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Yes Dudes, Men and Women CAN Be Friends!

Let’s face it: since Adam learned how to say “Eve,” women have been a huge part of dudes’ lives.

Without them (yes I know I’m going to sound like a fake Romeo that feeds women lies, but it’s the truth) we are dog crap. Whether it be your mom, sister, cousin, other-half, or just a lady that slaps you for being a jerk, they are all a necessary part of a dude’s life!

My favorite ladies are cool, really funny, and great friends to hang out with! Take my great friend Carolina Hidalgo for example. She is a great person and a very funny NYC comic!

Yes dudes and dudettes, men and woman can be friends!



– Mike Bocchetti

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NASCAR Fantasy for Atlanta


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Another week, another screwy qualifying session, and to keep things interesting, the fastest car in happy hour blew an engine.  If you followed my advice you are in the top 30% of your league after week one, let’s improve on that.

Harvick was a no brainer start, until he blew an engine and has to start in back. At a track like Atlanta where grip and tire wear are the utmost concerns it is imperative to look at the best 10 lap averages from practice, not just the fastest speed. Luckily a lot of teams made 10 lap runs and have provided a lot of clarity.

Grabbing fast teams that are starting at the back of the pack is ideal and this week’s qualifying embarrassment has given us that. Jimmie and Gordo were 2nd and 3rd respectively in 10 lap average speeds but are starting at the back of the field. Count me in.

Larson has been fast and this type of track matches his wall riding, slideways driving style. I couldn’t fit him in my lineup, but boy did I want to.

Now we need cheap drivers that are fast. Casey Mears and Martin Truex in the top 6 in average speed? Wow, this is a little too easy this week.

Super cheap driver with good equipment and starting in the back….Regan Smith. Also, lock in that $7.50 cap number, that number is only going to keep skyrocketing.


Ideal lineup:

Jimmie Johnson

Jeff Gordon

Casey Mears

Martin Truex

Regan Smith

$8.75 remaining….Hey, can I get a 6th driver?


– Adam Dulski

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SDL Late Night (02/27/2015)

We here at Stuff Dudes Like are always interested in trying new things and taking chances on fresh new writers.

When Dakota Wheatley came to us with the idea of a late night talk show monologue on a website, we jumped at the idea! So without further adieu… Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Dakota!!!


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Thank you everyone for coming to the SDL theater for my second show.


So… The Odd Couple TV show started, yep… way to think out side of 1970’s box CBS.

Bill Cosby was at the Oscars this year, but no one can remember seeing him, its cool… he roofied everyone before the show started.

Comedy Central let me start the roast of Justin Bieber off early, Justin I can predict your future, Justin Bieber on ice…. and I am not talking about a musical.

Like most I watched the Saturday Night Lives 40th anniversary, what the fuck was up with Eddie Murphy… yo, Eddie you need me to write some jokes for ya.

Kim Jong Un got a new haircut, he has a secret just like Bruce Jenner did, he isn’t turning into a girl though… he’s slowly turning into a dyke gummie bear.

I don’t get why people are making a big deal about John Travolta touching that chicks face all weird during the Oscars, shit… he did the same thing to me once when I asked for an autograph.

I hate the Flintstones, when I was little my parents took me to see bedrock on ice, afterwards I went to get Fred’s autograph and he wouldn’t give it to me, yep… he was a real Yabba dabba doouchbag.

At the fair last year I lost an eating contest to a skinny Asian dude, which pissed me off, not for him not being an American… but as a fat man.

I found some weed in my nephews room the other day, so, I did what any responsible adult would do… I sat him down and smoked it all in front of him.

My nephew is half Mexican and half white, he’s a mixican, yep… he can speak Spanish but not understand it.

As a horny fat dude…. I like to whack off to Carl Jr. commercials.

I am poor but a smart poor, I’m the type that if I only have 5 bucks and I need something like toilet paper, I don’t go to a store…. I ask for extra napkins at McDonalds.

I am not a cute guy, the only chicks I can get are the ones I make laugh with my jokes, yep… I don’t get to many chicks.


Thanks for coming and please remember to tip your waitress!


