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DudeLine Ep. 17

We here at Stuff Dudes Like are always interested in trying new things and taking chances on fresh new ideas.

When Dakota Wheatley came to us with the idea of a late night talk show monologue on a website, we jumped at the idea! So without further adieu… Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Dakota!!!




– Dakota Wheatley

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Pace Car GoPro Video from Jeff Kyle 400

At the Jeff Kyle 400 presented by Crown Royal at the Brickyard our own Adam Dulski was able take a ride in the pace car!


– Adam Dulski

Twitter: @adamdulski

It gets better


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Within the last hour of negotiations, Dez Bryant had received the news he had been waiting for: He got his deal, not just any deal but 70 million dollars and a five year contract, but I’m not writing to speak on his deal.

I’m pretty sure people know about the Dez Bryant deal if you are a fan of #88 and the Dallas Cowboys, but my focus is on the trials he had to overcome to get to be able to call himself a Dallas Cowboy.

Let’s look at the events leading up to all the drama. First, you had an amazing catch by Dez Bryant that was ruled, not a catch, talk about upsetting to Cowboy fans, I threw a comb at the wall and broke it, but it also, meant, the end of the season for Dallas with the ball in Dez hands. Oh, no! All the talk about that play, but can you imagine how Dez felt, but to top it off, they start talking about his attitude and even Cowboy fans had something to say. They were calling him arrogant and exposing what he was doing in his personal time, asking questions like, if he was fit to get a contract with Dallas. I mean they had so much to say about him, but all that isn’t even the upsetting part. With all the media coverage surrounding other football players who was caught on camera beating on their girlfriend, they tried to say that he did the same. Why were they so determined to destroy his career? They never even released the “tape,” that they said they had, hitting his baby mama. Wow! So, all that, and he had to wait to see if he was going to be a Dallas Cowboy. With hash tags like #pay88 on twitter, which I participated in, by the way, and others, you would think that the owners heard the fans and signed him a long time ago, but they didn’t. Things almost got really ugly before the due date to sign him. Dez was threatening to leave on his twitter account. No, Dez, don’t do it! I had to reply with a sad face. How could I be mad at him? But, to see other fans say he can just leave. Wow, really, so he doesn’t deserve to be paid his fair share? Hmm!

Nevertheless, the day came, and we go back to the top of this article. It happened, and that is what is bringing me to tears because just when you think you’ve had enough, done enough, pushed hard enough, things turn around, for our good. He could have walked away, others saw his talent, he could have shined somewhere else, but his determination and will power got him in the door that he really wanted to be in. I became more than proud of him, but it changed me, I wanted to push just as hard to pursue my dreams, no matter what. God gave him a testimony that many got to witness, right before his haters eyes, and I know if God can do that for him, He surely will do it for me.

Thank you!


– Matasha Lee

TWITTER: @thebeautyofmyst

Social Imbalances – Yesterday’s solutions today’s Problems


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I am the voice of reasoning they say. The Voice of good and bad decisions. The voice to lead you to the path that is right and of righteousness. No I am not talking about God, I am talking about Our elders.

It is said that the youths of today should learn from the people who were before us. The people that have been through it, made their mistakes and yes we should learn from them. Heed their teachings, listen to their wise words and follow their advice. Yes! I strongly agree but I also equally disagree.

The world today is far different from that of the world then (well at least that’s what we are lead to believe). And if this is so the ways of the past, the beliefs of the past and the way situations were dealt with in the past, some of which will certainly not be of my opinion today.

Gender Equality

It still quite fascinating when women are still being told to remain silent, submissive to their “man”, accept the abuse, basically never excel. Sigh!!…..This is a whole new era and dear grandma and grandpa, mom and dad. Women run the world!!! Around the world most of the largest and most profitable including small business have at least one woman at the head table and she is truly a boss. Not to mention, women are becoming more and more independent owning their own and relying on no one.

Sexual Orientation

This is a taboo topic for me as a Jamaican but I am going to write on it anyway. The world has seen so many family members disown their own. All in the name of Religious belief and social acceptance. “Post pregnancy abortion” or “blood disownment” as I would term it due to ones lifestyle. I am not here to preach or tell you to accept someone, what I am saying though is why would throw your own flesh and blood out in the “cold”, In a world and time so unforgiving. Why must we stand by the opinions of the people around us and not for our own views. Why should be live our life for the status quo or the massive? This is not the past, this is the 21 century.

