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It’s so hot you guys…

Here in Texas, temperatures are slated to reach over 100 degrees statewide by late this afternoon.

In technical terms: IT’S REALLY FREAKING HOT. #DidWeSayHotAlready?


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Defeat the heat with a refreshing Watermelon Margarita direct from our steamy (she’s gonna kill me for that one) mixologist #BexInTheBar!

The recipe for this PhilCollins-worthy cocktail is as follows:



Watermelon purée:
Cut a small watermelon in half. Juice one half and place in blender. Cut other half in to chunks (off the rind) and place in blender. Blend 30 seconds and fine strain.

2 oz Camarena silver tequila
.5 oz Cointreau
2 oz watermelon purée
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz agave nectar

METHOD (fancy way to say “And now…” #TheMoreYouKnow)
Add all ingredients to shaker. Add ice. #ShakeItLikeYourPaidTo. Pour directly into glass. Add additional ice if desired.
It might not prevent chafing, but it sure helps keep your mind off it…#StuffThatHelps


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As always, drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. Cheers!



– Morgan Alexander Kosinski

Instagram: @PHCP

The Trump Huffs

Remember that show, Hey Arnold! ? It was an alright kids show back in its day, and was somewhat entertaining for the whole family.


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The opposite could be said for Donald Trump. Whenever this man starts to say something he thinks is profound and proliferate, I think: Hey Donald!

You’ve got to admit that Trump is one interesting sunova bitch.

He’s also got somewhat of a stupid looking head, which is unhealthy.

Donald Trump’s head is so toxic that his hair piece can’t be in the same room with little children.


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It’s becoming more clear that Donald Trump is in fact a gift from God – in the way of vocab-sharts.

Donald Trump is to America what Ghandi is to people who are addicted to snacks; kind of a douche, yet somewhat revered (like the Antichrist).

Anyways, Trump has been making news left and right. When he’s not saying, “I want to make America great again”, he’s been kind of racist. When referring to Mexicans that have crossed into America he called them rapists, as well as accusing them of bringing drugs and crime. He then continued his statement by saying, “And some, I assume, are good people”.

Bravo, Donald Trump. You are quite the presidential candidate, so understanding and all knowing. Sort of like Jeb Bush, who’s so in touch with the times he thinks Americans need to work longer hours.

In other news, Donald Trump butt-plugs just hit the market!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Trump isn’t afraid of sticking his head in places they shouldn’t be. He even got into a twitter feud with escaped drug lord El Chapo recently, who like many took offense to Trump’s remarks about Mexicans.

Trump took offense when El Chapo said he couldn’t commit to Trump as his VP. So you can understand the dislike there. The truth is that Trump crossed El Chapo off his VP candidate list as soon as El Chapo asked Americans to hide him from authorities in exchangee for ten million dollars.

Trump would never EVER give away that much money to someone to hide him and his hair-thing.

Donald Trump is being seen as such a sideshow right now that the Huffington Post announced on Friday that they will no longer be reporting on his presidential campaign in the political section of their site, and will only post news of him in their ‘Entertainment’ section. So when you feel like you’ve had your fill on Kim and Kanye, look no further than the rattrap on Donald’s head.


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No matter how serious you take Donald Trump, he’s actually leading in the Republican GOP polls with 18% of the vote, which is 4% more than the Republican favorite, Jeb Bush.

What I love hearing is some people referring to him as “fearless”, despite the fact that he declined to sit in with the Pope on a puff-puff-mass.

Trump may be comfortable and confident while speaking in front of people, but that doesn’t mean he’s good at it or that he’ll “Make America great again”. It means he’s a loudmouth with an ego that cares mostly about his own feelings, and that his farts probably smell like shit.

Trump is fairly old, and a lot of people think of him in the opposite way he thinks of himself; that he’s out of date. Think about it – we’re talking about the man who ordered a hit on The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The guy’s been around for a while, OK? He’s not crying wolf, though. He’s crying, “please let this lead to a reality TV show”.

Which this pretty much already is. This is reality TV at its finest:




You know, the three basic qualities of entertainment.