– Dakota Wheatley

Twitter: @dakotawheatley

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The State of Pro Wrestling


Image Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

I have stated a number of times that it is a great time for wrestling. There are many successful independent companies: ROH, TNA, NJPW and Lucha Underground are all finding their own niche on TV, NXT is doing well on the WWE Network, and RAW/Smackdown is putting out entertaining shows every week.


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I do however take issue with a couple things. I’m well aware my opinion won’t have any affect on WWE but I really have a problem with one thing they have been doing for some time. I have been paying close attention since the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View and I have given it a lot of thought. It feels that they are incapable, unless your name is John Cena, to push more than one guy at a time. It is something I have disliked about this era for some time. However it didn’t really tick me off until the Royal Rumble. I witnessed everyone job out to a lackluster Roman Reigns victory.


Image Credit: WWE Network

It would appear that it isn’t having any affect on WWE as they are doing well financially. But, there is a lot of great talent on the roster and it feels that unless you are the “Chosen One” your career isn’t going anywhere. There are ways to build your talent successfully and do it with more than one guy at a time. Even after everyone put Roman Reigns over at the Rumble, I still feel as if he is incapable of defeating Brock Lesnar.


Image Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

Now in WWE’s defense there will always be an aspect to the product that can be criticized. Nothing is perfect. But when you have a WWE title match at WRESTLEMANIA that feels barely deserving of the Raw main event, it becomes clear that something is not right. Let me add that I don’t hate Reigns nor do I feel it’s his fault. Never the less something isn’t right. And WWE feels as if it’s in need of another renaissance.


– Salvatore Morocco

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Are Zombies Dying (Again)?


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Recently, I listened to Anthony Cumia (on The Anthony Cumia Show) describing a new video game, called “H1Z1”. His description of it makes me want to play. It’s a MMO, or Mass Multiplayer Online, video game where you navigate through a large world, along with several other online players, fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. It sounds like fun. But, mostly for the factor of fighting other living people. Cumia even so much as stated that the zombies are mainly there in the background, and the game should just be called “Murder” because that’s all it really is.

A few weeks ago, I tuned in to the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. But, as I watched, I noted that there was something different this time. As great as the episode was, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I had enjoyed previous episodes from previous seasons. This time around, I was watching it just as something to watch while waiting for the premiere of Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel/spin-off starring Bob Odenkirk as the shady lawyer, Jimmy McGill (known later, in the Breaking Bad years, as Saul Goodman). How many more seasons of The Walking Dead can there possibly be? How many seasons do we need of the undead, walking slowly and going “Uuuuuuuggghhhh”, while living people fight to somehow survive? WE GET IT!


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So, what was it that made me feel this way about a show that I used to be a big fan of? This has happened in the past, with other shows. I was a major fan of HBO’s True Blood series. Then, in the middle of the third season or so, I had lost interest. I think, in that instance, it was more of a thing where they were attempting to shoehorn too many types of characters into the series. It started out as a vampire show, and all of a sudden there’s werewolves, fairies, witches, you name it. It became overkill. On top of that, vampires just weren’t cool anymore. The Twilight series, which I admit I never gave a chance to, came along and ruined vampires for a lot of people. There was also The Vampire Diaries, which I had no interest in watching. Vampires everywhere. Even Abraham Lincoln was hunting them! They were jumping the shark (a term used for shows losing their coolness factor, based on the time Happy Days was ruined by Arthur Fonzarelli jumping over a shark on a pair of water skis). Vampires were done.

Could this be shark jumping time for zombies? It certainly feels like overkill. Zombies are everywhere. It seems like there’s 2 or 3 zombie video games released every month. There’s multiple releases of “Plants vs Zombies”. On cable, in addition to The Walking Dead on AMC, there’s also Z-Nation on SyFy. It seems that every direct-to-dvd movie is “Something Zombies”. There’s “Strippers vs Zombies”. There’s “Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies”. I had no idea our 16th President was so busy battling evil. There’s even a “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies”, which I admit sounds fun. But how much of it do we need? I think this craze is finally on its way out.