In the bible the lord may have punished Sadom and Gomaro (in the old testament), but he also said “Come just as you are..” If being gay is a sin then let it be tried and sentence by the almighty himself. Not by you, me or any other. Their Is no greater sin. Sin is Sin. be it gay, robbery, murder…etc. no sin is greater than the other. So when you cast judgment on another that also my friend is another sin. So be careful if your reason for hatred against people based on sexual orientation then you may just be standing inline right behind them on the very same express train to hell.

Racial Discrimination

You would think after hundreds of years and so many people laying their life on the line to fight for equality of races be it: Asians, blacks, whites and latinos, that this decade, this century, this era…right now in time we would be all holding hands and singing Kumbaya. I guess not. The ways of injustice and discrimination from the ugly past is still on life support thanks to those narrow minded, self declared superior races and persons. I mean seriously, why would you even attempt to keep such ugly disease alive. Incubating it in your homes, your hearts and infected your kids, your relatives, neighbours who have absolutely no opinions of their own. And then allowing these people to go out start a global epidemic.

You see I am Jamaican, and one thing a Jamaican will tell you we are black(even if our skin complexion is brown or white, yellow and in-between) but we are also every race. Most Jamaicans are mixed [well that’s what they will say]. The country is overrun by many different races, many different cultures and beliefs. Just check out the country’s motto; “Out of Many one people”. United through many different cultures and races Jamaica was born. Not to say that discrimination is not found somewhere in ‘Jamdung’ [Jamaica], but for the most part we have realized that their isn’t any one superior race. We all need each other.

When you take a step back and look out on the world via your TVs’ newspaper, the internet…you would realize that this world is oh so messed up. A Jamaican proverb says: “donkey seh di worl No level” – Meaning “Life is filled with ups and downs” and sometimes you just have to decide that you are going to have to get yourself a Heavy duty, four wheel drive, Off road vehicle and drive on through.

What else are you going to do. Until the world balances out. We all just have to learn to deal.


– Romaine Ayoki Burrell

Instagram: @ayoki_burrell
twitter: @ayokiromaine
Facebook: @Eniamor Llerrub
Skype: ayoki20

Crown Royal Whiskey Tips for the Non-Drinker

Those of you that know me, know I’m not a big drinker, in fact I don’t really drink at all. My favorite drink is Mountain Dew on the rocks, what can I say? I have refined tastes. However, this weekend the good folks at Crown Royal flew me out to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400 and during the weekend I was given a tasting from their Master of Whiskey.

Myself and others were given five different Crown Royal Variants to Sample. Original, Rye, Black, XR and XO. As we went through the samples we savored the aromas and flavors that came out of Crown Royal’s finest. Most were much too powerful for a non- drinker like myself, but that’s not to say there was anything wrong with them. The others around thoroughly loved and raved over all the variants. As the tasting came to the final sample we were then introduced to Crown Royal XO.


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The XO was right up my alley, super smooth and taste of caramel oozed from it. Absolutely fantastic for a lightweight like me. For the first time in my life I could drink whiskey, actually enjoy it, and not stick out for being the only person not sipping whiskey. Thank you Crown Royal XO, thank you.

I can not say enough good things about the Crown Royal XO, I really can’t. If you are like me and are not normally a drinker, and you find yourself needing to pick a whiskey to blend in with. Buy some Crown Royal XO, you will impress everyone around you, including yourself.


– Adam Dulski

Twitter: @adamdulski


Making love to the camera: talking with a cam model

Today we will shine a spotlight on one star of the adult industry. One of my personal favorite girls and just all around sweetheart cyber angel Alli Leigh (@AlliLeigh_CB). This beautiful cam model took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her experience in the world of camming and here is what happened.


WolfKing: First let me say thank you for letting me interview you. My first question i guess would be, why cam, what attracted you to it?

Alli Leigh: Thank you! The pleasure is all mine.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: Why cam, what attracted you to it?

