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Colbert vs Fallon

While the last few tributes to David Letterman are pouring in, the metaphorical dust has settled on his era of the Late Show. Even as the sets are removed from the Ed Sullivan theatre and the literal dust is still swirling (who really dusts that bridge in the backdrop) the big question that everyone’s asking; what will Stephen Colbert’s Late Show look like? How will it differ to Dave’s? And, most importantly for CBS, how will it fare against the Tonight Show?


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Since Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show, it’s consistently beaten the Late Show in the ratings, specifically in the youth demographic that television executives are bending over backwards to reach; Fallon has an immeasurably strong grip in the world of online content and social media; the Tonight Show YouTube channel has seven million subscribers. The show’s Twitter account has over two million followers.

Comparatively Dave’s Late Show has…well, a lot less. Two hundred and thirty five thousand. On Twitter Dave fares a bit better with three hundred and forty eight thousand. So I guess the first thing we can assume from the Colbert fronted Late Show is that CBS will try as hard as possible to turn those figures around. They’ll be working on making the new Late Show a lot more marketable online and appealing to the same young audience the Tonight Show now hits.

The next issue to consider is something that’s been in the back of our minds in 2010, the last time the Tonight Show changed hosts. We all remember what happened with Conan and Jay and every single network has pointed out that every transition is to be smooth and there’s not to be a fall out like that again. On Dave’s last show he made it very clear he was excited for Colbert to take over. Whether he truly is or whether that was rhetoric installed by the network is open for discussion. These are markedly different circumstances though; Dave chose to retire. Jay didn’t have that option. So any new Late Show must make it clear that the switch over is amicable to bring about peace in everyone’s time.

I also want to talk a little about something that concerns me personally; who really is Stephen Colbert? On the Colbert Report everyone always maintained that “Stephen Colbert” was a character, and the performance of that character was great. But the downside to that is we don’t really know what he’s going to be like performing as himself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Colbert; he is a hugely funny, very quick and clever and talented man, but there’s going to be a lot of pressure on him to live up to Letterman. Anyone tuning in hoping to find the old Colbert will be disappointed. It’s been made clear from the very first announcement that Colbert the character will be retired and Colbert the man will be in charge of the show. I do have hope in him though; if anyone is going to step into Letterman’s shoes it was going to have to be one of the “cable twins.” The other is off to make movies.

Another concern, and maybe concern is a strong word but it’s the word to use, is the ages between the two men. Fallon is plugged directly into the youth market and is eleven years younger that Colbert, his inspirations are the likes of Conan O’Brien and David Letterman and Fallon is known for stunts with celebrities; lip synch battles and egg roulette, to name but a few. Colbert however is 51; he got into television largely because of Letterman but strikes me as the type of man who’ll strive for a more dignified type of show. Can you imagine him smashing a raw egg against his forehead? Not to say Colbert isn’t capable of being funny and busting out his box; we all remember the version of Friday he did on Late Night, but I feel he’ll go for a more stoic approach to the show, which as mentioned earlier, might clash against the network’s idea of gaining on the Tonight Show. CBS are said to have given him “free reign” but NBC said that when Conan took over the Tonight Show and…well…you know.


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So that brings me to the point. While the circumstances are different and the players are new, the game remains the same. The Tonight Show vs. the Late Show. Instead of Jay vs. Dave it’s now Fallon vs. Colbert. Given that Colbert hasn’t so much as even released a logo for his new show and we know so little about it all we have is guess work and speculation. Reports confirm that Colbert isn’t planning any great shake up of the format; jokes, desk, guests, band. Did Colbert want to do something different? Again, who can tell? Stephen is a wildly creative man; maybe he has wild ideas for the future of late night. But I guess for the beginning he’ll take it slow, settle in and find his groove. Then he’ll start the re-invention process. But given the heads up Fallon already has on him it’s going to be a long fight for finish.

And it’s going to one worth watching.



– Peter Greenwood

TWITTER: @Gappits


As many people know David Letterman called it quits on Wednesday, ending a legendary 33 year career.