The face-off for the Republican party bid for President is going to have a cinema-type feel to it. I can picture a blockbuster title for it:

“Donald Trump vs. Jed Bush: The Force Mistakens”.

And it mistakens all too well. Between the lack of support on gay rights and the opinion that Americans need to work longer hours..Jeb Bush ain’t looking too hot either.

So here comes Donald Trump with his border patrol-type demeanor and cactus mouth, trying to appeal to the masses by saying he employs hundreds of Mexicans…thinking that will smoothe things over on the rape-calling front.

Donald Trump hasn’t been shy to call out Jeb Bush as a “total disaster” and asked, “how the hell can you vote for the guy?”

Well…maybe if the choice for president is between him and you.

This presidential campaign is starting to get spicy, folks. Are your wallets ready to salsa?

Are you a Hillary buff? Do you dig Donald Trump?

Do you long for a weekend at Bernies?

All important political questions we’ll soon find out.

There will be much more material to come out the closer we get to the election. It’s in a little over a year, so maybe by then Donald can build a house of sanity around his campaign. A campaign that doesn’t revolve around saying idiotic crap, like saying Sen. John McCain isn’t a war hero because he was captured in Vietnam.

“I like people that weren’t captured,” Trump said. “He’s a war hero because he was captured.”

A Navy pilot, McCain was shot down and captured for almost SIX YEARS in Vietnam.

Hey Donald! Can you actully Trump that? When have you done anything for our country that can relate to that experience to merit having an opinion like that?

Trump majors in real estate, and wears depends when he golfs. His big hit was “The Celebrity Apprentice” (which was just canceled by NBC). I’m sorry, but that does not justify his opinion(s) or hide the fact that he called a famous veteran a phony for being shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese.

That, along with his racist remarks about Mexicans, is the kind of thing that makes people want to give you a titty-twister. The reality is that, most see Trump as the phony.

Donald Trump running for President? That’s like trying to open up a can of beans with a hotdog. It’s like, Wtf. How is this really happening?

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Donald Trump has put himself into the loony bin, and he can’t even deny it. He should’ve known he was going to the loony bin as soon as he busted out a black book of spells while high on LSD, watching the Disney channel.

Acually, there was no black book of spells or LSD. Trump just likes sitting on his magnificent dud-seat with the Disney channel on – murmering to himself what child actors will morph into whores (probably).

“I’m really rich”, is what Trump says. Worth over ten billion dollars, this man, like other presidential hopefuls, will still ask for your money. And then fight people you shouldn’t even joke about fighting on social media. Be racist. Besmeach war heroes. Have his merchandise removed from your local Macys and Salvation Army.

And then rub his scalp with some unadulterated crisco.

I say lube it up, Donald… lube it up.

Just don’t lube it up in front of a war memorial or taco truck.



– A.J. DeMello

TWITTER: @humorousfiend

New Hampshire


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Kyle Larson proved last week that he is still reliably unreliable and Kyle Busch proved he can be fast even when he doesn’t show speed. Let’s put those lessons to work this week.

Carl Edwards is starting on the pole, but has had consistency problems. He did have the best 10 lap average in the first Saturday practice. for $20.50, I’ll take the risk to have the spare cash to buy Ryan Blaney.

Happy Harvick is smiling, usually a good fantasy sign for owners. Will he generate enough points to cover his cost??

For those that acquired early, Martin Truex is still the steal of the season with Kurt Busch a close second. Both are showing a bunch of speed this week.

The brothers Busch are both showing speed, I like them both, especially since Kyle just won at a “similar” track. Kyle had the 3rd fastest 10 lap average speed Saturday morning.

David Ragan is starting way too high based on his practice speeds, serious downside risk here. Same can be said for Landon Cassill.

Caution: Jeff Gordon may look like a value starting where he is, but he has struggled all weekend and lost valuable practice time Saturday after a garage collision with Clint Bowyer.