Alli Leigh: I thought it sounded like fun– I’d heard of it a few years beforehand, having always dated pretty sexual exploitative fellows. I was pretty miserable at my job and started doing research, joined a forum and gave it a shot after I quit my job in management (with some backup plans, of course!).

What really hit the nail with the hammer was seeing some of the other girls and how exhibitive and extroverted they could be, while being so truly introverted and sweet at the same time. Eliza Schatz was the first woman who made me think it was something I could actually do.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: So you enjoy it that’s good. Its always better to do something you enjoy. Now i know safety is a big issue, have you ever had any close calls like have someone recognize you while you were out?

Alli Leigh: No, Chaturbate is built with local region blocking filters that grab those who’d recognize me in person and I do utilize those.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: Well its good to see That safety is a top priority. So i understand you’ve been doing camming for about a year now. How has this affected you life romantically. Have you found it to be harmful or helpful?

Alli Leigh: It’s a bit of a mixed bag– it’d be hard to elaborate without sharing certain details that I tend to keep to myself.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: Understandable, could you tell us about your favorite experience you had while camming, as well as the worst?

Alli Leigh: My favorite experience was the extremely generous 25,000 token tip I received, as well as the awesome gifts I’ve gotten– like a LEGO X-Wing Fighter. The worst experience was when my first ever mod started harassing me and trying to get me banned after getting banned for being overly possessive and asking for sexual favors with no tokens in return (I’ve never been that naive).


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB


So if you want to have a good time watching a hot girl shake what her momma gave her and be a little geeky bring your cash and spend lots of it on Alli Leigh (@AlliLiegh_CB). So tip big tip often and its ok to jerk off just don’t BE a jerk.



– Matt Mollett A.K.A the WolfKing

TWITTER: @therealwolfking



Jeff Kyle 400 presented by Crown Royal at the Brickyard


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Last week we finished towards the top, let’s do it again with the exact same lineup. I’m here at Indy by the good graces of Crown Royal and the crowd support for Jeff Gordon is overwhelming, he hasn’t shown top speed but there is something there.

Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson both showing great speed, but will they justify their price tag?

Jeff Gordon is the hands down crowd favorite this week. If I got to see Jeff Gordon in person Kiss the Bricks I might just fall over. Nothing has screamed speed, but I would NOT bet against him Sunday.

Kyle Busch is on fire, the Indy sweep would only add to this his magical return. Still a bargain at current price.

Martin Truex and Kurt Busch continue to be the early season steal of the century. Keep them rolling.

Carl Edwards starts on the pole, he hasn’t been able to stay up there but track position is so key here you can’t beat the price and his practice speeds seem to back it up.

Kasey Kahne is always fast at large flat tracks, but he hasn’t always been kind to fantasy owners, think of him like an old school Kyle Larson.

Chevy has won the last 12 races here. Let that influence your choices accordingly.

Speed on the Cheap – Ryan Blaney this rookie showed a ton of speed in the Xfinity race and was just barely bested by Kyle Busch. Look for him to apply what he learned to the Sprint Race.
So many good choices for Sunday and a lot of conflicting data. Hard race to pin down.


Here is my ideal lineup:

Carl Edwards

Ryan Blaney

Kyle Busch

Kurt Busch

Martin Truex


– Adam Dulski

Twitter: @adamdulski

Funky Gorilla Fist – Chapters 6 & 7


“Who was that girl last night?”

First words out of her mouth, first thing in the morning on a rare Sunday

morning that I actually fell asleep. She asks like she actually has the right to ask, like even

though she left me for someone that beats her, like just because she comes around once in a while

for me to stick my dick in her it gives her the right to control my life.

But I better keep my nose out of her business.

I get up and start to get dressed.

“You’ve got some set of balls on you, ya know?”

“Why’s that?”

“Cause it’s none of your business who that girl was last night!”

“Well, maybe I want to make it my business again.”

“UM, hello, you left me, remember?”

“I know, but what I’m tryin’ to say is maybe I’m tired of all this and want you back.”

“Tired of what? Getting beat all the time!”

“He doesn’t beat me all the time, and whether or not you realize it or not, whether you

want to admit it to yourself or not, we were never really over because you still make love to me!”

I think, Holy Shit!!!!! She thinks THAT is making love!!!