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Letterman was great at what he did and although he’s not the best, he’s a solid number two to the one and only Johnny Carson. Over the last few days many people paid their respects to the late night comedy legend with kind words and heartfelt stories. Guys like Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien told people to watch Dave instead. Kimmel didn’t even air a new episode and at exactly 11:35 O’Brien advised viewers to record his show and tune to CBS for Letterman’s farewell. On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers all paid their respect to Letterman with little anecdotes about what he meant to them and comedy in general. Kimmel was almost in tears as he shared how he admired Letterman, showing the crowd a picture of his 18th birthday cake that read “L8 Nite” and his first car with a license plate that also read “L8 Nite” – a reference to Letterman’s first show on NBC.

Fallon shared an excerpt from his 8th grade yearbook where his teacher predicted that he would one day replace Letterman on Late Night which Fallon essentially ended up doing when he succeeded Conan O’Brien on Late Night in 2009. Lastly, Seth Meyers opened up his Late Night, Letterman’s original show, with a remade version of the original opening scene Letterman once called his own.


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Now these guys all did a great job showing how much Letterman meant to television history and many others paid their respects in various ways. This article if my way of showing my gratitude for Letterman.

Now I’m only 17 years old and I know not many kids my age watch Letterman, but I’ve been watching the Late Show with my dad everyday for as long as I could remember. Ever since I knew that I wanted to get into the broadcasting field I’ve wanted to be on Letterman and just have time to sit there and pick his brain. That dream unfortunately will never come for me and for the other kids that hope to someday make it big.

Being on Letterman was basically the goal for anyone with big dreams. Being on Letterman means that you’ve made it big. He was the top of the world. In the last year I’ve scrambled to get tickets for a show just so I could see him live just once in my life. When i finally did score a pair of tickets I was upset to find out people under 18 aren’t permitted to attend – so I never got my moment to even get that close to his iconic set.

Like many others I would like to thank Letterman for all he has done for everyone, he proved no matter what you can make it in the world. He was just a kid from a small town in Indiana and now he’s a television icon.



– Joe “Coupe” Ricupero


SNORKELING – Point of Rocks off South Siesta Beach – Sarasota, FL

The weather was beautiful and we knew the water would be perfect. We packed up our snorkel masks, fins, GoPro, and dive flag. All of our snorkeling gear we purchased from the local Scuba Quest (they have rental equipment if you are vacationing and don’t want to buy equipment for this one adventure). After making sure everything we needed was ready to go we headed to the site. FYI: We researched places in Sarasota to snorkel, prior to this little adventure, and Point of Rocks is listed as one of the best places to snorkel and also one of the best for beginning snorkelers. There are youtube videos you can watch showing what types of things you will see out there, and how beautiful the reefs are. We researched the spot well before heading over.

First off, if you plan to partake on this adventure, a helpful tip, you will need to park at the public/beach access spot and walk a little ways down the beach. There are no closer places to park (trust us we drove around a couple laps just to be sure). For the closest parking it is best to take a compact car because it is tiny and the wall is ridiculously close to the cars so there is hardly any room to back out. You have to go down to the end and turn around as cars aren’t aloud to back out onto the road from their spots. All in all the parking situation can be a little frustrating but its worth it once you get parked and get snorkeling. Once you do get parked, you can enjoy the walk down the beach. It is entirely covered in pearly white, cool sand. You will need to head to your left and around to the other side of the wall; you can step down into the water via the steps at the walls corner, and off you go.



On the day that we went, visibility was not horrible, but it also wasn’t the best. We still got some nice shots though, and we got to see some beautiful reefs, and sea life that we weren’t able to catch on camera. The water was the perfect temperature and we snorkeled out a ways. This is definitely a nice snorkeling spot for people who are not able to hold their breath for long periods of time, because there are shallow parts you can see from the surface of the water. There are, of course, deeper spots as well; where you can go down a little ways and see under the coral as fish swim in and out of their hiding spots. We had a great time and would definitely go again and try to see what else we can see if there is better visibility. We recommend this for anyone visiting the Sarasota area looking for a nice calm and beautiful snorkeling adventure!



