As I prepare for another match this Saturday night, I began to reflect on my journey. Up to this point, I’ve done it all in attempts to reach my goals. I know where I want to be. Fitness is currently the peak topic on my mind and I realize what I have to do to get to that place. It is a life long road and there are many bumps and obstacles in the way. Fitness plays a huge role in my wrestling career. Not only to look my best but I also need to physically compete and defeat my opponent.  I know I cannot get into great detail here (fitness is a topic that can be discussed for days) but I will briefly share with you my road to health and fitness.  I have discovered that there are 4 main points to focus on during a journey to a healthier lifestyle.


I decided to first discuss the most important topic in this category, Diet. There are many different diets one can choose to follow. Pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, alkaline, blood type, high protein etc. I’ve found this is the most important because with out a healthy diet no amount of weights, cardio or vitamins will counter the effects of eating poorly. I do not stick to any particular diet. I envelop many elements of all diets into my own personal regimen. But at the end of the day, I truly just try to make the best food choices for each meal. If you find you don’t have the greatest diet currently and attempts In past have failed, you can try what I did when I first changed my lifestyle. The old New year’s resolution style of changing your entire diet cold turkey is never going to work. I realized early on that a complete diet change was impossible. Instead I made small healthy substitutions. Instead of soda pop I chose flavored water. Instead of bread I chose wraps. Instead of cookies, chips and ice cream I chose yogurt,  apples and bananas. I continued this mentality and once I adjusted to one change I made another small change. So on and so forth until I had eliminated all the unhealthy items that consumed my diet. Now I’m content with my diet and from time to time allow myself to enjoy those other Items as occasional treats on my “cheat” day or even just a “cheat” meal. I personally find them critical for a successful diet. This way nothing is forbidden and completely testing your will. In you mind you know that eventually you will be able to have that one item you are really craving. It preventing breaking your will power, which leads to the mental failure of your diet.



Next would probably have to be lifting weights and working out. Don’t get me wrong, cardio is important and the biggest contributor to being “in shape” but cardio only burns calories and makes you thin. With all that fat burned you need something to substitute that space in your body. You fill it with muscle. Lifting isn’t for everyone but you can still workout without lifting heavy weights. Push ups, crunches, and squats are 3 workouts you can do in the privacy of your own home and require only your own body weight. I recommend some form of exercise outside of cardio for your all around health. I find it ridiculous that many people fear lifting because they don’t want to get too big. People spend hours of each day in the gym without getting big. It requires much more than just lifting to truly get big.

The next for me is a tie between cardio and supplementing. You need a balance between the four I’ve talked about to achieve perfection. I couldn’t choose which one between these two was the next most important, so I will cover them together. Cardio burns calories, helps your heart, lungs and blood pressure. It burns fat and gives you the vascular look (veins popping). It can come from running, elliptical, short breaks between sets, sports etc…

Now on to supplementing. Lifting and cardio burn off fats and carbs, proper diets control the amount of bad fats and carbs that go in. But your body still needs nutrients. Your muscles especially, they require potassium, iron, protein/aminos, water etc. Whether it be from protein synthesis to rebuild muscle or just simple aiding in digestion, supplementing is essential because we do not get everything our body needs in our daily food consumption.

Now,  let me add,  These are just realizations I have made in my own fitness journey. And I have been very vague because I’m not looking to write a book. Any of these in excess can have adverse effects on your body. I advise you to find a healthy balance between these four categories, know your limits and be safe. Your journey may end up be completely different than mine. It needs to be YOUR journey. You can research all you like, at the end of the day you still need to find what works for you.

Keep setting goals for yourself. Never give up. We are all capable of great things. Good luck.


– Salvatore Morocco

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