Now I admit, at this point even I don’t really know what that is like, but I am pretty sure

that what we do to each other when we get together on these rare occasions has nothing to do

with love.

“You think maybe you’re ready to leave a guy that beats you on a regular basis, for a guy

that will never beat you, and you think maybe , just like that it’ll all be okay and somehow it will

all work out this time.”

“Yeah, I think that I’m ready now.”

I say, “okay, we’ll see.” as I make my way to the door.

“Can you grab me a couple a’ crullers with the donuts?”

As I walk out I think, She thought that that was making love?”

I wonder to myself if she noticed that I didn’t take her car keys when I left.

And as I get in the cab that will take me back to my car I think She thought that that was

making love?

I never went back that morning.

I think that she got the hint too, because it was months before I saw her again.


It’s Monday night, 7 o’clock, and the regular crowd shuffles in.

I think that I threw the third thug in line out three weeks ago for getting out of line

and hooking his thumb in a thong.

But that was then and this is now, and somehow he seems to know what I am thinking.

“ I’ll be good, I promise!”

I don’t say anything to him, just sort of look through him at the other three thugs he

brought with him this time.

“Seriously, I’m sorry, man…..”

“ Take off your hats.”

They all oblige.

“And the hats stay in your laps all night.”

I look at the four of them in turn and say,

“One hat, out of a lap, or on a head, at any time, and you’re out!”

“Okay, okay, thanks man, thanks.”

I take their money and check their ID’s as they shuffle through the door.

“ Do I gotta take off my hat too?”

I look up to a level where I might expect to catch eye contact with the next wise ass and

all I see is air. But about a foot down from there I see the top of a head ( a sight that I would later

become very familiar with, just usually without the hat.)

She tips back the brim of the hat, lifts her head, looks me in the eye,

dead in the eye,

right through me,

right into my deepest recesses.

“That was pretty impressive.”

“It’s all in the eyes”

Looking at my soul now.

“I know.”

She makes a barely tangible gesture, more like the hint of the thought of a gesture for me

to lean down so she can tell me a secret.

“I just wanted to let you know that there have only been three times in my life that a man

has made me wet without touching me.”

A man, as in the singular, meaning one man?”

She doesn’t lean back, so I can’t see it, but I can feel her cheek against mine now as it

edges outwards and lifts upwards with the involuntary contractions of the smile, that I can now

also hear in her voice as she says,

“ You are in sooooo much trouble when I finally get my hands on you!”

“ You have noooo idea what you are getting yourself into, littl’n.”

I stand up because the vultures are starting to circle again and I gotta get back to work.

She is still standing in front of me, eyes closed, head tipped back. The line is starting to

form again and she snaps out of it as I begin to speak,

“There’s a five dollar cover charge and please have your ID’s out when you get to the


She begins to make her way inside, and I look over my shoulder at her as the first guy

fumbles in his wallet for his ID. She stops in the open door, holds up four fingers of her left

hand, bites her lower lip, and shakes her head as she passes through the door.

BBQ Chicken Legs and Country Style Pork Ribs with Caprese and Pappa a la Diablo



Nothing says “Summertime” like a good old bbq.  Spring and summer are grilling season; you break out the bbq, the gas or the charcoal grill, tie on the colorful apron, throw on the bbq mit on one hand  and grab on to the giant tongs or fork with the other, throw on your special only-for-bbq hat or cap and head outside!  Well, that is exACTly what I’d had planned for this dish, but it rained.  Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled it rained!  California has been experiencing serious, dangerous drought conditions the last four years and rain is a jubilant thing!  To be honest, I DID put the briquettes in my little round tabletop bbq annnnnnnnd…… go.  It would not light due to the monsoon-like humidity.  Not to be deterred, I had a Plan B.  Afterall, I did lobby my family for a year for a cast iron grill plate for Christmas three years ago, and, happily, Santa followed through!  So, Plan B it was!