– Storm & Lasuzaca

TWITTER: @stormnlasuzaca
INSTAGRAM: @stormnlasuzaca

Biggest Day of Racing in the World


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Monaco, Indy 500 and  the Coke 600, we’ll of course concentrate on the last.

600 miles of racing means we go from racing during the heat of day to the cool of night. There will be comers and goers throughout the race, possibly one of the hardest races to figure out from a fantasy standpoint besides the restrictor plate tracks.

Let’s start with the easy picks: Truex and Kurt Busch are must starts because of the massive amount of salary we have locked in them ($8 between the 2 now).

Semi-risky pick is Kyle Busch coming back from injury, but a Busch brother on a big discount is always a must add to the roster. Lock him in at $25, worst case scenario is speedy Eric Jones taking over for him halfway through.

Least risky pick of course: Kevin Harvick, keep him rolling.

Caution: David Ragan, cheap starting high, but I just don’t’ trust MWR equipment to keep him that high for 600 miles. Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle are also starting way too high for my liking.

Speed on the cheap: Alex Bowman and Michael McDowell, either or will work depending on your salary cap needs.


My Ideal Lineup:


Kevin Harvick

Kurt Busch

Kyle Busch

Martin Truex

Alex Bowman


– Adam Dulski

TWITTER: @adamdulski

The Tattooless Man

The man with a plan thinking ink will do the trick; chicks love those rebellions. Imagine laying on the beach, spread out with a tribal tattoo across one’s chest, or perhaps a nice “I love mom,” to show off his biceps. There’s also those fish loving gems, swimming over his triceps. Whichever it may be, this Tattooless Man is probably thinking, ink would help him get laid. He’s heard it all the time from the women in his life such as his mother, sister and hot friend who, treats him like one of the ladies about how sexy it is.


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Building this up in his head and taking it to extreme measures, where he posts on his facebook and asks his six hundred “friends” what he should get. The responses he received were filled with superfluous ideas, ranging between female legs with his pits used as a hoo-ha to the Incredible Hulk slapped on his buttcheeks. One of his closer friends nearly convinced him to get that hot glistening Vampire from the Twilight series to go on his pelvis since, “chicks love sparkling Goths!”

Now this Tattooless Man has a few ideas rolling through his mind, the choices are endless for him. He takes a stroll through the park with his little Black Poodle, in hopes he would get lucky since, chicks dig small cute puppies as well. Unfortunately, he could not escape the luxurious ink that laid upon these taken men, which made him furious. This Tattooless Man scuttled home, dropped off his pup and ran to the nearest bar to give himself a good old fashioned pity party.

Ahh, the Pub, which is his home away from home. The Tattooless Man orders from the Bartender, who of course happens to be incredibly attractive and has a full sleeve tattoo on her left arm. She smiles at him and says “well it’s noon somewhere.” The Tattooless Man looks at his phone, seeing it is only eleven o’clock, he then calls out to the Bartender “I’ll have a double.” She winks at him and fixes his usual, a Whiskey Sour.


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One hour passes by along with four double Whiskey Sours, the Tattooless Man closes out his tab and yells out, “I’m gonna do it!” The Bartender gives him a high five and says, “you only live once.” He looks at her, nods in amazement, as though he figured out the cure for herpes and says, “Thank you! All we have is, NOW!” The Tattooless Man stumbles out of the bar.

It is around twelve thirty which is the usual time when the locals gather together in unison, heading towards their favorite lunch spot. The Tattooless Man looks at every single one of them, as his head tilts higher in egotistical confidence. He’s feeling like a celebrity, poised as ever as he walks towards the Tattoo Shoppe.

