Entourage Review

The long awaited Entourage movie has finally come, but was it worth the wait? I had the opportunity to see the anticipated movie of the summer based on the original HBO television series by the same name.


Image Credit: HBO

The movie kicked off 6 days after the series ended in 2011. A lot has happened in those 6 days. The recently retired super agent Ari Gold is already getting back to work, this time as the studio head at universal. Also in those 6 days the movie star Vincent Chase has already been divorced and is back to his partying womanizing ways. In the opening scene Ari offers his first movie as studio head to Vince, but Vince has a different idea. Vince adds the stipulation that he wants to direct the next movie that he’s in and Ari gives in. The rest of the movie is fast forwarded 8 months and some things have changed. One being the Turtle character, who made a huge profit on a tequila company he bought with Mark Cuban.

The gag the whole movie is how much did Turtle exactly make? When the show ended his stock was worth 4 million and is obviously worth a lot more in the 8 months that pass. E is no longer with Sloan once again, but the two are expecting a baby any day now which makes things awkward for the two in their personal sex lives. Vince’s movie is on its way to being made except tag the needs more money on the project although it’s already way over budget, forcing Ari to use a co-financier in Texas. In order for them to get the money needed to complete the movie the son of the co-financier has to give his approval of the movie. When they get back to LA the son sees an unfinished cut of the movie and has some notes about it. Including cutting out Johnny Drama, the older half brother of Vince, he also suggests getting rid of Vince. This seems to be a problem for Vince and his inaugural film as a director.


Image Credit: HBO

All in all I think the film was fantastic. I enjoyed the 17 celebrate cameos. I also loved the transition from TV to the big screen. I think the movie is a perfect complement to the original series. I also feel that the movie leaves off with a perfect ending that can lead to sequels to come and as we all hope they do. In the end I give the film an 8.5 out of 10.


– Joe “Coupe” Ricupero