Image Credit: wikipedia

What will be the next thing? I really love the Better Call Saul series that I patiently waited through The Walking Dead to see. Maybe ambulance chasing lawyers will be the next big thing? Or maybe Odenkirk is really the best in that role, and can’t be touched by anyone else who tries it. Whatever follows the popularity of zombies, and the vampires before them, it needs to come along soon. What do you think? Are zombies not as dead as I think? Are robots the next thing? What will the next thing be? Email me, or tweet me!


– Jason Smith

Twitter: @ComedianJasonS


Dudes, What’s Happening To Us?

For a long time now, I’ve started wondering- What’s happening to our gender? Men today are becoming more and more feminized. And it’s like we’re doing it willingly! I can understand having one or two minor things that are slightly effeminate; some of them are just good hygiene in general. Like plucking your eyebrows. I’m not saying that we should all pluck them to perfection, but at least get rid of the uni-brow. We can’t all be like Anthony Davis.


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What I’m referring to mostly in this article are things like body waxing, using smelly lotions and wearing makeup. Please, sit back while I rant some.

  • Body Waxing – I’ll admit, I’ve done this. And it is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever intentionally put myself through. Ask the girls where I get my hair cut, I am a hairy beast. And I did it for the same reason most guys will give- A girl liked it/wanted me to. But why put yourself through that? Why change you for some girl? I’ve matured since then and I’d rather find a girl who likes me for me. That may mean being single forever, but so be it.
  • Smelly Lotions – I get it, some people just have to moisturize. The dry weather, skin conditions, etc- I get it. But do you have to make it so girly? You can still smell good and not use the same lotions my 12 year old sister does. If Frank Sinatra ever needed to moisturize, I can almost promise you he didn’t smell like mango or vanilla bean when he did it. C’mon guys, there are manly scents that smell good.
  • Wearing Makeup – I’m against makeup in the first place. I believe in true beauty. But why are men suddenly wearing it so much? My opinion: unless you’re on camera, go wash your face!

Men today are suddenly obsessed with smelling good, having no body hair and looking flawless. What happened? When a straight man refers to himself as looking “fabulous,” I think there’s something afoot.


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I’m not saying we shouldn’t bathe and groom. Yes we definitely should; we’re men, we stink by nature. But is it possible that society is starting to take it too far? And to top it off, I can almost guarantee that someone reading this is thinking that I’m a judgmental pig. And maybe I am? But in the words of Brad Paisley: “Oh thank God, I’m still a guy.”


– Cameron Blevins

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When Mascots Crash…




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When Sony decided to get into the video game biz with the original Playstation they set out to create a money stealing mascot to call their own. Out of the need of an anthropomorphic salesman, Crash Bandicoot was born. Anyone old enough to have been around during the early days of the Playstation brand (when it was just a system and not a way of life) will remember the TV ads for the Crash Bandicoot games. A guy in a smiling orange bandicoot costume with his face sticking out of a giant hole cut out of the middle of the teeth, yelling at people and having “tude”.

My personal favorite was the ad where Crash pulls up in front of Nintendo headquarters in a pick-up truck with a tarp covering the rear bed. He proceeds to exit the cab with a bullhorn and mocks Mario, calling himself the “mustache man’s” worst nightmare and telling him it’s time to pack it up and go home. He ends up pulling the tarp off the truck to reveal a stack of TV’s playing different levels and scenes from Crash Bandicoot on Playstation. Eventually the building’s security guard comes out and tells him to leave. After some gameplay footage, it shows the guard and Crash walking through the parking lot and talking. The guard says “Is it Italian?” and Crash says “No, Bandicoot. It’s an Australian name.”


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With that, Sony had a hit on its hands in both a game and a character. He was everything the kids of that generation were looking for. He had more attitude then any ol’ blue hedgehog and his platforming played an awful lot like a certain Italian plumbers eight and 16-bit adventures, only in 3D. Crash appeared in a good number of games and moved many units for Sony. His likeness made its way to action figures, plush dolls, clothes, posters and even lunch boxes. He graced multiple adventure games, cart racers, and party games throughout the PSOne’s ten-year lifespan, and he helped spark many a lunchroom debate over what system was best. To many, Crash was the coolest mascot.