Inside the Tattoo parlor there is one Dude picking out a movie to play on the small flat screen TV, and a young Pink Haired Chick in the back vaping while playing solitaire. The Tattooless Man walks in and says, “I’m ready!” The Dude and Pink Haired Chick look up at him, giving him a frightening stare. The Tattooless Man is very lucky that if it wasn’t for those Whiskey Sours, he would have ran away at this point. He continues to speak, “Give me INK!” The Dude looks at him, “What are you looking for?” The Tattooless Man slurring, replies with, “What…Everrrr will help me get some psss….ayyy” The Pink Haired Chick rolls her eyes and escapes out the back door. The Dude gathers his composure and continues, “Here’s a book of our designs.” The Tattooless Man closes the book, “I don’t need a book…I need the ink slapped on right here,” pointing to his back. The Dude looks around the empty parlor, looks at him, rolls his eyes and says, “OK, have a seat.”

Six hours later, the Tattooless Man is greeted by his Black Poodle while painfully walking into his apartment. He goes to his fridge, grabs a beer and heads to the sofa. He slowly sits down, pops open his beer and takes a deep breath. The Tattooless Man takes off his shirt revealing his hard dicktat.


– Zenae D. Zukowski

TWITTER: @Zenaefilmz

The Travel Bore

If there is such thing as a travel community, the Travel Bore permeates every level of it. She (it is often a ‘she’, though travel verbosity is not exclusive to the sex) has been found in every hostel, hotel, beach hut and long­tail boat at one point or another.

If you travel long enough and far enough there is no escaping her clutches. Some travel to find themselves. But unless they do so before leaving behind the familiar streets and thoroughfares of the place they call home, they will surely find the Travel Bore first.

The Travel Bore is likely to have found herself already in some faraway, exotic place that is, of course, much more far away and much more exotic than the current locale in which she attempts to regale you. To death.

If, for you, travel is a profound personal journey of inner and outer discovery, so too for the Travel Bore. So long as her journey is more profound, more personal, and have more discoverable innards and outtards than yours.

If you have been where she has been, you’re sure to have missed what she has seen. And on that rather poetic note, here’s my little ditty in honour of that most irritating traveller:

The Travel Bore

Upon my travels I do meet
The type of being to make you weep
They regale those far and near
Any soul with an ear
Of where they’ve been
And what they’ve done
Till you wished you had a gun
(But whom to shoot, to blow away
Would it matter, you or they?)

“I’ve done all of France and East Timor
I’ve done the pyramids and more
I’ve done the Kremlin, the Taj Mahal
Done tea with the Queen in old Pall Mall
I’ve climbed the world’s highest peak
(Cos it’s thrills I always seek)
Done it one morning in a vest
What was its name
Oh, Everest!
I’ve done…what?… do you yawn?
Have you done the Grand Canyon?”

At last a chance to finally talk
But what to say I should not mock
And so I smile and gently say
With as much respect as I can pay
“No, not as yet, I can’t compete
I have but one pair of feet”

Now ‘tis a sin to be rude
But this my thought as I brood:
“I go for pleasure and for fun
To visit places, not have them done
You’ve done them all, you travel bore
But please, for me, do one more”




– Hugh Hamilton
FACEBOOK: risingroads
TWITTER: @therisingroads
GOOGLE+: Risingroads

Assault and Bears footage



– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65

Artwork presentation by Berk Balkaç

We at Stuff Dudes Like are always looking for new and exciting way to entertain our audience!

Recently Berk Balkaç sent us some of his artwork. We enjoyed it so much we decided to share it here in the first ever SDL Art Show, here at the SDL Art Gallery! If you enjoy his work let him know on social media!

So without further adieu here are the works of Berk Balkaç…













– Berk Balkaç

TWITTER: @berk_balka



Rum, Cachaça, Rhum Agricole: THE CRASH COURSE

Rum, Cachaça, Rhum Agricole, what the hell is the difference you ask?

There aren’t a lot of differences, but, at the same time, a whole lot. For now, we’re just going to say it’s all distilled from sugar cane. Rum is shrouded in a ton of history to say the least.