The menu I’d planned was to bbq country style pork ribs and chicken legs, both of which were on an extremely good sale at my local grocer who periodically throughout has a 5 for $5 ea. sale.  Select five packages of any meats and each is only $5.00, so I stock up.  These are not small, dainty packages of meats, these are very generous!  Eight chicken legs and four large ribs per package.  I grilled 4 ribs and eight chicken legs.  The leftovers I had to freeze, and they lasted me four days. (I made this June 2nd).  Along with this, I made a traditional Caprese and an old favorite I’d learned from Rachael Ray, Pappas a la Diablo (spicy hot potatoes).  The star of my bbq, however, was my bbq sauce, my Tamarind Pomegranate Sauce.  You have seen Tamarind play a part in many of my sauces, previously.  I simply love it. While the recipe is on my Instagram, at crdn99, (if you did not know that, please look me up!), I will also share it here.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Tamarind Pomegranate BBQ Sauce recipe  

1/4 cup Tamarind paste (this can be found in most grocers, specialty Mexican and Middle Eastern grocers, as well)
2 tablespoons Hoisin sauce 
1 cup Pomegranate juice (100% Pomegranate juice)
1/2 cup ketchup
1 teaspoon tomato paste
1 quartered red onion, roasted
4 cloves garlic, roasted
1 serrano chile, roasted
1 tablespoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon chipotle or chile powder, or, 1 tablespoon chipotle in adobo
1/2 teaspoon cumin seed and coriander seed, both
pinch salt and fresh cracked black pepper, each
2 tablespoons aged Tamari sauce
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar and Mirin, both
4 fresh oregano sprigs
6-8 fresh thyme sprigs

To get the most flavor possible out of my ingredients, and a smoky flavor, at that, I roasted the onion, garlic and serrano chile in a skillet sprayed with non-stick olive oil spray at 400-degrees for eight minutes.  I toasted the seeds and spices in a dry small skillet on my stove-top over low heat for ten minutes.  The combined aroma of the two will knock your socks off!


As I stated, I simply roast the red onion, garlic and serrano in a little evoo spray at 400-degrees for 8 minutes.  I remove my oven safe skillet, toss in any fresh herbs, such as the fresh oregano and thyme to heat up and release their aromatic, flavorful oils.  At this point, I let the veg and herbs cool down a little, toast the spices on the stove top in a dry skillet, as mentioned above, remove from the heat and allow it to cool.  I combine the wet ingredients in a small bowl and whisk thoroughly.  It really is not necessary to put the wet ingredients together, as they are going to be blended, anyway.  That is just a “me” thing.  Once the veg has cooled, I add the wet ingredients to a blender (or, my nice new Ninja blender:  Thanks, Spinner!) followed by the spices and the veg and herb.  I pulse it, use a spatula to smush down chunks that try to escape upwards, pulse again, and then blend very smooth.  The Key is VERY SMOOTH.   Now, I usually love chunky sauces, but I wanted this one to be smooth, so it would caramelize onto the meats later.  I place the mixture in a sauce pan over medium-high heat, bring it to a slight boil, reduce the heat all the way to low and let it simmer for one hour.  The sauce will reduce by half and the flavors will intensify.  Season with salt and pepper, and perhaps a little honey, if needed, to balance the flavors.


And Finally, back to the proper verb tense!!!  Whew!

Marinade for the Chicken Legs and Country Style Pork Ribs

I marinate a lot of meats, even when I am going to slather them with a sauce or drizzle a sauce over the top.  The layers of flavors here are like the layers of an onion; a surprise follows every layer.

For this marinade, I use my dad’s old tried-and-true marinade.  It is extremely simple but flavorful.  Get ready.  It can get a little complicated, so do not look away or get distracted!

1 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
1/4 white vinegar (or garlic white vinegar, in my case)
salt and pepper

Place the meats in a large baking pan, drizzle with the thoroughly whisked marinade, turn reapeatedly with tongs to thoroughly coat each piece.  Cover and place in the refrigerator as long as possible, turning every thirty minutes.  It is best to do this overnight (I did this Monday, June 1st), but if all you have is thirty minutes or an hour, that is how long you marinate it!!!

Whether you plan to grill outdoors or indoors, about twenty to thirty minutes before you plan to grill, get your bbq or grill plate ready.  Remember, in my case, rain and the charcoal would not light, so I had to grill indoors.  I opened up all the windows and had the stove top vent on high!  I rubbed my cast iron grill plate with extra virgin olive oil on a paper towel and turned the heat, front and back burners to high.