Speed on the Cheap: Technically David Ragan or Landon Cassill should go here, but we want cheap drivers with upside, not drivers that are guaranteed to only lose spots. Ryan Blaney is the man you want, he is starting higher than I’d like, but was 2nd only to Carl Edwards in 10 lap average speed.

Ideal Lineup:

Carl Edwards
Kyle Busch
Kurt Busch
Martin Truex
Ryan Blaney

P.S. Next week I’ll be reporting from tracking side at Indy! Thanks to the good folks at Crown Royal



– Adam Dulski

Twitter: @adamdulski


Expo 2015 Milan: Review


The first Expo was held in 1851 in London and now 164 years later it is still going strong. This year it’s taking place in Milan, Italy.

This year’s Expo is highlighting the traditional cuisine from 145 countries all over the world. The Expo started on May 1, 2015 and continues all the way until October 31, 2015. Twenty million visitors are expected to visit in that time and I was fortunate enough to be one of them.

I arrived at the front gate around 12:15 local time and to my surprise out of the group of 50+ people I had traveled with, 8 tickets were invalid due to a mistake on the Expo’s side. It took an hour and a half before the 8 people that were stranded outside the gates were able to resolve the issue and get in.

By the time we were in it was around lunch time and that was a complete mess. The Expo is supposed to be focused on encouraging people to try new foods from different places, but there was no easy way for you to sample all of the food from around the world. Some people were so discouraged by the long lines and unfamiliar foods that they settled for a McDonald’s on the Expo grounds.


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I can honestly say that my time at the Expo was not at all enjoyable. It’s hard to enjoy something when you don’t get what you expected. Nobody traveled from New York to have McDonald’s in Milan, but with the way the Expo was run it was almost forced upon us for the simple fact that we knew where our money was going.

If I ever have an opportunity to go to a future Expo i would easily turn it down. Something that was supposed to be an opportunity of a lifetime turned out to be a complete and overpriced disaster.


– Joe “Coupe” Ricupero




Cachaça…its definitely the reason why some of you boys & girls “made friends” last summer during the World Cup tournament in Brasilia. Hopefully you were drinking Avuá Cachaça. Cachaça was raised in necessity & rebellion in my opinion . There are literally hundreds of nicknames & euphemisms that have been documented for it. Cachaça is fruitful, bold, earthy, playful & voluptuous. It is no wonder they refer to it as the “Soul of Brasil” Bossa Nova in a bottle baby!

Cachaça is exclusively made in Brasilia. There are records dating it’s distillation in Brasilia circa 1530. Around this time a Pirate by the name of Sir Richard Drake (no relation Aubrey Graham) created a concoction called the “El draque” (the Dragon) to honor his Captain Sir Francis Drake a Explorer & Privateer (probably just another pirate) the recipe called for sugar, key limes, Cachaça & local mint. Escaped slaves were part of Sir Francis Drake’s crew & they knew the locations of distilleries along the northern coast of Brasilia. They probably plundered & pillaged because that’s what you do you when you a pirate during the 1500’s. That’s what I’d be doing if I were a pirate. Mint grew naturally in sugar cane fields so it’s only natural that this “concoction” would be the precursor to the Mojito.


Under Brazilian law “Cachaça” is a Brazilian distilled spirits product with an alcohol content of 38 to 54 percent abv from the distillation of the fermented must of sugar cane juice. The sugarcane juice must be fermented in generally less than 24 hours of being pressed. Distillers may add sugar to the spirit at up to 6 grams per liter, and any more than that must be labeled as cachaça dulce, or “sweet cachaça” the United States standard requires that rum be bottled at not less than 40 percent abv or 80 proof. Therefore, any “Cachaça” imported into the United States will have to conform to this minimum bottling proof requirement. However there maybe exceptions. Officials from Brazil, United States Trade Representative, and TTB, representatives of Brazil and the United States signed an agreement on April 9, 2012, under which the United States would recognize Cachaça as a distinctive product of Brazil, and, in turn, Brazil would, within 30 days, recognize Bourbon Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey as distinctive products of the United States. I love Bourbon.