It is produced mostly in the Caribbean, but made all over the world. History suggests that rum was first distilled in the Caribbean, a document found in Barbados circa 1651 that stated:

“The chief fuddling they make in the island is Rumbullion, alias Kill-Divil, and this is made of sugar canes distilled, a hot, hellish, and terrible liquor.”

Then history notes in 1655 that the British Navy began issuing daily rum rations known as “tot” to their officers. They thought this was a good idea to do for about 300 yrs. And I don’t blame them either. It is a bit of historic argument as to the “who what when where and how” of where rum was first made in my opinion. Whatever… We just want to drink it!

However, there are also records about rum circa 1620 in Brazil. Portuguese sugar production was once on the island of Madeira. They were distilling something they called Aguardente de Cana circa 1532. It is a fact that those same pot stills that made Aguardente de Cana in Madeira, were brought to Brazil to make what we call Cachaça today. So, it looks like the Portuguese distilled rum 1st. If you’re Portuguese brush the dirt off your shoulder! There are also records dating back to the early 1600’s in Guyana referencing rum distillation. There my good friends at Demerara Distillers, benefit from being able to operate the last two original wooden pot stills (one single and one Double) in the world. It is over 275 yrs old! They also benefit from a wooden continuous Coffey Still, it is the last fully working example of its kind! It is very similar, if not identical, to the very first continuous still made by our hero, Aeneas Coffey. It has been active since 1880.



Rum was America’s drink before Bourbon was created. I love Bourbon too. The first Rum distillery in the American colonies was started in 1664 on Staten Island. New England was once a distilling hub for Rum during colonial times, because of the availability of lumber & metal for barrels. Rum is likely what Paul Revere did a shot of before his famous ride to warn that the “red coats are coming”. Sadly it did have a huge impact on slavery, but we’re not going there. I must admit, rum takes time to get an understanding of and there is always more to learn. But it is a good time!

The differences among Rum, Rhum Agricole & Cachaça makers are endless. Especially when it comes to soil, barrel aging, sugar cane varietals & yeast strains in their production. There are no aging requirements or regulations on new or used barrels to age rum or even the type of wood used for the barrels in most cases. In my opinion, this and the course of history is why rum, rhum agricole & cachaça have such a huge spectrum of flavor profiles.



Rum, and its country cousins, rhum agricole & cachaca are made by distilling fermented sugar, water & yeast. This sugar comes from sugar cane and is fermented from cane juice, concentrated cane juice, or molasses. Molasses is over 50% sugar, but it also has minerals and elements, which contributes to the final product.

Rhum Agricole & Cachaça are made from sugar cane juice instead of molasses and are made primarily in Haiti, Martinique, Guadalupe, and Marie Galente. In the case of Cachaça, it is produced primarily in Brazil. They generally have a naturally smooth palate and are more vegetal in complexity than Rum distilled from molasses.

NOTE *** Cane juice rums specifically from Martinique are as labeled “AOC Martinique Rhum agricole” because French and European law allow a designation called “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” (protected designation of origin) for rums produced on the island of Martinique that meet certain local standards. This designation is unique to Martinique. It just causes more confusion for you and me and does not define the category of cane juice rum or rhum agricole. Also in French the words “rhum agricole” translate to “agricultural rum” FYI. ***

That’s the big difference; they’re using a more expensive raw material to begin with. Molasses is a by-product of sugar production. You make loot twice as a sugar cane producer when you sell the molasses to rum distillers or make rum yourself. Depending on the recipe, or “wash” (cane juice, or molasses and water) is fermented, using either cultured yeast or wild yeasts, for a period ranging from 24 hours for light rums, up to several weeks for heavy, full varieties. The choice of stills will have a significant effect on the final character of Rum just like any other spirit. All Rums come out of the still a clear, colorless spirits, like all other spirits. Barrel aging and the addition of caramel determines the final color. Lighter Rums are highly purified, blended, and are produced in column or continuous stills, after which they are, in some cases, charcoal-filtered and aged in old oak casks for a few months to add a degree of smoothness. The hot humid climate in the Caribbean is ideal for barrel aging. Most light Rums have minimal flavors and aromas, and are very similar to vodka, particularly those brands that have been charcoal-filtered. Heavier Rums are usually distilled in pot stills; similar to those used to produce Cognacs and Scotch whiskies. Pot stills are very different from column stills. All you really need to know is that some congeners are carried over with the alcohol in pot stills. This adds to the complexity and flavor profile of the final product.