As the release of the Playstation 2 loomed it seemed like Crash would ride the wave in and continue to battle Sonic and Mario for mascot (and system) supremacy. This was not destined to be the case as unforeseen changes were on the way. The first few games in the Crash series were developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony — therefore they were exclusive to the Playstation. Universal Interactive bought the property from Naughty Dog. This meant Crash was no longer a Sony-exclusive, and Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex came out on Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube courtesy of Vivendi Universal Games in 2001.

Universal released Crash games on almost every platform over the next few years, recycling and watering down what Naughty Dog had come up with over and over again with little to no innovation. Then, in the mid-2000s, Crash received a complete overhaul. Gone were his fingerless gloves and gigantic teeth-filled smile. In their place were a Mohawk and tribal tattoos. Instead of chasing butterflies or performing simple jumping animations while idle, the new Crash looked angry and took on a fighting stance like an MMA superstar. His trademark voice was deepened and made to sound more “intense” to go along with his new look. Also gone was his last name as he was now refereed to as just “Crash”.


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The once fun-loving Crash had gone from being your dim-witted cousin that eats candy and farts in public to that douchebag guy you know from the gym with Japanese characters he can’t translate tattooed on his arm. You know, the guy who thinks he’s a tough guy and can “beat anyone’s ass” just because he took one free MMA class at the “Y” last year. Who wants a Crash Bandicoot that’s a cross between The Tazmanian Devil and Brock Lesnar? After his change everything he did felt fake and less fun. His attitude was completely forced and instead of actually being cool — he became what a bunch of stodgy board room executives thought was cool with the “youngsters”. Their one saving grace is that they added in the ability to “jack” into certain enemies and take control of them. It’s an interesting game mechanic to add but would have best been left to one game, like the water-pack was in Super Mario Sunshine. I loved Sunshine, but if Mario had to clean dirty walls with a super-soaker strapped to his back in Galaxy, New Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart Wii, I would have given up on the plumber ages ago.

But at the least with Crash being a multi-platform hero, there’s always a chance that Nintendo can add an old-school Crash to the mix for the next Super Smash Brothers. In fact Nintendo has a pretty good relationship with Namco and put Pac-man in Super Mash Bros. WiiU. Who wouldn’t pay big dollars for the ultimate mascot smackdown with Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and Crash??


Image Credit: YouTube


– Keith White Jr.

Twitter: @KeefWhiteJr


Lifting Dumbbells to Lifting Quarter Pounders

When I was younger I used to lift weights. Now I lift cheeseburgers.

I went from lifting fifty-pound dumbbells to lifting Quarter Pounders. I put down the barbells and picked up the BBQ sauce. I quit the treadmill and became a regular at my local gin mill.

Shoot, I just realized the last one doesn’t make me a burger expert, just a guy who might have a problem. Whoops! I’m going to have to talk to my sponsor about this.

Okay, I’ll stop before you take your smartphone, laptop or desktop monitor and throw it out the window. I don’t want any innocent electronics to get hurt here. That’s not the point; the point is for me to tell you about what makes a great burger!


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So let’s get started.

A good burger has to have just the right amount of fat in it to be juicy. Everyone’s opinion differs here, but I think most people agree on the 80% lean/20 fat% blend. It really just depends on how much of your health you’re willing to sacrifice for some awesome flavor. The health-conscious people (the people that say things like “a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”) usually go for the burgers that are 90% lean. We all know those people; they’re the ones that sit alone reading a book at parties. They’ll be healthy and skinny when they die – but they’ll be alone. Rumor has it they’re all communists too.

On the other end of the spectrum you’ll find the savages like me who are willing to go below the standard 80% lean blend in order to get some serious flavor. We’re all dying young, but we’ll be surrounded by lots of people when we go. We’re also the kind of people whose last words are likely to be something like: “Hey, watch this!” or “Look what I can do!” Life insurance companies won’t insure us, and we don’t blame them.