At Avuá Cachaça in Carmo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia they distill only 2 times a year May & August using 3 specific varieties of sugar cane. Brasilia is a big country, harvest times for sugar cane may vary and distillation occurs throughout the whole year. My friends at Avuá produce artisanal Cachaça. Each batch is slightly different from one another, just like mother nature intended. There are only 2 things at Avuá that are powered by electricity, the lights & a trolley to move that precious finally product around the property. Muddling a lime, mint & some sugar is nothing compared to the effort put into making Cachaça. They have a spring the flows down the hills of the distillery’s property that powers the grinder that presses the sugar cane to extract the sweet juice via hydro power. The pressed sugar canes are dried and used a fuel source for the copper pot stills. Curiosity got the better of me & asked if the burning dried cane had a distinctive smell. It does not. *sips Avuá Prata* Avuá Prata Cachaça is rested in stainless steel casks for 6 months before being bottled. The result is ☆☆☆☆☆`s baby! They also make another expression called Avuá Amburana. It is aged in a rare Amburana Brazilian hardwood casks for up to two years. These casks are approximately 25 yrs old. Each expression of Avuá is hand bottled. Check out their website. Amburana wood has many uses and it’s just 1 of approximately 30 different types of wood used to age Cachaça throughout Brasilia. Some of these trees used to make barrels are endangered species & are illegal to cut down without permission from the government. Unfortunately Brazilians are a little greedy, they keep most of the delicious Cachaça in Brasilia for themselves. This is probably why so little is known about Cachaça in the US. Hopefully that is going to change soon.



When I taste Avuá fresh cut sugarcane slaps me in the face playfully. The nose is sweet, vegetal, slightly floral, then I get this light buttery “Ritz Cracker” nuance. The mouthfeel has really nice light velvety texture on the tongue that’s unique to cachaça. The sweet nose fools you, it’s very dry but not aggressive on the tongue. The finish for Avuá Prata is awesome hints of spice, unspecified tropical fruits & plain kefir on the finish. Like all well produced spirits Avuá Prata has a gentle warming sensation from your chest not a burn. I like it neat with a good German helles style lager or as a classic caipirinha. But if you’re a lover of Negroni’s try this variation I call…

“The Bitter Fruit of a Brazilian 3 Way”

1 oz Avuá Prata Cachaça
1 oz Punt E Mes Vermouth
1 oz Aperol aperitif liqueur
Dash of Bitter Truth Grapefruit bitters
Combine in glass with fresh ice & stir
Strain into cocktail glass or rocks glass with fresh ice (1 big block works beautifully)
Garnish with a twist of orange (be sure to rub the orange twist on the rim of the glass)




– Fabian Malone

TWITTER: @RoninBartender

Funky Gorilla Fist – Chapter 5



Well, things didn’t go exactly as I had planned that night. Like I said, it was the

Saturday night I met Jennifer, but it was also the Saturday night before my last Sunday morning with Allison.

You see, that was about a year before Jennifer left me, and a year after Allison left me.

Things weren’t always like this. I wasn’t like this. I was a quiet, mild mannered, fun loving guy who worked hard and loved his girlfriend. Things were great. I worked in a steel fabrication shop, worked hard but made good money and kept in shape. Allison was going to school to become a psychiatric nurse.

I shoulda picked up on something then.

And It Went Down Just Like This

She got her degree.

She got a job on the Psych. Ward of a Prominent Hospital in the Major City of Your Choice.

Two months later we started talking about getting a place together.

Maybe getting married.

A month after that she comes home with a black eye.

Said a patient did it.

Two weeks later bruises on her thigh.

Another patient.

1 week later we are having ‘intimacy issues.’

She fooled around with a guy at work.

A nurse’s aide none the less.


“Moving too fast”


I forgive her.

We back off the marriage talk.

Good month.

Another black eye.

The shit hits the fan.

No patient.

Guy from work.

She’s been fucking him all along.

We fight, argue, scream, curse.

And then…..

She punches me in the nose.

Beaten and defensive already, in an instant, I defend an attack, swing for the fences, remember the barrier that I forgot and in an instant within an instant, redirect, hit the wall and shatter three bones, two knuckles and two fingers of my right hand.

