doritos addict. I believe there’s profound good inherently in people & power in words, together that’s unstoppable.

TWITTER: @momsterof10

wordsmithSamuel Wordsmith

Samuel Wordsmith is a semi-consistent writer and a frequent, part time optimist. Much of his day is spent wishing he was a guinea pig, writing scripts and shouting, via Twitter, at inspirational quotes.

See you in the afterlife atheists.

TWITTER: @SamuelWordsmith

ronRon Palmieri

I run the pop-culture website It’s Cool To Me, Dammit! where I write articles, draw web comics and make videos all about comics, video games, super hero movies and lot’s more. Want to debate Marvel vs. DC? I’ll tell you why Marvel rocks and why you’re wrong. When I’m not blogging, I like food. All kinds of food. Good food, bad food. Making food and dissecting food all to make sure I get the perfect bite! And the best part is washing it all down with a delicious craft beer. My hope is to write some things that all the dudes (and dude-ettes too) like!

TWITTER: @ronofthemill

CLAYClay Thiessen

Hey guys, my name is Clay. And here’s a few things about myself.. Sagittarius, outdoorsman, musician, style snob, loner, recovered addict, boot hoarder, classic rock enthusiast, chairbourne warrior, weekend drinker, cigar lover, I prefer cats over dogs, pizza is the preference, small town kid and I would do anything for my friends and family. I’ve been asked to describe myself in 3 words, and my response, “Fast, Easy, Free”. Live fast, be easy and never take freedom for granted.

TWITTER: @ClayTheGringo

robertRobert Leigh

After bartending his way around Spain and the West End of London, Robert Leigh returned to his home city of Liverpool and began writing. Leigh’s works include Kill Line (Book One of The Retribution Trilogy) and From Lime Street to Yirgacheffe (a true story, of sorts…). He lives in Liverpool City Centre and continues to write in numerous genres.

TWITTER: @RLeigh78

joshJosh King

A publicity stunt in high school lead me to appearing on national television at the youthful age of 17. After appearing on ESPN’s Outside the Lines in 2005, I was able to get into mainstream media. I’ve been published in both the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune Review. I’ve been transitioning into radio in the Pittsburgh area. I’ve lived in Chicago, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, and even had a brief tenure in Minnesota. I look forward to contributing celebrity interviews and random columns for Stuff Dudes Like.

TWITTER: @joshk65

micheleMichele Jones

Family, writing, cooking, and sports are passions for Michele Jones. She is a diehard Penguin, Steeler, and Pirate fan… really, a diehard anything-Pittsburgh fan. Michele is a published memoir writer, short story author, and poet, but she loves writing paranormal, horror, and thriller fiction. She moderates a local writing group in her hometown and critiques and beta reads for several published authors.

TWITTER: @Chelepie

chillChillbear Latrigue

I’m one of the about 150 million writers who were created when our barely literate society learned that we no longer had to use typewriters to sputter out our readable thoughts. Raised on the mean streets of South Florida during the turbulent Art Deco revival, I’ve developed a reputation as a literary ne’er-do-well who plays by his own set of rules. I’ve been an author and editor on several formidable blogs, including and the late, great Look out, Stuff Dudes Like, this writer is likely to completely redefine how you feel about things like macramé pistol grips and the “beer before liquor” rule.

TWITTER: @Chillbear

laura Laura Elizabeth Anderson

Resident goofball, silly goose, love naps, dinosaurs, & science!

TWITTER: @dinosaurs907

joseJose Luna

Dudes… My name is Jose Luna. I’m a lifelong long video game and tech junkie and newest writer for SDL. Im looking forward to contributing gaming news and reviews to the site, and playing games with the SDL community.

TWITTER: @sohkseven

michaelMichael Carroll

Hello, my name is Michael Carroll. I am a part time mental health and human services worker, and I am also a part time chaplain. I am a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran, and I was deployed to the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of Operation Joint Forge. I attended Indiana State University, where I double majored in Professional Aviation and Aerospace Administration. I then attended Ball State University, where I studied Meteorology. I am Catholic, and my faith is very important to me. My interests include music, sports, history and astronomy, and if you couldn’t already tell, I also love anything to do with Meteorology and Aviation. My favorite sports are hockey, football and baseball. At the moment, I am writing two books. One is a parody of romance novels. The other is my memoirs.

I currently live in Warsaw, Indiana with my fiance and our two dogs. I am living with and overcoming Serious Mental Illness, as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury. I hope you find my contributions to this site to be enjoyable and inspirational.

TWITTER: @CatholicArmyVet

rickyRicky James Crisp Jr

My name is Ricky James Crisp Jr. I grew up on the Left Coast in Auburn, WA. In 2004 I got my AAS Degree in Radio Broadcasting at Brown College in Mendota Heights, MN. Sept. 2001 I moved from Seattle, WA to Scottsdale, AZ. I’m a Die Hard Chicago Bears and Arizona Wildcats Basketball fan, and a huge Football, UFC, Basketball fan. As a hobby/side job I DJ and and make beats/remixes and mashups. My DJ site is and you can follow me on Twitter or FaceBook.

TWITTER: @DJRickochet714


cagleThe Cagle and Cory Show 

The Cagle and Cory Show is comprised of two people, Dylan Cagle and Cory Bowlin. The duo plans on making podcasting a career in the future.

TWITTER: @cagleandcory

jk2The old WZ and JK show

You can take the boys out of Scottdale, but you can’t take the Scottdale out of the boys.
WZ and JK have been friends since they graduated high school. What started off with little pranks around town, escalated quickly when they found jobs making them wealthy kids before the age of 21.
The money was a surprise to both of them as they endured financial struggles during the year of 2007. The newfound money would help the two go on the ride of a lifetime. From Maui to Puerto Rico they will tell tales of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Literally. Add in massage parlors, gambling, and guns and the story just begins.
From traveling to Canada without birth certificates with guns in the trunk, to screaming at millionaire bosses in Maui (WZ 2009, JK 2010 in Puerto Rico) this show is dedicated to telling the behind the scenes of what happened at CPU Pittsburgh.
Trib Total Media built their empire then spit WZ and JK out at 24.
Now, 3 years later these two aren’t holding back.
This show will be sure to be a laugh riot. Starring Walter Zimmerman the funniest guy that isn’t famous…well…yet. A Josh Mirage production.

TWITTER: @joshk65