The cheese is also incredibly important on a burger. You might be asking, “What about hamburgers; you don’t like those?” The answer is no. To me, the cheese is one of the best opportunities to add flavor to a burger, and if you don’t get cheese, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Yes, fun. To me, getting a burger without cheese is like buying a Ferrari with a four-cylinder engine. You started off with a great idea, but you didn’t go all the way and in the end you wasted your time. Everyone’s laughing at you too.The next important part of burger is the roll. It’s so incredibly important. I’m all about a soft roll. They’re the best rolls if you ask me. There are many other great rolls too, but there are also some terrible ones. So many places talk about their gourmet rolls or how great their “pretzel bread” is but often times the stuff just doesn’t measure up. You could have the best ingredients in the world, but if you give me a burger with a roll that’s hard, get it the fuck out of here.

When it comes to what kind of cheese I actually like on a burger, I’m very much a traditionalist. I think American and Cheddar work the best, but I occasionally go for one with Swiss, Pepper Jack or Provolone.

The next part is, of course, the condiments and toppings. This part is very subjective. I’m all about ketchup, and I love some great BBQ sauce, but there’s nothing wrong with some mustard, onions or pickles. Just don’t put pineapple or coleslaw on it. Those people are even worse than the communists who eat the 90% lean burgers.

I think ketchups are all pretty standard and can be switched around without really noticing, but if you’re like me and you like BBQ sauce on your burger, you know that flavors vary a lot across different sauces. I used to be big into Bullseye but now I really love Sweet Baby Ray’s. There are obviously some other amazing sauces out there but I’m going to stick to the ones anyone can easily buy at Wegmans or Tops.


Image Credit:

I saved the most important part for last. Execution. This is where so many restaurants get it wrong – not just for burgers, but for all kinds of food. All of these restaurants go on and on about how they have the best ingredients – the best bread or the freshest lettuce. All of that stuff goes right out the window if you have cooks that don‘t know how to cook properly. The best cheese in the world can’t save a burnt, dried out burger, just like the best sauce in the world can’t save a pizza with terrible dough. A good burger has to be cooked just right; it has to be juicy and should melt in your mouth. You should look forward to every bite and should be disappointed when you get to the last one. I wanna see more places with signs out front saying: “Our cooks know what they’re doing” or “We don’t burn stuff here.” Okay, so it’s probably a good thing I’m not an ad executive, but signs like that should warrant a U-turn and a quick bite.

So there you have it, go out and find a great burger!


– Mike O’Brien

Twitter: @SDLStaff

Danica you’re loose…



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Welcome to the first of my weekly fantasy Nascar articles. Unlike other sites I will wait until after qualifying and most practices to release my lineup suggestions for the week. Disclaimer: Gordon and Larson fans, I will try and avoid bias, but it will be there.

The league I am in is through, so that is the scoring and salary I will be using and referring to. I know a bunch of you use Yahoo, the basic principles of what I’m saying each week should translate over for the most part. What credentials do I have? Reigning champ of a 20 team league.

Starting the season off at a restrictor plate track is a great way to put you in a huge hole starting the season. Let’s look to avoid that.

Nascar Fantasy is not a sprint(no pun intended), it’s not a jog, it’s a damn long marathon. You must hedge your risks on restrictor plate weeks. Don’t try and be a hero, that’s what short tracks are for. This week you are trying to avoid being a zero, or even worse, negative points.

Every week we are looking for:

Lap led 0.5 points
Fastest lap 0.5 points
Finishing spot 46-1 point(s) depending on finish
Position differential 1 point + or – for each spot gained or lost from where the driver started

Position differential is where restrictor plate fantasy is won or lost.

Let’s begin…

Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr., Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick. Take your pick, one of those drivers will most likely win and according to, most people have picked one, if not 3 of them for their team.

Drivers are looking to avoid “the big one”, so should you. If you put 3 of those drivers on your team for fantasy and they get caught in the big one, you have -120 points because of the positional differential loss. Not exactly the way you wanted to start the season.

To avoid this my ideal lineup is:

Brad K
Matt Kenseth
Ty Dillon
Casey Mears
Denny Hamlin

75 cents of cap space to spare.

Note the highest starting position on my ideal team is 31st at Ty Dillon. When the big one happens, my team is ready to take the lead. Like I said, this week we are hedging risk, at Atlanta we will try and go for max points.

Quote of the week:

“Danica, you’re loose.” D. Hamlin


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– Adam Dulski

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