Now Let’s “Kill Divil” all this confusion and break down the main categories.

Rhum agricole & Cachaça (pronounced Kah-sha-sa) begins with only freshly-squeezed sugar cane juice and not the cheaper molasses by-product of the sugar making industry. And since Rhum agricole & Cachaça (artisanal) can be made only when the sugar cane crop is at the peak of maturity, production is limited to 2 short tropical seasons.


As previously stated, Cachaça is mostly produced in Brazil. Cachaça is the product of the distillation of fermented sugarcane juice, with its a.b.v (alcohol by volume) anywhere from 38% to 48%. Homemade Cachaça can be as strong as the distiller chooses. Cachaça differs from rum in that most rum is made from molasses. Cachaça can be sort of classified as a “rhum agricole” which is rum produced directly from cane juice. (I apologize & understand if that last sentence upset you.)

One of my favorite producers of Cachaça is Avua out of Carmo, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They produce a breath taking expression of this spirit. I love shots of this neat with cold beer. And this fact about me has been documented on social media outlets. Stay tuned for a follow up article on Cachaça.

You can buy it on their website.

White Rums are generally light-bodied. However, there are a few heavy-bodied, white Rhums available in the French islands. They are usually clear and have a very subtle flavor profile. Some are aged to create a smooth palate; they are then usually filtered to remove any color. White Rums are primarily used as mixers and blend particularly well with fruit flavors. I recommend Cana Brava Rum from Panama Bottled by 86&CO in Ukiah Ca. This Rum is a 3yr white Rum blended with older Rums. I like it with tonic water & fresh/ lime.

Golden Rums, also called Amber Rums, and are generally medium-bodied. Most have spent several years aging in oak casks, which give them smooth, mellow palates. I like Smith & Cross. It is bottled at Navy Strength 57% a.b.v 114 proof (the proof required by the British Navy) and barrel aged in London. Fun fact, gunpowder will ignite if Navy Strength Rum is spilled on it. Smith & Cross is a very bold & assertive rum. Make a Jamaican daiquiri or 2 for yourself and call the first person you see a “landlubber”! Haus Alpenz are the importers of it.

Navy Strength Rum & Navy Rum should not be confused. Navy Rum was traditionally made with rums mainly from Guyana, Jamaica & Barbados. No such designation of Navy Rum exist it is just a gimmick big companies use to sell product. Only 1 bottling of REAL British Navy Rum exist in the world. Haus Alpenz also imports this.

Dark Rums are traditionally full-bodied, rich, & caramel-dominated. The best are produced mostly from pot stills and frequently aged in oak casks for extended periods. The richest of these Rums are consumed straight up. I recommend Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum Rum. Have some in a cup of coffee or sip it neat or whatever you like. **SEAL PIC** This bottle should be easy to find.

Spiced Rums can be white, golden, or dark. They are infused with spices or fruit flavors. Spicing your own rum can be fun. I have an old family recipe I use. Don’t be afraid to try and make your own, you might like the results. There are several recipes on the web available. However, I like El Dorado Spiced Rum. It is not artificially flavored, unlike some other brands out there. Produced by Demerara distillers in Guyana.

Añejo and Age-Dated Rums are aged Rums from different vintages or batches that are mixed together for consistency of flavor in bottling of Rum from year to year. Some aged Rums will give age statements that state the youngest Rum in the blend. A small number of French island Rums are vintage dated. In the Caribbean, nothing happens quickly. Heavily aged rum should be sipped neat and slowly respectively. But there is always an exception. El Dorado 15yr is awesome neat or in cocktails be sure to taste this rum, Produced by Demerara Distillers in Guyana.