She leaves me, because I broke my hand, and not her face.

She leaves me, but for that whole year she calls or shows up about once a month or so ‘cause she got another black eye and needs a shoulder to cry on ( or maybe she feels she needs someone to fuck her like the pig that she really is?)

` Which brings us to where we were last night. All the girls are gone, the fifteen minutes are about up and I am making my way back into the club to see how much damage Jennifer and I can do to each other. I am walking to the club, Jennifer is walking out, and guess who pulls up?

Guess who pulls up just as Jennifer walks out the door.

I tell Allison to “Hold on a sec,” and walk up to Jennifer.


“Your Ex….”


“She ain’t looking too good”

“She never does when she shows up. If she showed up here….”

“It’s gotta be bad.”


“Gotta do whatcha gotta do.”

“Gettin tired of it though.”

“But you’re not that tired of it ‘yet’.”

I smile and shake my head and think ‘ this girl knows me way too well already. This one is gonna be trouble.

She smiles knowingly and says,

“I’ll see you Monday night.”

“Shit! I hate Monday Night Football.”

“I know.”

I watch her walk away as I get into Allison’s car.



– Anthony Pepe

TWITTER: @AnthonyMFPepe
FACEBOOK: anthonyfpepe

The Signature Scent

Next month I’ll be turning 25; a quarter of a century has passed me by and as I think back on all I’ve learned, a few things stick out. Things that I can’t help but wish I’d learned sooner. It’s no small secret either that most of these lessons pertain to the pursuit of the opposite sex. Lessons like “don’t say I love you too soon,” or “don’t smother the flame that is your relationship.” And yes, those are both lessons I learned the hard way… Wow was I stupid.

Anyway, the lesson of which I’d like to discuss today is that of having a personal scent; your signature scent.

When I was in high school, I was one of the first generation douchebags who thought the point of cologne was to wear it as liberally as possible… Again, wow was I stupid. I had bottle after bottle of fragrance and regularly changed between them. I even had one that I used during marching band that I referred to as “sexy in a can.” To any of my former classmates and/or band geeks, I do sincerely apologize. My point is that I had no consistency. I had no signature scent. When I was 16 all the way through 20, my bathroom counter looked like the men’s fragrance section at J.C. Penney. Off the top of my head I remember having at least 3 different scents of the “Bod” brand, one from Avon called “R.P.M.,” another from Aeropostale named “Maximum,” the dreaded “AXE,” and even one that was given to me as a gag gift called “Jovan Sex Appeal” (Pun intended with the gag part).


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Then around the time I turned 19, my father turned me onto a scent called “Driven” by Derek Jeter. This instantly became my new favorite and I began using it almost exclusively. And the rest, as they say, is history. Eventually I moved to “Driven” and nothing else. With time, this has become my signature scent. I use “Old Spice” Sport deodorant lightly with two spritzes of “Driven.”

Some of you may wonder “Cameron, what’s so important about having a signature scent?”

I’m glad you asked. There are many reasons to have a signature scent.

1. It builds upon your personality and becomes a part of you. People begin to expect it.

2. As men, we stink. Literally, we smell horrid after a hot day. This makes us more pleasant.

But ultimately for most men, this is the reason:

3. For a woman.

One thing that sticks out in my memory from almost every single one of my past relationships is some kind of statement based upon my scent. “I love the way you smell,” “You left a shirt here and I’m wearing it because it smells just like you,” and my personal favorite, “My bed smells just like you; I don’t wanna leave it.” I may be slightly paraphrasing, but those are 3 statements from 3 different relationships.

So in conclusion Gents, pick a signature scent. And remember, less is more.



– Cameron Blevins


Great Bobboo’s Way Too Early WR Ratings


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The NFL is a passing league and in Fantasy Football it is no different. In the past my strategy has always been get my running backs first and go from there, but going forward I think a great strategy is making sure you get a stud wr, because running backs are so hard to predict. Just look at CJ Anderson, Justin Forsett, and Jeremy Hill all were undrafted, but most Wide Receivers are no surprises they are the best offensive players and most valuable next to the QB. Here are my top twenty Wide Receivers you need to draft this year.

