Chill Puck Review

Summer Time is next month and that mean’s NO MORE WARM BEER FACE! That’s right Never drink warm beer again with the Chill Puck, a Frozen coaster Ice Pack for your drink that is specifically designed to attached to soda and beer cans. This mold maximizes the amount of surface area connecting the freezing cold ice pack and the can, actually chilling your beverage while you drink! Take it with you wherever you go by attaching it with the Chill Band.


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The Chill Bands hold the puck to the can with suction and will not slip off. Chill Bands can be customized with your favorite colors and logos. Rock the Bands on your wrist where they’re always on deck for your next drink. Chill Bands can be customized with your favorite colors and logos. Or go to to see if they have your favorite sports team so that your beverage can is representing while your drink. If your not into the online shopping and or want your Chill Puck ASAP then you can head on down to Lowe’s to get your Chill Puck.
Using the CHILL PUCK is easy and there are multiple different ways to keep your drinks cold.

1) The first and simplest way is to use it as a COASTER. The puck has 4 tiny legs raising it up off the table, protecting your wood. Simply set your can on it.

2) The second way is tucked into the bottom of a KOOZIE. Set the puck on your can and slide the can and puck into the Koozie as you normally would.

3) The third way is directly attached to the can using our CHILL BAND. Insert the puck into the band, set the puck flat in your hand and then press the can into the puck. The band will grab the sides of the can and create suction to keep the puck and can together.

4) The last way to use CHILL PUCKS are in the COOLER, keeping your drinks and food cold, replacing the need for ice. Freeze to zero degrees, press and twist onto beverage, then enjoy… rinse and repeat!

By keeping beverages frosty, the Chill Puck enhances the experience of drinking and is the perfect accompaniment for backyard barbecues, while watching TV and outdoor ballgames. The Chill Puck can be customized with any name or company logo so that your chilling cans and promoting your brand.


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– Ricky James Crisp Jr

TWITTER: @DJRickochet714