Whatever your circumstance is, get it ready!  This is the fun part!  After this, well get to the easy, but flavorful sides. And, if you are grilling indoors, like me, preheat your oven to 350-degrees!


Place the meats on the grill and let them grill for at least four or so minutes before trying to move or turn them!  The sugars are developing and when done so, the meats will release easily on their own, like these bad boys above!

If you are grilling INDOORS, do not grill the meat to the point of being completely done!  You are going to put these in the oven soon and add the sauce two or three times and finish them in the oven!!!   

IF you are grilling outdoors, you can start adding the sauce shortly before the meats are done in order to get that caramelization of the sauce on meat.


 Yes, the stove top WILL get messy and you WILL need to clean your vent and fan and grate afterward!  Windex works great!

IF YOU ARE GRILLING INDOORS, Please keep reading.  Outdoors? Please skip to my mouth-watering side dishes below!

After I completely grilled the meats, I placed them on a baking sheet covered with foil and a rack. I brushed on generous amounts of the sauce on one side and placed it in the oven for ten minutes.  Your nose and ears will tell you when it is time to flip them and slather side two with sauce.  Repeat twice or thrice until the sauce is caramelized onto the meats.  Whatever you like best!

When all of the meats are done, cover with foil and set aside, but not back into the oven!  Crank that baby up to bake at 400-degrees again!  Pappas a la Diablo is next!

Pappas a la Diablo

This dish can be made myriad ways with whatever ingredients you want.  I simplified it and made a serving for two.  I washed four Yukon Gold potatoes and sliced them into equal chunks. In the meantime, I seasoned them with a little salt and fresh cracked black pepper, crushed dried oregano and thyme eaves, a pinch of crushed red peppers and tossed them in two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Into the oven at 400-degrees and start the coating.

In a small bowl, combine 3 tablespoons spicy stone ground mustard with white wine, 1/2 teaspoon (or whole, if you want it really spicy!) pasilla chile powder or chipotle powder, 1 teaspoon sriracha or Harissa, 1/2 teaspoon crushed cumin seed and 1/2 teaspoon coriander seed. 

After eighteen (18) minutes, remove the oven safe skillet or pan (safely!) and toss the potatoes with the spicy mixture and set aside in a bowl or plate.


Now, to our salad! Traditional Caprese!


Slice tomato, mozzarella rounds, stagger with fresh basil leaves, and serve over a bed of fine extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.  Elegant, simple, flavorful!


Here’s my plate!


– Martin Phillips

TWITTER: @grnmn1
In-House Cook at

Three Reasons to Buy Jeff Kyle a Shot This Weekend at the Crown Royal 400


Three Reasons to Buy Jeff Kyle a Shot This Weekend at the Crown Royal 400

Reason 1:

Sergeant Jeff Kyle was deployed multiple times to Iraq and Africa while serving in the military for eight years. Upon returning, he now oversees Guardian For Heroes Foundation; this charity provides free, in-home fitness equipment, health club memberships, personal training, life coaching and support for the disabled.

Jeff certainly deserves a shot of Crown Royal from all of us for his commitment to the disabled.


Reason 2:

Jeff is Chris Kyle’s brother! Everyone got to know the American Sniper through the hit movie last year, but Jeff deserves full appreciation for his sacrifice to this country as well.

Come on, admit it: You’d buy Jeff Kyle a shot of Crown just for that, right?


 Image Credit:

Reason 3:

After learning he was the winner of the 2015 “Your Hero’s Name Here” program sponsored by Crown Royal he was extremely humble.“Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m deserving of this recognition.” “My true service to this country didn’t begin until I got out of the military and I’m proud to be in the position I am.” said Kyle.

Anyone that humble certainly deserves a drink from everyone!


 Image Credit:

This weekend I have been granted special behind the scenes access to the “Crown Royal Presents the Jeff Kyle 400 at the Brickyard”. This was done so that I can chronicle this very special weekend of recognition for Jeff Kyle and all he has done for our great country.

Make sure to follow @stuffdudeslike1 and @adamdulski as I will be live tweeting this weekend’s events. Check back often on as I will be writing daily over the weekend as well.


– Adam Dulski

Twitter: @adamdulski