  1. Antonio Brown- This to me is a no brainer, look at Brown’s numbers from last year. 1600 yards receiving, 122 catches, and 10 touchdowns. Brown is the go to receiver in his offense, and he boasts excellent route running skills along with great hands and elite speed, and he has not been hurt at all for the last three years. Brown is an easy pick and if you can’t get one of the top Running Backs in your draft he is a great draft pick.
  2. Dez Bryant- Dez is a beast and plays a close 2nd to Brown. Bryant is probably the most physical Wide Receiver in football and is a matchup nightmare, just ask Richard Sherman, and yes Packer fans that was a fucking catch!!! Last year Bryant had 88 catches with 16 tds, and that is with an offense that had Demarco Murray last year. Look for Romo to pass more this year which will lead to great numbers for Bryant.
  3. Julio Jones- Next to Dez Bryant this guy is probably the most physically talented receiver in the NFL. The only knock on him is staying healthy. Last year Jones only missed one game and had over 1500 yards receiving. He only had 6 tds, but that will not happen again. Roddy White is on the downside of his career so expect a big year from Julio Jones. He is also in a contract year which will help.
  4. Odell Beckham Jr.- If you had this guy on your team last year you probably won your league or at least came close. Last year in not playing in the first four games he still amassed 91 catches with 12 tds. This guy is an absolute beast and I believe he will have a huge year. Remember, Eli Manning is in a contract year and they will be passing the ball a lot. Look for even better numbers for Beckham I see 1500 yards and 13 tds.
  5. Demaryius Thomas- For the last three years no wide receiver has been more consistent than Thomas. He has averaged 1500 yards receiving and amassed 35 tds in that time. Those are amazing numbers, however Thomas is one guy I am not as high on as I have been in the past. Feel safe that he will put up good numbers as long as noodle arm Manning is still the QB, but I believe teams will be scheming better for Manning and the loss of Julius Thomas will actually hurt his value and will see plenty of coverages rolling his way all year long. Look for good numbers from Thomas but a reduction from what we have seen in the past.
  6. Jordy Fucking Nelson- I mean who seriously names their kid Jordy? This is one player I absolutely hate as Packer fans are so delusional thinking he is the best receiver in football. However in fantasy he is one of the top wide receivers. Last year he had over 1500 yards and 13 tds, but I am a little down on Jordy this year as I believe Lacy will be utilized more in the run game which will allow for less touches for Jordy. I believe the better value on this team is Randall Cobb. On the bright side the Packers don’t play Seattle this year so you won’t see Jordy up against Sherman. Oh I am sorry Sherman wasn’t on him because they refused to line up Nelson against him.
  7. Calvin Johnson- Johnson missed three games last year, and was hurt for a handful of others. However, I feel Johnson will have a rebound year as he is still the best receiver in football. You will see a different offense out of Detroit this year and look for a much better year out of Johnson this season.
  8. AJ Green- like Johnson AJ was hurt for a big part of the year, and had his worst year in fantasy. Don’t let hinder you from drafting him this year. Pencil in Green for 90 Catches and double digits in tds this year.
  9. Randall Cobb- Cobb is in my opinion the best and most valuable receiver in Green Bay. In the offseason Green Bay signed him to a big contract so look for big things out of Cobb. A lot of defenses will try to shut down Nelson and his big play ability, and Cobb working out of the slot will have better numbers and more value than Nelson.
  10. Alshon Jeffery- Alshon set a career high last year with 10 tds and with Brandon Marshall out of town look for him to shoulder more of the load on offense. New Offensive coordinator Adam Gase loves to utilize big receivers so I look for Jeffery to have a good year. The only downside I see is he has Jay Fucking Cutler as his quarterback. If he played for an actual decent quarterback he would be a top 5 pick.