The Rum suggestions I made above are exactly that. They are just suggestions based on what I like. Try them all, or don’t, try different rums, whatever you like. I just want you to drink more delicious Rum. Don’t be afraid to try something new. CHEERS!!!!

Giving a shout out to my references, sources & people that help make it seem like I know what the hell I’m talking about.

Demerara Distillers & Ian Lye
Avua Cachaca & Nate Whitehouse
Haus Alpenz & Jake Parrott
The Ministry of Rum
The Rum Howler Blog


– Fabian Malone

TWITTER: @RoninBartender




Ex Messages

Have you ever logged on to social media, or perhaps checked your phone and surprisingly found a message from that ex that you haven’t talked to in years? This recently happened to me and looking back at it now, I was kind of on pins and needles wondering what she could possibly want. Naturally, I replied and as I awaited her next message, I began to cultivate ideas as to what she could want.

the ex

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To talk about seeing each other? This is probably the first thought that goes through anyone’s mind when an ex messages them. Whether you think it to be a good thing or a bad thing, it’s usually the first thought. This could mean anything from hanging out and catching up over a cup of coffee to a full blown attempt at reconciliation. After all, we’ve all had that thought at one point or another when reflecting on past relationships: “I should call them up! Maybe we can get back together!” If you’re having this thought, please check out my past article The “Ex” Dilemma. I’m not an advocate for dating ex’s. It never ends well.

Now because of the distance between us, I knew that there was a slim chance she wanted to hang out. Since the time of our romantic fire, she’s relocated to her hometown about 2 hours away. Hanging out is possible, but very unlikely. And I knew she didn’t want to get back together because well… She’s married now. So what else could she want?

Just to talk? That’s definitely a possibility. However, I’m skeptical on this one for one major reason. The last time we talked did not end on good terms. In fact, it resulted in her deleting me from social media and not talking to me for nearly two years. During which time she got married. In my experience, once I piss a woman off to that measure, we don’t “just chat” ever again. I’m not saying I’m a dick… but if you’ve read any of my articles, you know that I don’t take any bullshit and I call it when I see it. This tends to put a stress on my romantic life considering I’m yet to find a woman who is both willing to put up with my attitude and someone who I can stand to be around. So considering our past, I scratched that one off the list. To top it off, I can’t even remember what I’d said or done to make her delete me in the first place.


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Info on the region/school/work/media? This seemed most plausible to me. She’s not from my region, but did go to college here for a few years. Therefore, it was entirely possible she was wanting some information on school or job opportunities here. I’m in the Huntington, WV area and it’s much larger than the area she’s currently in. To give you a good idea of our geographical region, think of Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show; that’s her home town. It’s also every little town surrounding Huntington. As for Huntington, WV… think of the smallest “big” town you know. Now cut that in half and double the drug problem. Welcome to the Tristate! (KY, OH, WV)

As for the media aspect of that possibility, we both studied media in college. She went through the program after I did, so naturally I have much more experience than she does and I figured it was somewhat likely she needed help with something. Even I’m not above going to someone I hate for help when I’m in need of info.

Was any of these correct? I have no idea. We’ve chatted on and off for a few days now and I have no real idea why we’re talking. The only thing I can figure is this last one:

She wants to gauge her life choices versus how well I’m doing. She wants to keep tabs on me. My best guess is that she’s unsure about the choices she’s made and wants to see how I am in measure. Am I doing better than her? Am I making tons of money? Am I still at the radio station? Was she wrong to not give it another shot? (Before my “No Ex’s” Policy, I’d tried to get back together with her.) It’s the same reason anyone goes to a high school reunion; to see how you stack up in comparison to them these days. Now I’m sure there’ll be some people reading who are avid believers that “they just wanna chat; no one does that.” Really? Think about it really hard for a second. You’ve never looked your ex up on Facebook to see what they’re into these days? Don’t lie to me. You have just like I have. We’re all guilty of it. So it’s entirely possible that this is the reason she messaged me… Do I know for sure? Nope. Will I ever? Probably not.


– Cameron Blevins