  11. T.Y. Hilton- Hilton is the best receiver on what I think will be the best offense in football this year. The only thing that doesn’t have me rating him higher is the addition to Andre Johnson to the offense. They now have quite a few weapons on their team so Luck has a lot of places he can go with the ball. Look for good numbers from Hilton, but not great.
  12. Brandin Cooks- This guy is one of my sleeper picks. He started off last year great but then got hurt. Cooks has great hands and speed and with Kenny Stills and Jimmy Graham gone he will be the focal point in the New Orleans offense going forward. Last year when Brandin Cooks was targeted he caught the ball 85% of the time which is amazing. If you are in a PPR league this guy is a top 10 talent.
  13. Mike Evans- This guy is an absolute beast. Last year with Mike Glennon throwing him the ball he had over 1,000 yards and 12 tds. This year he gets the best crab stealer in the south and they will be passing the ball a lot. Don’t be afraid of Winston being a rookie qb he will throw a lot of interceptions, but he will throw the ball to Evans a lot.
  14. Emmanuel Sanders- I had this guy on my team last year and he was great. Sanders is an excellent route runner and pass catcher. With Julius Thomas gone expect the ball to go to Sanders a lot with Thomas being constantly double teamed. If you are in PPR league Sanders is also a top 10 talent.
  15. DeAndre Hopkins- Despite not having a decent qb Hopkins put up very respectable numbers last year. He caught 76 balls with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball. Look for Hoyer to eventually get this job which will help Hopkins you can look for around 85 catches with 10 tds for Hopkins. He is a definitely a rising star in this league.
  16. Kelvin Benjamin- Even though he led the league in dropped balls, Kelvin had an excellent season. I look for an even better year for Benjamin. He is going to catch more balls, and with the Carolina offense should be much improved with the addition of Devin Funchess. They will be without a doubt the tallest receiving duo in the league and Cam Newton will continue to grow as a qb.
  17. Jordan Matthews- Matthew is another one of my sleeper picks. He had a very good rookie season, but the reason I am high on him is that he will be the main passing option in their offense. Maclin is gone to KC and look for Matthews to fill in a role that Maclin had. I look for 1200 yards receiving and 10 TDS. His numbers may even increase if Bradford is healthy. If Tebow is the QB don’t draft any fucking Eagles. I mean if he is the starter you are better off drafting Harold Carmichael.
  18. Julian Edelman- Edelman is the best receiver other than Gronk in New England, and he is Brady’s go to wr. If you are in a PPR league Edelman is a top 10 wr as he gets a lot of touches. Even with Brady’s suspension count on Edelman being a very productive wr this year.
  19. Brandon Marshall- I wanted to put Marshall up higher, because when he is healthy he is one of the best WR in football, but his qb is Geno Smith. Even though the QB play is brutal in NY I do believe he will have a solid season and be out to try to prove to everyone he can still play.
  20. Amari Cooper- He is another one of my sleepers who I think will have a great rookie campaign. Oakland is starting to shape into a very good young team, and I think Derek Carr is the real deal at QB. Cooper is the most NFL ready of any of the rookie WR as he played professional ball for Alabama last year! Cooper is an excellent route runner and has great speed, and he will not shy away from the spotlight. He will be the go to guy in the Oakland offense.


– Jeff Bauer

TWITTER: @jbauer36


DudeLine Ep. 16

We here at Stuff Dudes Like are always interested in trying new things and taking chances on fresh new ideas.

When Dakota Wheatley came to us with the idea of a late night talk show monologue on a website, we jumped at the idea! So without further adieu… Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Dakota!!!



– Dakota Wheatley

Twitter: @dakotawheatley
FaceBook: dakota.wheatley.73


Jack Daniels Bottle Drank & Signed By Chad Stewart Of Faster Pussycat

Char Stewart of the bands Faster Pussycat and Mötichrist was in studio to do Another FN Podcast with Izzy Presley and there was drinking involved. Chad & Izzy drank this bottle of Jack Daniels – mostly Chad – and they decided to sign it and auction it off for charity.

This will be bottle #1 in the series.




Click here to bid on this one of a kind item and help a great cause!